From sunset to dawn

There is a completely special category of vacationers. If the majority of tourists prefers to bask in the sun and admire the beauty of the resorts, then these young people have rest begins with a sunset when fashionable discos, bars and clubs are opening up, where you can double until the morning. About where the fashionable youth is resting, tells the browser of the club life to Alena Antonova.

Although there are no sea and beaches in Berlin, and there are green lawns and ponds of numerous parks, this city is a place of pilgrimage of the Bohemian public. And teenagers, and tusovka veterans 25 years, and honored "Pensioners"-Bitomanov for years 35 – you can meet here exactly here. Fashion, friki (types inclined to cloth), transvestites, radicals, clubbers (clubs clubs), lovers of popular now "Environmental" Recreation flock to Berlin by early July to get to the famous Love Parade, which seems to have become already national treasure on a par with Ramesteine ​​and Wagner. Love Parade – Giant Techno Festival, held every year in the first Saturday of July. From the Brandenburg gate through the streets of the city a car moves. At each – DJs, playing hard German techno. And next to the machines crawl crawls: Tattooed people, young ladies in underwear "Tighten" beer and how streaming.

Do not visit the Spanish Island of Ibiza more than five years ago, the callers were considered an ideological crime. In the most promoted clubs of the island, Privelege and Pacha, there are still many people, although prices, as a few years ago, high (entrance – about $ 50, Coca-Cola Bank – $ 10). Fashionable DJs continue to earn money here, and many go here to nostalgic on the techno party of the mid-90s. It’s no secret that any drug can be mined in Ibice, so numerous lovers of stimulants from all over the world come here.

Ibiza leaves fashion, but still go here – at least in order to look at the largest European Nightclub Privelege and visit the legendary parties "Manumishn". And then rush from here to Madrid’s nightclubs and Barcelona, ​​which, despite the abundance of new fashionable places, is still attractive to European and American youth.

Cyprus Club Life Center – Aya-Napa. Which year from Aya-Napa is trying to make a kind of likeness of Ibiza, but not yet. Night clubs here are democratic, prices are low. Ia-ae-anew fun, and clubs – for every taste: from naphthalene rock and roll, to fashionable dance. Design is also simple, but dear: graffiti, wood and metal. Until the morning, like in Ibiza, no one walks here: hours in three or four nights numerous students start tanning around their homes so that in the morning you have time to sunbathe.

Say that in Greece to relax fashionably, it would be unfair to relatively popular youth "Points", Made a promotion in the Di-Jean environment, Fashion and Show business. Nevertheless, Chalkidiki and Mykonos islands remain the centers of active nightlife.

Rest on Bali Island entered the fashion of youth relatively recently. A few years ago, families with children and lovers rest went here, but "With a raisyn". And three years ago, young teachrs from Los Angeles, from the Canary and Balearic Islands began to visit. They chose the city of Kuta, located in the southwest of Bali 10 km from Denpasar. Kuta – respectable resort, famous for its magnificent sandy beaches, which are very appreciated by surfing lovers and other water sports. And yet, it is Kuta, thanks to numerous nightclubs, bars and restaurants, became the center of nightlife of the whole island. Light time of the party is experiencing in aqua park. Here you will not meet unadiest hippies – the place is expensive.

And enjoying Ibiza, Barcelona and London, lifetime mortars are sent "spark off" in Malaysia. And not only in the capital of Kuala Lumpur, but above all on the island archipelago Langkavi. True sign for a party: If there are many gay among holidaymakers, it means that the place is fashionable. 20-30 years ago Gay-Communi made a fashionable place to the Canary Islands. The experienced lifesters of life advise to go to Langkavi – there is an interesting. Fly by plane an hour from Kuala Lumpur. Of course, after London, it is not very, but this is more than compensated by exotic nature.

From sunset to dawn

In the late 1990s, Yemen entered the large fashion for young Europeans. Yemen is a country of conservative morals, and therefore all sorts of pieces of type of techno-acid parties or raw-party here are not fond of. The people simply enjoy the exoticism, inspects the San, bows the national outfits, and then with pleasure he tries in such a precide on a disco. From Moscow to Sanah there is a direct flight "Aeroflot" with technical landing in Beirut (flight time – about seven hours, the minimum cost of the ticket – $ 450).

One of the most popular places in the world – Thailand. Pattaya, Phuket, Samui – places where one of the most fashionable parties in the world pass. Young people are looking for a company on the beaches, grow on tropical koshchi in search of something stylish and exotic (phenushek, clothes, masters tattoo, shouting and piercing). Most popular place – Phuket with the picturesque coast of the Andaman Sea. Nightlife on the island is as diverse as in other areas of Thailand. Most Popular Beaches – Patong Beach, Kata Beach, Karon Beach, Chaweng with Grand Discos. Many love the island of Khao Pinkan, who has known as James Bond Island – they filmed the film "Man with a golden pistol" a series "Agent 007".

There are in Thailand and the problem is common to all this kind of recreation sites: drugs. They are full here, and the most diverse, so be careful. Often here come across stirring and loose types with dreadlocks, shooting into the folding some kind of hut in order to live here for half a year, and even longer. And wealthy entrepreneurs arrive in Thailand on the disco on the weekend.

Resort on the Ocean and Music Music in Techno Transe – Indian Beaches Goa. Here are full of European students and older people, lovers of unpretentious hippovsky life. Guests of the beaches of Goa are engaged in meditation, yoga, and in their free from these highly bunk lessons, dancing at parties: on the ocean, in huts and mansions, and just on the hills. Motorcycles and motor scooters love here: the people go everywhere, scattering melancholic Indians. European DJs spend holidays here, designers and fashion designers arrange clothes shows to test new products on a relaxed and due to the indulgent public. Many party holders come to Goa and from lack of money: here you can commit to $ 100-200 per month.

Dharamsala. This is also India. Himalayas, about 2.5 thousand. m above sea level. Not far from the residence of the Dalai Lama, in the mountain gorge, right in the fresh air, almost every day are held techno-trance party. The place is not called promoted, but definitely it is fashionable in club circles of Europe and Israel. Equipment for disco here are carrying on the pack animals, and sometimes carry in the hands. Spread carpets and pillows. Bring treats with you – recently in India the mango and lychee season began in India, and therefore the next month the party intends to eat them. Under the techno there is a sunset and meet the dawn – in the Himalayas, this sight is not comparable to anything. Add here to the noise of waterfalls, snow-covered mountain peaks. It can not get bored even for a month, and even more so in a week. In general, Dharamsala, according to regulars, soon it can be a very visited place – to the great regret of those who are tired of noisy European dance floors.

From sunset to dawn

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