From Punta Cana in Santo Domingo and back

As the most convenient way to get to Santo Domingo from resorts Punta Cana and Bavaro? How much is a taxi and transfer? How much is a bus ticket, from where he leaves, what schedule? Read the answers in our article.

Distance between Punta Canaan and Santo Domingo

Distance in the motorway – 190 kilometers. In a straight line – 170 kilometers. Route Watch the map below, click on the map to enlarge.

Cities connect the "Oscar de la Renta" motorway, she is "Autopista Del Coral" ("Coral Road"), which comes from Punta Cana to La Roman. Now it is a modern four-band highway. Travel on it is paid, I will talk about it below in this article.

An interesting moment is that the road is named after the fashion designer Oscar de la Rent. It is unlikely that somewhere else can be found a road that is named after Couturier. Rename happened recently – in March 2019.

Next from La Romana to Santo Domingo passes the Las Americas motorway. Now it is also a modern four-band highway.

Option 1 – Car rental

Rent a car in Dominican Republic is the most popular way of movement from tourists. This is not surprising, because of the 6.5 million guests of the country (according to the results of 2018) there were almost 2.5 million Americans and almost 1 million Canadians. And these people are used to moving exclusively on cars.

Car rental price – from 15 US dollars a day. Usually take a car for two days to go early in the morning, come in the evening and pass the car the next day.

Important moment! In Dominican Republic there are paid roads. On the plot between Punta Cana and Santo Domingo four paid plots. Everyone will have to pay from 60 to 100 peso. And they take here only pesos, no dollars and euros. We recommend changing money in advance, read our page "How and where to change currency in Dominican Republic".

Option 2 – Taxi

Taxi drivers willingly carry tourists to Santo Domingo, the average price of a trip – 170 American dollars. If you hire a driver for the whole day for a trip back, then 300 dollars.

It is better to order a taxi to the reception list of your hotel, and immediately indicate that we will go to Santo Domingo to come that the driver who will be ready for this. It is not recommended to catch on the street, since not every taxi driver will continue to waste time. If you want a car for a whole day, it is better to order in advance, again through the reception.

Option 3 – Transfer on the Internet

Prices are the same. The only difference is that you will order themselves through the Internet. Now there are many transfer companies, finding on the Internet through the search engine does not constitute.

Option 4 – bus

Direct bus from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo (and back) is called Expreso Bavaro. Buses belong to APTRA.

In both directions there are 6 flights, in both directions Schedule Schedule: 7:00, 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 16:00. Time on the way – about 3 hours.

Price – 400 Dominican Pesos in one direction. The ticket is bought on the bus station from the APTRA representative or the driver. Actual course of Dominican Pesos, see our "Money in Dominican" page. Payment is accepted only in Peso, we recommend changing money in advance, read our page "How and where to change currency in Dominican Republic".

Accordingly, there is no prior booking. The earlier from the time of the shipment arrive, the greater the chances that there will be free spaces. What are the queues on this bus, look at the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge.

You can sit in Punta Cano and Bavaro at 2 different stops. But we recommend coming to the initial station on AV. Estados Unidos to immediately take the best places. In addition, there is a mini-bus station, where there is a cafe and air conditioning.

You can also sit at the Bavaro-Punta CANA 2 stop (SitrabaPu area). You need to go to these stops by taxi, the price of the trip is from 200 to 400 pesos, depends on hotel’s remoteness. Read our article "Taxi in Dominican Republic".

It is better to go on the final stop on Juan Sanchez Ramirez Street, which is 50 meters from Joaquin Balaguer Metro Station on L1 Branch (Blue).

Bus back (from Santo Domingo)

It is best to sit at the stop on the street Juan Sanchez Ramirez, which is near the metro station "Joaquin Balaguer" on the L1 branch (blue).

Each similar way. Rating price – 400 pesos, on the way about 3 hours.

However, there is a feature. The bus stops at the airport Punta Cana and hotels. Name your hotel, he will say whether it stops near or not.

From Punta Cana in Santo Domingo and back

Very important moment!

As soon as you arrive at the ultimate in Santo Domingo, then immediately buy a return ticket back to Punta-Cana at 16:00. Otherwise, it may not be free places, and stuck in the capital for the night, well, or you have to go for a taxi for 160 dollars.

Option 5 – With an excursion

Inspect the sights in Santo Domingo easier with the excursion. Now excursion for the whole day costs from 75 to 100 US dollars. Usually the program includes a visit: Columbus Lighthouse, Pantheon, Cathedral, Alcazar de Colon. Also during the excursion, lunch are arranged, drinks are usually paid.

Other options

Railway between Punta Cana and Santo Domingo no.

Regular flights on this route no. There is only one company that organizes charter flights is SERVICIOS AEREOS PROFESIONALES. How much does it cost for themselves for yourself? Probably very expensive.

There is a theoretical option – to get on the local bus "Guaguas" ("Guaguas", in Spanish) to the neighboring major town of Iguay, and hence the buses go to Santo Domingo every 20 minutes. But we do not consider this option, as it is for a tourist without knowledge of Spanish quite difficult.

An ordinary tourist needs to choose a bus or taxi (transfer).

Important advice

– If you are going to go by bus, take a toilet paper with you. There is a bathroom on the bus, but tourists complain that there is no toilet paper;

– In the bus during the trip, there is nothing special, landscapes around bored after 10 minutes. Start the Internet, read our article "Internet in Dominican Republic – how cheaper";

– Be very neat when driving, as Dominican drivers are not very respecting traffic rules. According to statistics, there are twice as many people in car accidents than we (in terms of a thousand cars in the country). We talked about this in the article "What is impossible in Dominican".

We wish you comfortable movement on Dominican Republic, and read our useful tourists articles about this country (List of articles below).

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