Day 3: Auschwitz. From Poland to the Czech Republic.

It would be very much that the capital photo of today’s report was brighter, colorful and cheerful, but the morning began with a visit to a rather unusual museum. The fact is that we decided to visit the place where the concentration camps of Auschwitz were located during the Second World War. After the visit to Auschwitz, we plan to go to Poland, stroll through the center of Ostrava and get to the city of Brno, where in the morning they booked the hotel near the night. Running forward Let’s say that almost all of the conceived we managed to implement, except for Auschwitz we spent more time than planned. Hotels in Auschwitz are not a lot and almost all of them were busy, so we booked a room in a small private hotel in Poręba Wielka. Hotel Wir Pokoje Gościnne I went around € 23 for two with parking. We liked the hotel, the owner speaks very poorly in English, but a little bit understands Russian. In general, we did not have any problems with communication. The rooms are small, but clean, there is everything you need. In order to spend the night of one night – what you need.

We drove: 265km

Passed: 10km

The only moment – the hotel is not very convenient for tourists traveling by its own pass, after all, a few kilometers go to the center.

Hotel in Auschwitzime Wir Pokoje Gościnne

Hotel We Booked More From Moscow, because on the eve I decided to see what options and realized that it was not particularly nothing to choose, there are few hotels and almost anywhere there are no places. Perhaps this is due to the fact that we arrived in Auschwitz under the weekend, when many Polish and Czech tourists arrive here. If you are going to Auschwitz with overnight, then be binding your hotel in advance – the following is a convenient map with prices.

Hotels in Auschwitzime

At 8 am, we have already passed the hotel room and went to the Aushwitz-1 Museum. We arrived even before they began to start the first tourists, so they decided to have breakfast in the dining room at the museum, and the car was left in a paid parking in front of the entrance to the museum. If you go to the museum without an excursion and early in the morning, the entrance for you will be free.

In detail about this we wrote in the article dedicated to Concentration camp Auschwitz. In the same article there are many photos, historical data and our impressions, so I will not repeat.

Pretty hard to write reviews about such places. Say I liked it – people will twist a finger at the temple and say how they can like the places where people burned. And you say that I did not like it, it turns out that you do not respect the memory of the dead. Let’s just say, this is a rather complicated and ambiguous museum and personally, it was quite hard for us. When you go through former barracks, you see numerous archival photos, portraits of former prisoners, their things, then inside everything turns over. We, people who grew up in peacetime, is very difficult to understand how this could do. But it was necessary to remember this, you need to tell the children to remember and never allowed repetitions like this.

Baracks in the Auschwitz concentration camp

Crematorium in Auschwitz

Shoes withdrawn from Prisoners Auschwitz

We spent in Aushwitz-1 almost three hours, and after leaving the museum inside there was emptiness. Ahead of us was waiting for the second part of the museum, which is located on the territory Concentration camp Auschvitz-2. By the way, it is there that the "famous" gates are located, which are shown several times in the famous film "Schindler List".

The bus that will bring you to the second part (Birkenaau) leaves from the parking box before entering the first museum and delivers you right to the entrance to Auschvitz-2.

Free bus to Auschwitz-2

The second part of the Auschwitz Museum is almost completely open. Only stoves are preserved from most barracks, but there are also those where people lived in which inhuman conditions.

Inside the barrack in Auschvitz-2

Inside the barrack in Auschwitz

After the horrors that we saw on archival photos in Auschvitz-1, this part of the museum is perceived somewhat easier, but still quite hard. Of course, such sensations are far from everyone, it all depends on you and your impressionability. Despite the fact that the museum’s inspection was quite difficult for us, we definitely want to go to other memorials installed on the site of the former concentration camps: in Dachau, and in Buchenwald, and in Majan, and in Treklitka, as well as in concentration camps in Austria , Czech Republic, and Italy.

Having finished with museums in Auschwitz, we went to the Czech Republic. By the way, we spent on the inspection of two parts of the museum more than 6 hours. But we expected that I will go to the side of the border.

Poland Czech Republic by car

There is no border between the Czech Republic and Poland in the usual understanding, as both countries enter the Schengen region. No one will stop and inspect you, check visas and imported goods, but it is important to know that in the Czech Republic for the use of some highways charged or the so-called vignette. There are free areas of road ("Bez Poplatku"), but the tracks between big cities, as a rule, are still paid.

Vignette for 10 days costs € 11, but the penalty for her absence is from € 185 (if you pay in place) to € 18,500 (if it is transmitted to the court). Vignette is bought at any gas station, mail or in special points of sale on the border. We bought on the first refueling with a credit card, because they did not have time to change the euro on Czech crowns.

Vignette in the Czech Republic for 2012

Our path lay through the city of Ostrava – this is only about 100km from Auschwitz. Here we expected to buy a local SIM card for the Internet and see the city center. But I am glad to be glad: I put the small rain, all the stores were closed, so he spent more than an hour in search of an open salon of communication, we went to Brno with anything, deciding not to spend precious time. In Brno we had booked Hotel Point Pension-Restaurant, For € 37 per day for two with parking and breakfast.

Our Point Pension-Restaurant in Brno

We have already spread up with the idea of ​​"buy the Internet" in the Czech Republic, but at the entrance to Brno, we were caught a huge shopping center, in which we were able to buy a SIM card, and change money, and even dinner. You probably noticed that we are quite rarely Eat in a cafe: Usually, breakfast at the hotel, and then dinner somewhere. Unfortunately, each lunch, as a rule, occupies in any cafe to one and a half hours – so much time to spend very sorry.

From Poland to Czech Republic - a trip to Auschwitz

During this time, you can see something interesting or drive a few dozen, and even a hundred kilometers. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, we take me to the car and eat on the road. But, if I want, we can eat and in the cafe you like – it all depends on the mood and the degree of hunger! &# 128578;

Our dinner in Brno

We hit the hotel about ten in the evening, looked at the movies, made notes about the trip and went to rest, because we were waiting for us in the morning Brno and his sights.

Conclusions of the third day

  • If your plans include overnight stay in Auschwitz, then be sure to book the hotel in advance – there are few places here and there may not be.
  • If then your path is lying through the Czech Republic, you will definitely buy a vignette and refine gasoline – in Poland he is some dozen euro-sighted cheaper.
  • If your trip dropped out on the weekend, then be prepared for the problems of "Internet purchase", and without it, the search and reservation of the hotel can pour into a decent hassle – to book the hotel in advance!

Hotels in Brno

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Liked the auto desk or you are not the first time?:) and another question like you Rimini? You stayed on the beach holidays or just see the city? Something for your feedback on the beach holiday there is scared there, I want to go to Italy but the sea, but I can’t solve wherever. In Grado, we didn’t like it on the beach.

Interesting topic, last summer drove on the route Belarus-Poland-Czech Republic-Austria-Italy from Venice to Bari and back through Rome-san Marino and Rimini. I read you and everything as before your eyes. And the Internet is needed, it simply will do it as necessary.

Good day! Why so complicate life with the purchase of a sim card and spend extra money on it? We always book the first hotel with free Wai Faim at home, and then from each hotel book next!

Good. So you do not need the Internet on the road. Well, if he is not needed, then "Why complicate life with the purchase of a sim card and spend extra money on it"? Do not complicate, do not waste. :)))

And yours, as you write, precious time too. It turns out you do not spend your time for sleep, but spend it on the configuration of the Internet) Good luck to you!

Sergey, everything is fine with you?

You have nothing to answer? Sadly! Replies with hike see your style!

What to answer? And it’s bad that you are sad. This sadness. Inet on the road is needed for work and operational control of the situation on the roads.

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