From natural delicacy for dogs to Harley Davidson

Swiss Deluxe Hotels, 37 leading five-star hotels in Switzerland, offer exceptional quality service, prestige and personalized approach, all this distinctive features of the chain service. In the summer of 2011 a number of exceptional, special services added this list.

Name "SWISS Deluxe Hotels" Indicates the exclusive quality and the highest standards. Attention to a personalized approach is unique, more than 4500 employees are responsible for the welfare of the client, which is accustomed to luxury in service. "Perfection in service – not only one of the main principles of our work," says the chairman of the chain Yang E.Broker. "This is the leading component of our work and our thoughts, and such special services are excellent proof of the above. "

Chocolate to order

For example, Grand H Hotel&# 244; Tel du Lac in Vevey in his "Heavenly workshop" ("Atelier du Ciel") Summer season offers a program "Switzerland excellent category" ("La Suisse Par Excellence"): Guests staying in a luxurious room of the Junior Suite category overlooking the Lake Geneva, and the next day they go to the helicopter walk over the majestic Alps Canton Val, Matterhorn and the tops of the Berne Highlands, land in Gruyere, where they are waiting for Swiss cheese fondue. Excursion ends on the famous Cailler chocolate factory in the broom. And more about chocolate: VIP guests of the Hotel Baur Au Lac in Zurich meet sweet temptation with the title "Chocolat 1844". The name refers to the year of opening a hotel, this particular chocolate was created specifically for the hotel, and now you can try the very first grade "Carr&# 233; Noir 70%". The owner of the hotel Andrea Kracht personally participated in the creation of chocolate in an exclusive one partnership with the Paris Laboratory of Barry-Callebaut Schocol. In the box "Chocolat 1844" 20 small chocolates, and of course produce it in Switzerland.

"Create your own luxury clock"

Switzerland – this is definitely the country of watch. Guests of the Beau-Rivage Hotel in Canton Naughty, associated with the production of watches, can book a special program "Create your own luxury clock" with the participation of an experienced watchmaker in beautiful, "Wild" Watch Valley. A two-day private course is carried out on a secluded farm, guests work for vintage tables and create their own, individual clocks. Time is definitely not standing on the spot and in the hotel Le Richemond in the city of Watchmakers, Geneva. The hotel has a service "Butler watch business" For accompanying guests to exclusive watchmakers or in the magnificent Watch Museum Patek Philippe, to organize private presentations of the latest collections. This service can also give an expert council in the acquisition of hours.

In pink glasses

It is attention to small details that demonstrates the commitment of hotels SWISS Deluxe to the highest standards of service. For example, the Park Hotel Weggis is among the drinks from fresh fruits and cool towels offers its guests to polish and clean sunglasses, so that the magnificent view of the Lucerne Lake remains unparalleled. Special service "Sunglasses watches" There is both Grand H Hotel&# 244; Tel du Lac in Vevey.

Fresh Innovations Painted Information Technology Road. Guests of the Gastronomic Restaurant La TerraSse at Bellevue Palace in Bern served in front of the main dish "Virtual tasting" In the form of an iPad in an elegant black leather case. On the screen of this device can be observed as the chef Gregor Tsimmermann with his team prepares the ordered dish, and even send an SMS message to the kitchen. In other hotels, the Swiss Deluxe iPads chains are provided with guests to use in their sites, and in the hotel Widder in Zurich there is even a special IT concierge. Hotel Park Hotel Weggis has created a media center for guests with a telephone system equipped with the latest technology, which allows guests not only to establish their preferences on reports from the Stock Exchange and weather forecast, but also to order a fairy tale for the night, every night a new one, in 21.00, the service is offered in 4 languages ​​to choose.

