From Sabiha Airport to the city

How can I get from Sabiha Gokchen (Istanbul) to the city? What is the most cheapeless way? What is the most convenient and comfortable? What are the prices for a taxi after raising tariffs in January 2021? What are the prices for public transport after increased in February 2020? Read the answers in our article.

As of June 2021 All transport from Sabiha Airport is already working in normal mode. Do not forget about the COVID security rules that read the article on the link above. Ticket prices have once again increased, the current prices are lower in this article.


At the time of updating this article in June 2021, the subway to the airport Sabiha Gucchan has not yet been built.

When will be built? Unclear. Construction contract was signed back in 2015. Promised to finish this thread in 2018, then postponed to October 2019. In July 2020, the Minister of Transport Adil Karasmäyailoglu promised to finish the subway to the airport until the end of 2021.

But these promises already few people believe. Someday the subway will be, but no soon.


Taxi car deficit at Sabiha Airport No, free taxi will always find. Taxi drivers are required to use the counter, but often they offer tourists to get for a fixed fee. In this case, you need to be careful not to pay Stydoroga.

Approximate prices: to Sultanahmet – 200 Turkish Lear, to Yenikapi – 200 lir, to Taxim – 180 lir, to the new airport of Istanbul – 300 lir. Actual course, see our article "Turkish Lira".

Much of happiness, after leaving the airport building there is a large information booth. This stand is information about distances and prices for taxi to all regions of Istanbul. The stand is big, so his photo we publish in great resolution. Click here to open photos in a new window.

Use this information to understand the actual price for the trip. Then you can already count on your capabilities and even agree on a fixed fare without overpayment.

If you know how to use Google maps well, you can calculate the cost of the trip on your own, based on the distance to the hotel (or another place where you want to get from the airport). Tariffs (increased in January 2021) the following:

Yellow taxi (SARI, usual): 5.55 Turkish lire for landing, 3.45 lir per kilometer way.

Turquoise taxi (Turkuaz): 6.38 Turkish lire for landing, 3,99 lir per kilometer.

Black taxi (VIP): 9.44 Turkish lire for landing, 5.54 lir per kilometer.

Ultimately not recommended to explain the taxigators of your destination. It is better to show the address of the hotel, it will be clearer, the taxi driver will definitely arrive where it is necessary.

Search for taxi drivers do not need, they themselves will find you at the outdoor from the airport. Explained with them just, the word "meter" they understand perfectly. If you trade for a fixed amount, then show the numbers on the screen of the smartphone. Own foreign languages ​​for negotiations not necessarily.

Transfer on the Internet

There is no point in that. Order the transfer will cost more than to take a taxi on the counter. As we have mentioned, machines deficit taxi at Sabiha Gokcen airport there is not expected.


Buses are undoubtedly cheaper than a taxi. You can use municipal buses, they are cheaper. You can sit on special buses Havab&# 220; S, they are more expensive, but more convenient.

Find bus stop very simple. Need after leaving the airport building go forward. Go through Zebra, then pass by a small cafe building, and there are bus stops at this building. Ahead will be the stops of municipal buses E9 and E10. To the right stop Havab&# 220; s. Watch the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge.

Buses E9 and E10

This is the cheapest way to get from the airport. Price of trip – 7 YTL (prices have increased since February 2020, formerly was 5.3 lira). Actual course, see our article "Turkish Lira".

Fare is paid by the card &# 304; StanBulkart, which can be bought in the bus stop automatic. How to buy and replenish &# 304; StanBulkart, read in detail in our article "Metro Istanbul". Map &# 304; stanbulkart need to lean to the validator at the entrance of the bus interior, the validator will charge cards 7 lira.

Important moment! When buying a map in the machine, there will be 4 lira on its balance. To pay, this is not enough, you will need to replenish the card. At the airport, change money, so that was on hand for at least 20 lire. 10 Pay for the map &# 304; Stanbulkart, 10 more better to immediately put on the expense.

Bus E9: takes to the Bostanj region, stops near the Bostanc Metro Station&# 305; On the marmaray branch. Time on the way is about 80 minutes, departs every 25 or 30 minutes.

Bus E10: takes to the area of ​​Kadykoy, stops near the metro station Kad&# 305; k&# 246; Y on the M4 branch and station Kad&# 305; k&# 246; Y on the marmaray branch. Time on the way – about 90 minutes, leaves every 15 or 20 minutes.

Upon arrival, you will find yourself about one of the metro stations. Next ride on the subway.

Buses Havab&# 220; s

Buses Havab&# 220; S (Havabyus) are convenient because they have compartments for luggage accommodation. Initially, rent a luggage driver, then sit down to the salon.

From Sabiha Airport to the city

There are 3 bus routes Havab&# 220; S to different points in Istanbul:

– to Taksim Square (Taksim). Price – 24 lira;

– to the area of ​​Kadykёi (Kad&# 305; k&# 246; Y). To Kad bus station&# 305; k&# 246; y r&# 305; HT&# 305; m, which is located near the metro station Kad&# 305; k&# 246; Y on the M4 branch and station Kad&# 305; k&# 246; Y on the marmaray branch. Fare price – 18 lire;

– to the area of ​​Yenisahra (Yenisahra). Yenisahra Metro Station on M4 Branch. Fare price – 18 lir.

Payment is made only in cash. Before departing on the cabin passes the conductor and collects money. Only lira takes, no dollars or euros. Therefore, in the airport building, we recommend changing a small amount to have enough to pay for travel. Recall that the exchange rates at the airport are bad, change a little. Already on the taxim exchange courses will be much better. Read our article "How and where to change money in Turkey".

Theoretically, havab buses&# 220; S is a schedule that can be viewed on the official website of Havabus.Com. However, in fact, they are departed as full fill.

Upon arrival, you will find yourself about one of the metro stations. Next ride on the subway.

Airport car rental

In the airport building, on the ground floor there are offices of car rental companies. You can rent a car in one of them, get to the hotel and return to the office in the city the next day. At the same time on the rest of the day you will be on "your wheels".

Car rental price in Istanbul – from 120 lire per day. However, we want to warn that led the car in Istanbul is a very difficult thing. Here, drivers and pedestrians chronically do not observe traffic rules, some streets in the city have a slope of up to 30 degrees. Therefore, this option is recommended only by very experienced drivers and with very good nerves.

Important advice

– To correctly read the names in Turkish, read our article "Turkish for tourists";

– if you arrive in Istanbul and then follow the Mediterranean coast, then read our article "From Istanbul to Antalya and back";

– In the airport building there are offices of Turkish operators Vodafone, TURK Telekom and Turkcell. But the prices for SIM cards are very high. But they are high not only at the airport, but anywhere. Read our detailed articles "How to call from Turkey Döshevo" and "Internet in Turkey Döszhevo";

– Do not forget that not everyone can be imported into Turkey. Can be imported, but with restrictions. Read our review "What can not and can be imported to Turkey".

Successful flight to Sabiha Goekchen Airport, and read our interesting articles about the Turks and Turkey (List of articles below).

From Sabiha Airport to the city

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