From Mount Kom to Cape Emine, Bulgaria

It is believed that the beginning of a walking tourism in Bulgaria put Group of young socialists, The black vertex of climbing on the mountain ("Cherni Vroh") Array Vitosha, over Sofia, August 27, 1895. The group was headed by a writer and journalist Aleko Konstantinov. But Konstantinova’s dream was walking the whole country from the west to the east, moving along the axial mountain range Old Planina. He was sure that the love of the Motherland is always connected with the desire to see her near and thus better understand. Once he said in the hearts that, they say, "we live in our country as indifferent foreigners", not knowing her. Aleko Konstantinov ridiculously died in 1897, and his dream was carried out by another famous Bulgarian, a speleologist scientist Pavel Deliradev with comrades in 1933. By the way, P. Delira’ev then it was already 54 years old. About the campaign they were written a book.

Bulgarian national trail

This route is 575 km 140 m (sometimes they say about it, as about 700 kilometers), begins at the top Big Rogers ("The goals com") and, crossing Bulgaria on the parallel, ends at the Miss Emine, a little north of the resort village Elenite on the Black Sea.

Usually the entire path passed in 4 weeks, today the time flies faster, the vacation is shorter, so in 2021 the journey will take 20 days.

On the route the tourists will permanently 100 mountain vertices. The trail is naturally divided into 14 sections:

• Berkovsky ridge;
• a goat;
• Golama Planina;
• Murgash;
• Etropolian mountains;
• Zlato-Tetevelen Mountains;
• Trojan Planina;
• Kalofor Mountains;
• Shipkin ridge;
• Trembly Mountains;
• Elena-Tver Mountains;
• Kotlensky Planina;
• Warbishka;
• Eminian Mountains.

The trail is marked with white – red – white marking (for summer) and columns with yellow-hive – yellow stripes (for winter), as well as pointers. Summer and winter variants of the trail Slightly different, To eliminate avalanche.

On the route is available 6 huts and shelters ("Barriers"). In the summer you can talk in any fabricated place: the beauty of landscapes and water sources is not deprived. Garbage on the trail is not! Or almost no, unfortunately, it is rarely found here.

Bulgaria is Europe

Home Bulgarian Trekking Trail At the same time is a plot European pedestrian trail E3 (Portugal – Turkey). True, the Eminem section – Istanbul has not yet been marked and not mastered by hiking tourists (it will pass along the seashore as a reward for courage and perseverance to those who overcame the mountainous part of the route). But he is well a sign numerous vacationers in the Black Sea coast, passing through the most interesting places in the cities of Nessebar, Burgas, Sozopol, Tsarevo and many others.

From Mount Kom to Cape Emine, Bulgaria

Through Bulgaria there are 2 more of the 12 European trail, this is E4 (Portugal – Cyprus) and E8 (Ireland – Turkey).
Accordingly, the Bulgarian Tourist Union (BTS) is a member European Association of Pedestrian Tourism (ERA).

The upcoming hiking trails from the mountain com to Emine

Usually every year Bulgarian tourism federation organizes the so-called National campaign "KOM – Emine". This year announced the formation of 2 groups that will go on the route one after another.
The first one comes out on July 20 and ends the campaign at the Black Sea on August 8, the second – the day later.

All the way will be passed in 3 stages:

• from Petrokhan’s pass through the mountain whom to Kashan’s pass;
• from Kashan’s pass to the republic’s pass;
• From the republic to Cape Emine.

Traditionally, Tourists, passing the top of the big com, grab 2 pebble with you. Weight can be different, in reasonable limits. One stone needs to be thrown into the sea from Cape Emineu somewhere in the area of ​​Navy post, and the second bring with you, home, for memory.
Through customs should miss.

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