How to get from Prague to Dresden

Between Prague and Dresden about 150 km, so quite often tourists, vacationers in the Czech capital, go on a trip to neighboring Germany for one day. The first task you need to solve such travelers – how to get from Prague to Dresden? As it turned out, there are quite a few options, because the transport links between cities is greatly perfect, it remains only to choose that it is convenient for you. When planning a tour of Dresden from Prague is very important to calculate time – if you want to see only the historic center and the main sights, then one day will be enough. We in a separate article told that View in Dresden in one day, But in principle, you can have time and much more. If, in addition to the main must-see, you want to walk on museums, go to the Elbian castles and neighboring Meissen, it is better to put on a visit for a couple of days, but do not forget to book yourself Hotel in Dresden. To quickly select the method you need, use the content.

By train of Prague to Dresden

One of the easiest ways to get from Prague to Dresden, it is used by rail. Direct train (without transfers) goes around two and a half hours. Prices for the ticket there are back from € 25 (prices are everywhere in Czech crowns, so depending on the course there may be fluctuations). The cost of the trip depends on the day of the week, the time of departure, the class of the car and the availability of special offers. Surprisingly, the price of a ticket when traveling with transfers is higher than on a direct train. Please note that direct flights are only 8 / day (from 4:30 to 18:30). Train timetable and ticket prices can be viewed on Official website Czech rails. You can also buy tickets online.

Train from Prague to Dresden

Buy a ticket to Prague Dresden train

The purchase process is very simple, it is unlikely to get confused, but just in case:

  • Come on the website of Czech Railways.
  • Fill out the point of departure and arrival item (if you buy a ticket back and back, then celebrate "Return Tiket").
  • Choose a date and time (here you can choose or departure time, or time of arrival).
  • Choose a service class and, if necessary, places.
  • Specify the number of passengers and their age. If you need a separate ticket for each person, put a tick (for example, if you are on a business trip, and for each employee you need a ticket for a report).

Next, go to the next stage.

How to buy a ticket from Prague to Dresden

  • Since the time we specified was not, the system offers a choice. Choose the one that suits us. We choose for 772 crowns and without transplants. Press the "Return Journey" button.

Booking tickets for the train Prague – Dresden

  • Now choosing a reverse flight – We are looking for the necessary and press "PURCHASE". The closer to the evening your departure is back, the more expensive the ticket.
  • Additional services: You can choose a place (paid service), informing about changes (free of charge), insurance (charge). Places can be chosen by general parameters (at the window) or on the car map. If you are going by the company, we recommend ordering a preliminary choice of places, otherwise the system can "send" you even in different wagons. For us, the reservation of three places cost additional € 18.5.
  • Click the Continue button and check the correctness of the selected tickets, enter the passport data (overseas, the number is entered without spaces), the surname and name, how they are written in the document. These data are driven into each ticket (we have 2 times each). Check the final amount. We have a total cost for two adults and a child up to 5 years it turned out € 75.5. If we did not take reservations in advance, the price would be even lower – € 57.

Go to payment.

    From Prague to Dresden - how to get there, excursions, by train, by car
  • Choosing payment method. If you have a discount coupon, then enter it. Next, you can register and begin to accumulate bonuses (suddenly you will decide in a couple of days by train to go from Prague to Vienna or in Karlovy Vary) or buy without registration. In the same section, enter the email address to send an electronic ticket. Then choose the payment method (in our case – the Visa card), put a tick that I agree with the rules and click "Pay".
  • Enter the card data, click Pay. After which you get documents on payment and the tickets themselves.
  • With these tickets and passport (required!) Go to the station to the desired car, sit down in the car and go from Prague to Dresden.

However, it is not always necessary to buy a ticket in advance, because you can schedule a trip, and the weather will spoil everything. Tickets are almost always, you can buy them per day or even on the same day. Again, if you do not want to bother with e-purchase, tickets can always be bought at the station station.

