From the airport of Tunisia (capital) to the city

How to get from the capital airport Tunis Caphagen (code.: Tun) in the city to your hotel or to train stations? Dear taxi?? How to save and drive by bus? Read the answers in our article.

Prices and other information in this article is updated in March 2020.

Important moment!

TGM trains have a stop "L`aeroport" ("Airport"), but this stop to the airport Tunisia Carthage has nothing to do, it is 12 kilometers from the airport.

On the train TGM, you can not get to the airport, it is convenient to get to Cartagen and Sidi-bu sida. And in general the airport does not go any track transport. You will have to choose between a taxi and bus.

Option 1 – Taxi

Important moment! In the airport arrival hall, on duty the names that offer a taxi for fixed rates on very high rates. They are 3-5 times higher than if you drive in the official taxi meter.

Taxi in Tunisia is very cheap. At the airport, Tunisia Carthage has an increased rate – +3 dinar. For example, to get to the Avenue Habib Bourguiba on the counter should only 8-10 dinars to the main F / A station (Gare de Tunis) – 10-12 dinars. Actual course, see our article "Money in Tunisia".

But in practice, it has to pay more. From 21-00 to 5-00 operates night rate + 50%, taxi drivers can take a supplement for luggage – one dinar, and some taxis charge a higher rate for the class of "comfort". In addition, the cost of travel increases congestion, because the easy-to-traffic passenger pays for rate expectations. Unfortunately, all the major roads in the capital are overwhelmed, there is almost always traffic jams.

Below is a table of the travel price for a taxi from the airport to different points of the city and resort areas. In any case, we give prices immediately x1,5 compared with the official prices on the counter.

If your destination table is not specified, refer to the official rates in our article "Taxis in Tunisia".

Place in Tunis The cost of the trip, dinars
The main F / A station (Gare de Tunis, