From Prague to Brno and back

How faster and cheaper to get from Prague to Brno and back – by bus or by train? What option is more comfortable? How much will cost a taxi trip or transfer order? Read the answers in our article.

Distance between Prague and Brno

Between cities in a straight line – about 190 kilometers. On the E50 highway – about 205 kilometers.

Railway between Prague and Brno makes a hook to the north, the length of the railway is about 250 kilometers.

As a result, more high-speed trains do not have advantages over buses. Prague-Brno route trains and buses have approximately the same time on the way, approximately the same ticket prices, comparable comfort level.

Choose based on your preferences. Love the train – go on the train, love buses – Drive by bus. The only moment that in trains there are places of high comfort "Relax" and "Business", in the buses there is nothing like that. For those who want to ride with chic, we recommend the rejiojet train.


Travel time from 2 hours 20 minutes to 3 hours 5 minutes.

Railway route Prague Brno is very lively, here the transit is followed by international trains. If you wish, you can go Eurocity or EuroNight trains.

Attention, an important point! Most trains between Prague and Brno follow to other cities. Do not be surprised if buy a ticket for Hamburg-Budapest train. Just need to sit on it in Prague, go to Brno. Or vice versa, sit in Brno to Budapest Hamburg train and go out in Prague. Focus on the train number, which is listed in the ticket!

Trains regiojet

Passenger company REGIOJET trains should be considered primarily. Regiojet has four classes of places: Low Cost, Standart, Relax and Business. They differ in the size of the chairs and the number of free space in front of the armchairs. In the class of Relax and Business Leather Chairs.

Ticket Low Cost costs 99 Czech crowns, it is the cheapest way to get there. Actual course, see our article "Money in the Czech Republic". Even in Low Cost tickets are included free WiFi and use of electrical outlets.

If you drive with children, take Standart tickets in a special compartment with a children’s playground.

If you want to ride with maximum comfort, take a business. Here are additional noise insulation, large chairs, coupe on four people, drinks and snacks included.

Regiojet trains make 10 flights a day, the first at 5-20 am, last 20-20 in the evening. Buy tickets are better in advance on their website www.Regiojet.Com. When buying tickets through the site you can choose places and even watch photos of the interior of cars.

Regiojet trains leave (arrive) from Prague with Hlavn&# 237; N ; DRA&# 382;&# 237; " (Main station), which is near the station Prague metro station "Hlavn&# 237; N ; DRA&# 382;&# 237; " On the branch with (red). Look at the metro scheme on our Metro Prague page.

Important moment! Regiojet trains leave (arrive) from Brno from BRNO station &# 381; IDENICE ", that in the eastern part of the city. On the main station Brno (Brno Hlavn&# 237; N ; DRA&# 382;&# 237;) they do not stop.

Trains &# 268; ESK&# 233; Dr ; HY and others

You can travel by train of Czech Railways ("&# 268; ESK&# 233; Dr ; HY "or"&# 268; D). On their official site CD.CZ you can buy tickets and trains &# 268; d, and on German trains and on eurocity.

There are a lot of trains – about 30 a day, most transit international. Prices per ticket – from 120 to 350 kroons.

You can not attach time, but just come to the station and buy tickets at the box office. Free places are almost always in stock, only on holidays may have problems with tickets, you have to wait for the next train. Read our article "Holidays in the Czech Republic".


To take by bus, come to the Florenc bus station, which is near the metro station of the metro station at the intersection of branches with (red) and B (yellow). Look at the metro scheme on our Metro Prague page. The vast majority of buses from Prague are departed from Florenc bus station.

Time on the road on buses – from 2 hours 20 minutes to 3 hours 20 minutes.

Many buses do not ride in Brno, but follow more distant cities (for example, in Budapest or visible), but stop in Brno. Do not be surprised if you buy a bus ticket Prague-Budapest, will need to just go in Brno.

In Brno, almost all buses arrive (sent) to the bus at the Grandhotel Brno Hotel and the main train station (Brno hlavn&# 237; N ; DRA&# 382;&# 237;).

buses FlixBus

The passenger FlixBus company has a website in Russian, address – www.Flixbus.Ru

Price of tickets – from 5 to 6.5 euros. Note that FlixBus – discounter, that is, for the choice of seats in the cabin have to pay extra for baggage in excess of 7 kg hand luggage and 20 kg baggage need to pay extra.

FlixBus buses make 14 flights a day from the bus station Florenc. First flight – 8-20 am, the last one – 23-30.

buses RegioJet

The ticket price – from 180 to 200 CZK. Buses with air conditioning and heating, free WiFi, power socket, hot drinks. For choosing the place of money do not take baggage with almost no restrictions.

Convenient to buy tickets on their website, unfortunately, the Russian version of the site at no. Dial in the column «From» the word «Praha», in the «To» column the word «Brno», below, choose the date of travel. Further, we recommend to use the built-in browser translator. You can pay by credit card.

RegioJet buses make 18 flights a day, the first at 5.30 am, the last at 23-55.

other buses

From Prague to Brno and back

On this route buses several other carriers: Eurolines, RegaBus, LEO, Tourbus and other. We talked about FlixBus, as they are the cheapest. We talked about RegioJet, since they are the most comfortable. On the other, we will not talk in detail.

If the carrier is not critical, you can simply come to the bus station Florenc and buy at the box office ticket for the next bus. Free places are almost always in stock.

Taxi and shuttle

You can order a taxi by phone or through the hotel’s reception desk, you can book a shuttle service through the Internet. The difference will be small. The main thing in this case – the price of the trip.

Prices range from 3,500 to 5,000 CZK per trip. If the offer price from 3500 to 4000, can agree, the price is good.

Attention! Many companies on the Internet are trying to progress on ignorance of tourists and offer Prague-Brno transfers for 5,000 kroons and even more expensive. Be careful, look at the prices. Remember: everything is cheaper than 4000 kroons – this is a good price.

Time on the road by car – from 2 to 3 hours, depends on the time of day and traffic situation.

Does it make sense to take a shuttle or taxi? In our opinion, there is a lot no sense. For this money, a family of three people can take a premium taxi to the train station, go by train on the field of class "Business", then take a taxi to the right place in the destination. And the money will still remain.

Important nuances

– A train ticket or a bus you need to take even to a child, and even the baby needs a ticket;

– If we make tickets on the site, do not forget one operation to take a ticket to adults and children. If you forget to place tickets for children, then do it no longer succeed. The ticket sales system simply will not give a ticket only to a child;

– Most trains follow the route Prague-Brno transit. Be careful not to miss your station. Focus on arrival at the ticket;

– If you go on a bus with children, take tickets to the front two places on the right. So children will be able to entertain themselves – look at the road, and at least some time will rest;

– Do not come to the bus station Florenc in time. The bus station is big, you will also have to find my own peer. Even if you bought tickets through the site in advance, then come in a 15-minute minimum;

– Do not come to the Hlavn station&# 237; N ; DRA&# 382;&# 237; In time. The train station is big, you will also have to find your head. Even if you bought tickets through the site in advance, then come in a 15-minute minimum;

– If you want to place at the playground in the regiojet train, then buy in advance through the site. On the day of departure, they will definitely booked;

– In the box office accept euros, but may not be. Much more reliable to change on Czech crowns. Read our article "Exchange of money in the Czech Republic".

Successful movement in the Czech Republic, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

From Prague to Brno and back

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