Different ways of movement

In the hotel SWISS Deluxe there are a wide variety of transport options. Hotel Grand Hotel Quellenhof & SPA SUITES provides guests to use two electric bikes "Flyer" and two new motorcycles Harley Davidson absolutely free. Guests of the Dolder Grand Hotel can book Mercedes for traveling for the time of their stay. And in the hotel Eden Roc in Ascona, they can fight the sparkling water of Lake Maggiore on the luxurious yacht Riva Tropicana 43 in 1000 horsepower. With an experienced shkipper at the steering wheel, speaking several languages, guests can relax and admire the surrounding banks. And guests of the Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Pontresin booking a special offer "Exceptional Drive" There may not be complained about the lack of power and speed, they are waiting for two fascinating trips along the Valley of Engadin and through the Alpine Pass Graubünden in Italy to Porsche 911 Cabriolet or on Aston Martin V8 Vantage. The powerful and elegant vehicle in two horsepower in the shape of a carriage or, for example, an electric vehicle welcomes guests of Grand Hotel Zermatterhof and Mont Cervin Palace at the railway station of the resort car transport, cozhativated at the foot of the famous Matterhorn.

Special services "For regulars"

Guests who stop in hotels regularly, always get a little more than everyone else. Cheval Blanc Gastronomic Restaurants, which has two Michelin stars and 18 points of Gaultmillau, in the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel, enjoy personalized, with personal engraving, wipe rings. And bathrobes with monograms of the Permanent guests of the Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz – it is almost a legend.

Exceptional bottle of wine

"Present" A completely different kind of guests Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne. Sylvi Gony, head of the concierge service of a five-star hotel, which is rightly proud of his wine basement, one of the largest in Switzerland (75,000 bottles), can organize a visit to almost any winery of the region due to their numerous personal contacts. In the fall, guests can participate in the harvest of grapes, and the next year get "The fruits of your labor" In the form of a bottle of wine with a personalized label.

From natural delicacy for dogs to Harley Davidson

Special services for four-legged friends and with their help

It is not worth talking that special and additional services of SWISS Deluxe hotels are provided not only to people. Dogs living with hosts in Mont Cervin Palace in Zermatte, waiting for delicious, natural, home delicacies in the form of a bone with different tastes. Guests who come with their four-legged pets at Bellevue Palace Hotel in Bern can refuse not the most useful canned foods for dogs and order a gastronomic menu from Gaultmillau-kitchen, where experts will gladly prepare your dance or another small dog 100 graded portion of fried meat, And the German Shepherd or Retrive – and all 200 grams. Those who prefer raw meat will be offered a chopped lean beef. And the permanent guests of the Grand Hotel Bellevue in Gstaad know well and very love the goat named Apple (Apple), which spends the summer on the juicy alpine meadows of the region while its owners relax at the hotel. From her milk make cheese, which then deliver homemade home, here is such an additional service of special services!

Special summer sentences

Swiss Deluxe Hotels offer a range of special services this summer.

The private butor of the Grand Hotel Kronenhof Hotel in Pontresin accompanies guests on thematic foot routes, familiar to them with unknown corners of the region and talking about the country and local residents.

Swiss Food Festival (August 5 – 7, 2011) in Zermatt. Festival Theme – Switzerland Spirit and High Cooking. 233 points of Gaultmillau in Zermatte is more than anywhere else, and the main event will be 5 August "Party in the kitchen" In hotels Mont Cervin Palace and Grand Hotel Zermatterhof. Small chalets with high kitchens will appear on the main street of the resort, Bahnhofstrasse, and Vesanian manufacturers will share their delicacies and knowledge here. On Saturday, the smell of fried on a spiner of local beef will fill the air in the village with appetizing aromas.

The importance of the SWISS Deluxe Hotels chain

The SWISS Deluxe Hotels Association (SDH) was created in 1934 and consists of 37 most prestigious five-star hotels in Switzerland, such as The Dolder Grand and Baur Au Lac in Zurich, Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & SPA in Interlaken, Gstaad Palace, Beau-Rivage in Geneva, Badrutt’s Palace and Suvretta House in St. Morice. All hotels symbolize the reputation as the luxurious hotel industry in Switzerland, on which they have seriously influenced last century. The group represents about 40% of the five-star possibilities of accommodating Switzerland, in hotels of the association 4500 rooms and suites and 9200 seats. SWISS Deluxe Hotels name – synonym for exclusive quality and excellent level standards. A careful personalized service is unique, more than 4500 employees are responsible for the well-being of customers who are accustomed to luxury in service. The group registered about 800,000 overnight stays in 2010, which is approximately 1 billion Swiss francs turnover.

From natural delicacy for dogs to Harley Davidson

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