From noodles before travel – one step ๐Ÿ™‚

It was that the heroes of our heading "9 questions" of Nastya and Yura, who started their journey back in 2013 and are not going to finish it ๐Ÿ™‚ Guys are preferred to be thoroughly dive into the country in which they come: the year they lived in Thailand, then no less long trip on Vietnam. The Nastya and Jura take on their adventures to the exciting and useful rollers that are postponed on their youtube channel "Two tickets".

By the way, our first video interview appeared on the same channel, so you want – see, want to read it, as you like more!

What caused to go to such a long journey?

In fact, initially we did not plan to go to such a long journey. We flew just try, see, feel on yourself and understand how and where we like to live.

It was a period of our life when we did not depend on work, from studying, and sitting in a cafe, we discussed future plans. And when we donounced the next portion of the Asian noodle, we had the idea to go on a journey. It sounds ridiculous, but it was! The idea nest in the head is long time, but it was announced exactly a month before our departure. In general, we were ready to immediately collect things and break, but it was necessary to solve the bundle of boring issues with documents and things.

The big stimulus for us was the fact that we were painted and realized that the budget of our life in Russia will be quite poisoned in the framework of a comfortable life in Asia. Honestly we bribed it. And now, in a month we are very green, with 30 kg of things we fly for the first time abroad, and we stay in Asia for 9 months.

We have drawn up, today our travels continue for the second year, and we do not plan to stop!

Why the choice fell on Asia?

I would like to say that all because of the portion of the Asian noodle, but not ๐Ÿ™‚ We have already said about the budget, but an inexpensive life is not the only thing for what we were ready to collect suitcases. Asia seemed to us some kind of wild and unbridled, very exotic. We thought that while we were young and a little desperate, you need to see this part of the world.

Moreover, we are manilated the prospect all year round under the sun, enjoy the fruit and sea, run in the mornings on the warm sand and absorb fresh sea shoes. This is what we just do not have enough to madness in the Urals. Sounds to nonsense trite, but it is not worth deceiving, this is what is valuable asia for many and many tourists and travelers.

Living in another country that for you turned out to be the most difficult or maybe strange what you can’t get used to now?

It turned out to be strange that for all the time travel we did not meet with anything that would have been for us "out of a row", beyond our understanding. In the case of Asia, it turned out that we have a lot in common with the mentality of Asians. In Asia, we feel at home, in some moments it is rather even better. No wonder 2014 New Year we met in a big Thai family.

It would be possible to be surprised at some exotic, but we are accustomed to many details of other people very quickly used to. Take, for example, Vietnamese, it seems that these guys are ready to eat everything that crawls and runs: dogs, cats, rats, snakes. At first, it shocked a little, but we got burned with it as part of their culture and the established habits.

As for communication, there are only difficulties here at the very beginning. It seems that you do not understand anyone, and no one understands you. But then it turns out that you can literally explain to the man who does not speak any of the familiar languages. It’s just a stunning feeling to understand people without words, see their gestures and facial expansion and decipher these signs. Of course, for easier communication, we taught a couple of three phrases in the language of the country, in which they lived, and it was very often delighted with local residents. It was nice to bunda!

What was your most insane adventure and where it happened?

I don’t even think about it, – this is definitely our Vietnam mototrip. For us, this is a real event for 2 years of travel. This journey demanded from us to abandon many familiar things and for a whole month to plunge into a real adventure.

We understood that, perhaps, we would never return to Vietnam again, and we wanted to remember him some kind of special. We left all our things in Bangkok Guesthouse and flew into Ho Chi Mines with backpacks and one small bag. We had only one set of replacement clothes, laptops, camera and hard drives. We had an old fucking bike named Homiecer, and we took another iron horse for 250 bucks and without rights to two mopeds rushed 2000 kilometers on serpents and Vietnam’s tracks. It was desperate, especially with the fact that Nastya did not lead until.

These are indescribable feelings, when you simultaneously before bumping scary and so good and calmly on the road. Endless serpentines, beautiful sea bays, befriend odno-plated rice fields, dusty routes with trucks, small hotel companies and smiling Vietnamese with their huge portions of fragrant rice – this is what has become our life for the whole month that we crossed this country.