By bus from Prague to Dresden

If for some reason rail transport does not suit you, you can use the bus from Prague to Dresden. International bus service from Prague is carried out from Florenc Bus Station (Florenc Praha), on the we need the route you need several bus companies, you can choose a convenient for you on the official website of the station. There are many buses, and if you look at the schedule, almost every 15 minutes some of them depart in Dresden.

In order to buy a bus ticket:

  • Select the flight you need and click on the information icon. Return a small window with data carriers, including their official website.

Buy a bus ticket Prague Dresden

Unfortunately, the transition from the schedule to the site is not provided, so you will have to go to the carrier site yourself. Switched on the English-language version of the site (if you do not own German), fill out the search form and search for the flight you need. In our case, a ticket for three in one end will cost € 36.

Book your bus tickets on the carrier

  • Then everything is very simple: press "Reserve X Seats", your basket of tickets appears on the right. Fill in your search for reverse flights and repeat the procedure. As a result, you have tickets and back in the basket and back.

Bus tickets to Dresden from Prague

  • If you have a discount, enter the number of the voucher, if not, simply click "Book". Then fill out the passenger data, agree to the additional payment of € 1.38 for the ecology and go to payment – "Proceed to Payment". Note that if you travel with a small child, autocompany will oblige you to take a car seat or booster with you – without him you can refuse to land on the bus.
  • In the next step, choose the payment method and fill the map data or PayPal account and be sure to Email to receive tickets on it. Press "Pay", and after a while you get tickets with reserved seats. In our case, the price turned out almost exactly the same as a train, with the difference of only a few euros, only I would have to look for another chair for the child, so personally we choose the train. But when traveling with a limited budget and without children, even a couple of euro can solve a lot.

Then at the right time with documents and tickets we come to the bus station, we find the right side, sit down to the bus, 2 hours in the way – and you are in Dresden.

Also tickets can be bought by service Busfor (from 10 euros). There are often discounts that allow you to save seriously.

By car from Prague to Dresden

If you have your own car on which you arrived, or took it to rent to ride through the Czech Republic, you can go to Dresden from Prague and by car. If you do not know where to turn to rent a car in the Czech Republic, go to the site Autoeurope.Com. The site works on the principle of the aggregator – collects data from many car rental agencies and shows where cheaper. Very convenient and fast, but this is a topic of a separate article, and now still on how to get to Dresden from Prague.

On the way to Dresden

The distance from Prague to Dresden on the international highway E55 (D8 in the Czech Republic and A17 in Germany) is only about 150 km, of which 92 in the Czech Republic, and the rest – in the territory of Saxony. The road is straight, it is impossible to get lost, just a couple of hours and you are in place. If you want a more picturesque road, you can minimize the regional tracks, but there are high-speed limitations, so the time in the way will increase.

Excursions from Prague to Dresden

These are three main ways to independently get from Prague to Dresden, but there are options when this problem is solved by a travel agency or guide. You can buy a tour of Prague, then you will enjoy a bus / train, bring you to place and even spend a tour of Dresden. Such an excursion can cost from € 27 and indefinitely, depending on whether it is group or individual, and what is included in the package. You can buy such an excursion on specialized sites, and here are some options:

    – from € 22 (group) – from € 27 – from € 300 (for a group of up to 8 people) – from € 318 (per group)

Detailed instructions on how to book excursions, you can read here, But before you choose and make a final decision, be sure to read the reviews.

other methods

Above, we described the most popular ways to get from Prague to Dresden: by train, by bus, by car, and buy a ready excursion, but it is not all options. You can get to free by taking advantage of the hitchhiker, you can book a place in the car in the system Blablacar (from 300 rubles per place), it is probably even on the plane, but there are no straight lines, so only with a transplant, but this, in our opinion, is completely perversion and time loss. &# 128578; Particularly bold comrades can make a hiking transition in a few days or go from Prague to Dresden on a bike, scooter, skateboard or lawn mower. &# 128578;

Now, perhaps, these are all ways. Although if you remember some more, write about them in the comments.

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