From Prague to Ostrava and back

How fast, cheap and comfortable to get from Prague to Ostrava in the east of Czech Republic? What is more profitable – bus or train? How much are taxis and transfer, and whether there is a sense? Read the answers in our article.

Why tourists go to Ostrava?

Of course, see the sights of Ostrava – the capital of Czech Silesia. Feel yourself with a miner in Landek Park. View the largest Town Hall in the Czech Republic and visit her observation platform at an altitude of 72 meters. See the beautiful Silesian Castle and Square Masarika. Visit Park Miniuni Miniature. Try unique beer in Ostravar brewery.

Distance from Prague to Ostrava

According to Russian standards, it is small – 275 kilometers in a straight line and 350 kilometers on the roads.

Option 1 – train

In the Czech Republic, trains are the fastest and cheaper vehicle movement between cities. Most tourists and Czechs recognize them also the most comfortable option. Although the concept of comfort for everyone, someone does not like trains.

The total length of the railway branch between Prague and Ostrava – 356 kilometers, it is between the main stations of cities. The fastest train arrives in 3 hours, the slowest for 3 hours 35 minutes.

In the Czech Republic, Prague-Ostrava route is very popular, along the route for three transport companies: REGIOJET, LEO Express, CD (Czech Railways). Up to 40 trains on the route.

The fact of the presence in the country of several railway companies of Russians is much surprising. We are accustomed that the rails belong to Russian Railways, only the train of Russian Railways go, there is no choice of a passenger – only Russian Railways.

In the Czech Republic, the situation is different. Here on one rails can walk trains of different companies. There is a competition and quality of service significantly higher.

Tickets for almost any train can be bought right at the station, there are free spaces even before shipment. However, it happens that there are no tickets at the box office, especially in the evening flights on Friday or Sunday. Just in case, we recommend buying tickets in advance on the sites of railways, website addresses we will write below.

Important moments when buying tickets through sites!

Carefully see the point of departure (arrival) in Prague. It can be "Praha, HL. N."This is the main station, it is located at the metro station"&# 72;&# 108;&# 97;&# 118;&# 110;&# 237;&# 32;&# 110; ;d&# 114;&# 97;&# 382;&# 237; " On the branch with (red). Maybe "&# 80;&# 114;&# 97;&# 104;&# 97;&# 45;&# 76;&# 105;&# 98;&# 101;&# 328; " Not far from the station "&# 86;&# 121;&# 115;&# 111;&# 269;&# 97;&# 110;&# 115;&# 107; ; " On the branch B (yellow). It is more convenient to sit down (leaving) at the Prague Main Station. Look at the metro scheme in our article "Metro Prague".

Carefully see the point of departure (arrival) in Ostrava. It may be "Ostrava, HL. N."This is the main station of Ostrava, and maybe Ostrava-Svinov is a suburb.

If you are going with a child, do not forget to arrange a free or preferential ticket for it, and you need to draw up a ticket even on a baby. If forget, then it is impossible to place a separate ticket to the child, the system will not give it. Will have to make a return ticket and buy anew.

Trains regiojet

REGIOJET company – the leader in comfort both in the train itself and when ordering tickets.

When buying on the official website REGIOJET.COM can choose. When ordering a separate browser window opens, where the places are indicated. Red marked places, green – available for purchase. The icons indicate the services that are provided in the car, such as WiFi.

There are "360 degree visualization", you need to click on a special icon and you can see panoramic photos from the train. Will be able to see where you can sit how big chairs and is aisle. 21st century on trains in the Czech Republic has come, this is a fact!

If you are traveling with kids, then take place in the children’s compartment, it is part of the train with children’s playground. But these places need to buy in advance, do not even hope to buy them at the checkout before shipment.

Regiojet has three classes of seats: Low Cost, Standard, Relax, Business. Differs in the size of the chairs and a set of services. Tickets for the LOW COST cost from 135 to 230 CZK. Current crown course, see the article "Money in the Czech Republic" or use our convenient Czech Crane Calculator. Consider that in some regiojet trains there are no seats low cost.

Standart tickets – from 185 to 300 kroons, Relax – from 300 to 500 kroons, Business – from 350 to 650 kroons.

Order Tickets Recommended on the official website Regiojet.Com. Site in Czech, English and German, the Russian version is not. However, and without knowledge of languages ​​a ticket you can buy without problems. Enter in the form of ticket search: "Prague", "Ostrava" and a trip date, then everything is intuitive. Use the firmware built into the browser.

RegioJet trains make about 10 daily flights, the first leaves around 6 am, the last around 8 pm. For accurate schedule for the desired date, look at the official website.

Trains Leo Express

Can compete with RegioJet for comfort in cars and the convenience of buying tickets.

Buy tickets on the official website LeoExpress.Com. The Russian version has no site, although there is Ukrainian. In the search form, enter: "Prague", "Ostrava" and a trip date. Further everything is intuitive. Use the firmware built into the browser.

LEO EXPRESS when shopping will see a wagon scheme, you can choose places. There are three seats: Economy, Business and Premium. The difference in the size of the chairs and a set of prepaid services. In class Business Free coffee and snack. In the PREMIUM class additional noise insulation. At all places (even Economy) there is an electrical outlet and free WiFi is available.

Economy ticket costs from 160 to 450 kroons, Business – from 450 to 750, Premium – from 800 to 950.

LEO Express trains make about 15 flights a day, the first goes around 8 am, the last about 8 pm. For accurate schedule for the desired date, look at the official website.

Trains Czech Railways (CD)

From Prague to Ostrava and back

The ticket costs from 180 kroons. In the overwhelming majority of cases, Tickets for CD trains are more expensive than Leo Express and Regiojet. Is it worth talking about CD trains on? We think there is a lot of meaning, but we note some important points.

On the train CD there are two types of tickets: Jizdenka (without scene) and Mistenka (with place). When buying in the box office, a ticket with a place will cost more. When buying on the site CD.CZ buying ticket with place pricing without a place. Conclusion: Buy tickets in advance on the site.

On the official website of CD.CZ No Russian version, there is only Czech, English and German.

In more detail about Czech railways, we wrote in the article "Trains in the Czech Republic".

Option 2 – Bus

Buses ride longer – the fastest 5 hours. Buses do not win in price – the cheapest ticket 200 crowns.

Two transport companies operate on Prague-Ostrava route: Regiojet and Flixbus. Flixbus has version version in Russian. Perhaps on this advantage ends.

In more detail about buses, we told in the article "Buses in the Czech Republic".

Option 3 – taxi or transfer

Trying to take a simple taxi on the street there is no sense, hardly the driver will agree to go so far.

You can order a taxi or transfer in advance. Prices start from 5,500 Czech crowns, but usually asked 6500-7000. Running time – about 4 hours.

For this money, even on a family of 4 people, you can buy Premium train tickets, and at the station and from the station to take a taxi PREMIUM-Class. At the same time, the time on the way will be approximately the same.

Great sense to order a shuttle no. The train is cheaper and more comfortable.


The only worthy option to get is the train. Price – from 135 kroons, travel time – 3-3.5 hours. It is better to use Regiojet and Leo Express trains, we talked in detail about them.

Successful movement in the Czech Republic, and read our interesting and tourists to tourists about this country (List of articles below).

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