And now we understand that this is probably our best solution for all time. No, the best solution was to fall on it all on camera. We made a whole series of video from a mototript on our channel. And now, when sometimes we revise the plots, everything turns inside, goosebumps, when you remember this road. It seems that Vietnam took a big piece in our head and, perhaps, other parts of the body. This nostalgia, probably, will not go soon, but it will be that the grandchildren tell, and, what is the coolest, to show.

Without what you never go on a journey?

Previously, we would say that I would never go without laptops, because they were our main tools and breadwinners. We worked on them around the clock and earned money for all these movements.

Now we can confidently say that you will not go anywhere without laptops and cameras. The video has become for us a favorite and main life. It’s when work and favorite occupation merge together. We ourselves are pretty homemade, oddly enough. Truth! But it is the video that motivate us constantly move, get out of bed and go to waterfalls or beaches, look new and share it with our subscribers. And of course, 3 hard drive for backups total we have. In these boxcons, now our whole life over the past two years ๐Ÿ™‚

From noodles before traveling - one step)

What should never be afraid of a novice independent traveler?

The beginning traveler we would advise just start. Yes, here is such a concise council. Do not be afraid to face some difficulties. You can prepare for years to be prepared for your first journey, read, watch, write, and you can go once and understand that all questions and problems are quite quickly solved on the spot. And it still happens that much, what is preparing and configuring yourself morally, and does not happen at all. And cost then to spend your nervous cells and time?

We were also afraid of our first trip. A lot of questions were sworn in my head: "And how to explain?"," And where to stay?"," And what to eat?"," And where … and what … and how?"But we flew, they raised a bit at Bangkok airport, and then the brain began total mobilization and everything went like oil. Decisions were made quickly, questions were decided instantly, fear did not become a pleasant confidence and calm.

Your most impressive cost of expenses while traveling?

If we talk about our journey to Asia from Russia, then this, of course, always airline. Asia is far away, Russia is also a big country and to the main hub – Moscow, too, must be reached first. Therefore, when we return to Russia, we try to pick up tickets with some interesting transplants. For example, this time we stopped in Hong Kong for 8 days – the Asian Aviation Summary Center. Tickets from Hong Kong can always be found for any directions. We saved on tickets and simply spent this money for acquaintance with this cool city, and the soles at the same time.

Your most cherished country is ..? Why?

Probably Iceland. Judging by the photo and video, she is just crazy, another fabulous world. Madly I want to visit her, all these volcanoes and waterfalls, stunning cinematic landscapes. The only thing scares a little is cold and high cost. But, we think that someday we will put this tick in our wishlist.

Share your Self-Lyfhak with readers of our blog

Well, we probably do not fly, and more airports Lifehaki. Well, first, lately we began to buy with you to the airport small bottles with drinking water. While waiting for registration, we have time to empty them, and often on control we are missing with empty bottles. Water in the transit zone, as a rule, stands unfairly expensive. You can find drinking fountains and fill bottles with water. Especially, if you are flying the leather, this water is also taught in the plane.

Another thing we never forget about, this warm sweater or sweatshirt. Even if you are flying to a hot country, where on the street +40 degrees, it is worth remembering the air conditioners. Asians, for example, just mercilessly conditioned all its premises: shops, metro wagons, even in buses are often cold, and the airport is no exception. In order not to extend during the transplant in the waiting room, it is better to stock with something warm.

And what we especially appreciated the last year is the journey only with hand-made. This not only relieves you from having to carry multi-torque suitcases, but also gives bonuses at the airport. You do not need to stand in the queues at the reception, with manual loop you can register instantly. You do not need to take care of the advantage, and in the case of something to overpay, either in the cold sweat get rid of the expensive heart of things. Well, on arrival I do not need to wait, when at last your suitcase will appear on the luggage tape. Some huge pluses! Probably, this is all ๐Ÿ™‚

From noodles before traveling - one step)

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