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Those courses who dream during the right vacation go beyond the frontiers of the homeland, but only on their own car, a straight road to the country of Suomi. Green parking lots, royal tracks, in close proximity to which – transparent lakes with unprecedented fish and cottages built from an environmentally friendly building material – wood. But beware if your four-wheeled friend does not match Finnish standards – not avoid fines. Be sure to take care of hot Finnish guys in police uniforms.

Tourists who have decided to go to the pathway path by car, first of all addressed travel agencies specializing in auto traveling. The pros will advise on which route you need to move to visit the most interesting cities, book hotels on the highway, rent a cottage in a picturesque place.

Traditional route of the car starts from the Moscow – St. Petersburg (600 kilometers). After a daily stay in the northern capital, tourists hold the way to Vyborg. It is this city is the fortress, which in the old days served by the loop of the Swedish kings. Here, through the territory of Finland, and the monarchs delivered decrees. After Vyborg, of course, customs, for the successful passage of which you need to follow the numerous rules.

The first thing that served the serviced Finns are paying attention to. The driver must be: driver’s license, registration documents for machine and inspection coupon. And necessarily the presence "Green card" – Insurance providing the liability insurance of the owner for damage to third parties. Without this plastic rectangle entrance to the country of Suomi ordered. The cherished document can be bought in Moscow or at the Finnish CAT.

So in the past few years, the Russian car owners of Antiradar in Finland is banned strictly-setting. Categories strict customs officers – will take off necessarily. They will discharge, of course, the receipt and even give off on the way back. But only on the opposite – in the country you will have to move, hoping only to our own intuition. Experts say that the tricking Finnish cops passion as they like to measure speed, hiding in the bushes.

Approaching the border, do not forget to tie yourself a belt. It concerns both the driver and passengers. And not, only front, but also rear seats. Otherwise – fines not to avoid. By the way, about fines. The police officers gave a receipt where the amount of violation is prescribed. Payment – in any bank of the country. Will you pay – you are worse. The name of the Uklonist is instantly entered into a blacklist with the prohibition of entry into the territory of Schengen countries. And most importantly, remember: you are not at home. God forbid to try to knock the police cash – Finns perceive it like a bribe and immediately deliver to the local office. Further court I. Possible deprivation of liberty for a period of two years.

Will have to take care of the mobile phone. A car moves or stands in front of the traffic light – when conversations on a mobile phone, you can only use the Hands Free device.

Relentlessly follow the tearful eyes of the customs officer behind toned glasses. Considers-Profi Celebrations will determine whether your freezing is true than the permissible percentage of glass. The lighting light of the windshield must be at least 75%, and the front side – 70%. Additional blackout, for example, light-protective film, strictly-setting is prohibited. Dypipe it right on the checkpoint.

From Slavs B. Finns

A real disaster for a wallet of a tourist can be the cost of gasoline. In Finland, he stands to one euro per liter.

Autotourists allowed entry into the country with a car with a filled Baki and 10-liter Kanishystroe to Podach. But to cook gasoline about the reserve is better in St. Petersburg – the closer to the border, the fuel is more expensive.

The maximum permissible speed in Finland within the settlements is 50 kilometers per hour. Outside, you can accelerate up to 80 km / h. For exceeding the permissible speed of no more than 20 km / h on the driver, a fine of 115 euros is imposed. Exceeded more – you will have to part with the amount of up to 200 euros.

Middle Light Machines must be included anytime. Far light headlights are forbidden to use on the illuminated road, as well as close range from the oncoming or ahead of the running machine. Front and rear fog lights are allowed to include only with fog, strong rain or snowfall.

And something else. All Finnishways are equipped with green parking – fenced area, where wooden carved tables and chairs are located under the shadow of the trees, dry. Entrance to the parking lot is free, and they function around the clock.You can have a snack in one of the numerous cafes. Lunch will cost 7 euros, coffee with a bun – 2 euros. Have a good trip!

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