From Sharjah Airport to the city

How profitable and convenient to get to your hotel from Sharjah Airport? What are the prices for travel by taxi? What are there any buses to the city? How to get to Dubai and other Emirates? Read the answers in our article.

Prices, schedule and other information in this article are relevant for February 2021. Sharjah Airport is now open, it’s a sorry for only two flights from Russia until two: one Ural and one nordwind. But we hope that flights will soon become more. Do not forget about strict Macid-security measures in transport in the UAE, read the article on the link above.


At Sharjah Airport there is a special landing rate in a taxi – 20 dirhams. Price kilometers standard – 2 Dirhama. Seeing Dirhama’s current course in our article "UAE Currency".

Taxi counter in the UAE

The cost of a trip to the hotel – from 30 to 60 dirhams depends on the location of the hotel. The principle is simple: the closer the hotel to the sea, the more expensive. It is most expensive to get to the hotels in the Al Haldium area, which is near the Oceanarium of Sharjah and the Al-Khan Beach.

It is not necessary to pay dirhams, you can euro or dollars. However, the taxi drivers have a very unfavorable course. At the official rate of 1: 3.75 (dollar / dirham) taxi drivers consider 1: 3.5 and more often worse. It is better to change a small amount at the airport, there are exchangers with quite acceptable course. Read our article "How to change currency in the UAE".

Taxi shortage at the airport is not, there are almost always cars. Order a taxi in advance no sense. However, keep in mind.

The most common deception of tourists

All taxis in the UAE must have and use a taximeter. Some taxi drivers want to negotiate a fixed fee, and there is nothing terrible in this if the price is adequate.

But there are cases when the taxi driver does not include the counter, pleases tourists to the desired point and begins to demand exorbitant money. Unfortunately, such cases are not at all rare. It happened that from tourists demanded 200 dirhams and even 400.

Know that any trip without meter in the UAE is outlawed. You can safely contact the police, the phone "999". How and what to buy a local SIM card at the airport, read our article "How to call from the UAE".

Uber and Careem – Is it possible to save?

Uber and Careem work in Sharjah, but save will not be saved. Now at the Tariffs of the Uber, the trip will cost even more expensive, and on the Careem rates compared with the price of a regular taxi.

In addition, the machine Uber or Careem will have to wait, and the taxi is usually available immediately.

Transfer order in advance

You can order a transfer on the Internet in advance, but it will cost 20-30% more expensive than the usual taxi. Why spend your time and energy to search and order transfer? We do not see in this sense.


City bus in Sharjah

Four routes of city buses follow from the airport. At all the price of a trip – 8 dirhams when paying for cash and 6 dirhams when paying the Sayer transport card. Work time – from 6-00 to 23-00. What buses look, look at the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge.

Route 14. Follows the coast to Lake Khalid and Al-Majaz district. But further turns into the east and travels to Al-Shark station in the eastern part of the city. Movement interval – 15-20 minutes.

Route 15. It follows to the coast to the terminal on the Roll Square, which is near the Museum of Islamic Civilization. Movement interval – 25-40 minutes.

Route 88. Also follows the coast to the terminal on the Rolla Square, but a little different expensive. Movement interval – 12-20 minutes.

Route 99. Shone to the coast to the terminal in the area of ​​Jubail, which is near the Central Market. Movement interval – 10-20 minutes, this route is round-the-clock.

It is difficult to determine if any of these buses stop near your hotel. There is a universal advice: sit down at 15, 88, 99 and reach rolls or jubail. There are already taking a taxi to the hotel. So you will be able to save money, at a taxi you reach 12-20 dirhams.

If there is a desire to figure it out exactly, then on the official website of the carpentry transport management at http: // www.Mowasalat.AE / Routes.php there are route cards.

If you need to get to Dubai

First option – Using the airline airline Air Arabia, which will take the Al-Guraiir market, which is near the Union metro station in Deira. Metro map See our article "Dubai Metro – Scheme and Tariffs".

From Sharjah Airport to the city

The price of a trip on this bus – 20 Dirhams, you all have 5 flights a day: 7:00, 8:00, 12:30, 16:30, 22:30.

Unfortunately, as of February 2021, these buses do not go due to coronavirus.

Second option – Taxi. The price of a trip greatly depends on the destination in Dubai, this is the big city. To Deira – 75 Dirhams, to the Bur Dubai – 90 Dirhams, to Downtowana – 100 Dirhams, to Dubai Marina – 125 Dirhams.

If you need to get into other emirates

Bus Air Arabia

Use Air Arabia buses. They have luggage compartments, comfortable armchairs, toilet, prices available. What does this bus look like, look at the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge. Periodically, Air Arabia even arranges months of free travel, but by appointment.

Bus in Abu Dhabi. Rating price – 40 Dirhams. 4 flights a day: 8:15, 12:30, 19:00, 21:00.

Bus to al-ain. Rating price – 40 Dirhams. 2 flights a day: 7:30, 20:00.

Bus in Ras Al-Heima. Rating price – 30 Dirhams. 3 flights a day: 8:00, 19:30, 23:00.

If we decided to take advantage of these buses, we recommend clarifying the current schedule on the official Air Arabia website at https: // www.airarabia.COM / EN / AIRPORT-SHUTTLE-SERVICE

Tips for tourists

– Sale of alcohol is prohibited in the Sharge Emirate. You can only buy alcohol in the Duty Free airport. Do not forget to do this if necessary. Read our article "Alcohol in the UAE";

– Buy a SIM card du or etisalat for calls or internet better right in the airport building, there are definitely there are offices of both operators. What to choose a tariff, read in our article "Internet in the UAE";

– According to the Federal Law of the UAE, children need to go to the car seat. Therefore, if you arrived with children, you may have to wait a taxi with a car seat. Details in our article "Rest in the UAE with children".

Successful holiday in Sharjah, and read our interesting articles about the UAE (List of articles below).

From Sharjah Airport to the city

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