From Prague to Karlovy Vary and back

How fast and cheaply go to Prague if you relax in Karlovy Vary? How faster getting from Prague Airport to the hotel in Karlovy Vary? What is better – bus or train? "Pocket" will be a taxi or customized transfer? Read the answers in this article.


Prague-Karlovy Varya route Buses are both the fastest and cheapest transport. This route employs three passenger transport companies: REGIOJET, LEO Express and Flixbus. Each has its pros and cons.

Buses Regiojet

Make 18 flights a day, the first in 6-30 am, then 7-30, 8-30, 9-30, 10-00, 10-30, 11-00, 11-30, 12-30, 13-30, 14-30, 15-30, 16-30, 17-00, 17-30, 18-30, 19-30, 20-30 and last at 21-30.

On the way – 2 hours 15 minutes, ticket price – from 130 to 160 Czech crowns. See the Czech Crown Current Course in the article "Money in the Czech Republic".

If you buy a ticket in advance through their website www.Regiojet.COM, then you can choose a place when buying. For traveling with children it is convenient, you can reserve the front places on the right for children, and then the children will be able to have fun – look at the road, and you can relax.

WiFi, coffee and tea in the way for free, snacks for a fee. Comfortable seats, in the back of each embedded screen, you can see movies or video clips.

In Prague, Regiojet buses depart (arrive) from the Florenc bus station (Florenz), which is near the metro station at the crossroads of red (C) and yellow (b) branches. Scheme of Prague Metro, see our article "Metro Prague". At the station Florenc Perrons Regiojet: 1, 2, 20-25, the platform information will be in the ticket.

Buses Leo Express

Make 12 flights a day. 6 of them from the already mentioned station "Florenc". Others 6 from the metro station "&# 72;&# 114;&# 97;d&# 269;&# 97;&# 110;&# 115;&# 107; ; " ("Khdschansk") on the green (a) subway branch, it is not far from Prague Castle.

All buses in Karlovy Vary arrive (depart) to the Lower Station, which we mentioned above.

Ride price – 79 or 99 kroons. Time on the way – from 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours 10 minutes.

Tickets can be bought on the official website www.leoExpress.Com

Important moment! Part of LEO Express routes are serviced by Flixbus. That is, we are morally getting ready for the situation when I bought a ticket from LEO, and the Flixbus bus will be served.

Flixbus buses

Make 22 flights a day. 11 from the station "Florenc", 11 from the station "&# 72;&# 114;&# 97;d&# 269;&# 97;&# 110;&# 115;&# 107; ; ". In Karlovy Vary, depart (arrive) from the Lower Station.

FLIXBUS is an international carrier, the prices on their website are always in euros. The ticket costs 5 or 5.5 euros. Time on the way – from 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours 10 minutes.

Flixbus selection is optional 1.5 euros. Luggage transport Over 1 place (no more than 20 kg) – another 2 euros for place. Simply put, this is a real lourogenant, only bus lourogenant.

Flixbus has version of the official site in Russian – WWW.Flixbus.Ru

How to get from the airport

Near Terminal 1 at the airport. Vaclav Gavel is a bus station. From here you go to Regiojet buses, 17 flights a day. The first at 7-00 am, then every hour to 22-00.

Price trip to Karlovy Vary – 159 CZK, travel time – 2 hours 45 minutes.

Tickets can be bought in advance on the website www.Regiojet.Com. As a point of departure, specify "Prague – Vaclav Havel Airport Prague", destination "Karlovy Vary", specify the date and press "SEARCH". Pay a credit card.

If you are afraid of the flight delay, you can buy a ticket to the ticket office of the bus station. Tickets almost always have available.


Usually in the Czech Republic, it is the trains that are most convenient and fast vehicles. But Prague-Karlovy Varya route is an unpleasant exception. Train ride we don’t even recommend.

First, there are few trains – only 7 flights a day. The first approximately in 5-20 am, then 7-30, 9-30, 11-30, 13-30, 15-30, the last approximately in 17-30. Schedule is constantly changing, flights shift for a few minutes. The current schedule can be viewed on the official website of the WWW.CD.CZ

Secondly, there are only trains of the GDK (Czech Railways). Other trains, such as Regiojet or Leo Express, no on this route. Do not wait for the commercial seats, coffee or free WiFi.

Thirdly, trains go very long – 3 hours 15 minutes.

Fourth, a ticket costs expensive – 160-170 crowns in one direction.

From Prague to Karlovy Vary and back

In all parameters, buses won. If you love a train, then go to the site CD.CZ (official website of the HZD) and buy tickets. Or you can buy tickets at the box office before departure, there are always free space in these trains.

About Czech trains Read our article "Trains in the Czech Republic".


If you catch a taxi on the street, the driver may not agree to go so far, chances of about 50 to 50. If you go, then you will pay the meter. Tariffs See our article "Taxi in the Czech Republic".

It’s easier to order a taxi by phone or through the application. Then you can agree on a fixed fee, usually from 2400 to 2700 kroons. If you immediately order in addition and a reverse trip, you can give another discount, and may not give.

Taxi travel time – about 2 hours.

Order transfer via the Internet

This is a convenient option, but not always favorable. On the Internet transfers offer many sites, prices are different. There are sites where 2400-2500 crowns are asked, there are sites where they ask 4000-5000.

Be carefull! Those who want to prove on the ignorance of tourists a lot. Remember, cheap is all that below 2700 kroons.

Travel time – about 2 hours.

Important moments

– If you buy tickets through the site, it is necessary to check for tickets for all children, even the baby needs to make a ticket for 0 kroons.

– If you forget to make a children’s ticket with adults, you will have to make a return and buying re-. The fact is that no Czech ticketing system does not give a children’s ticket separately.

– On the trains there are different types of tickets. "Estimated" – without a guaranteed place, "Mustenka" – with a guaranteed place. Naturally, Mustenka is more expensive. If you buy tickets on the site CD.CZ, then get Mustenka at the price of the trafficking.

– If you get from the airport and decided to go by train or by bus from Prague, then read our article "How to get from Prague to town".

We wish you quick and comfortable movement in the Czech Republic, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

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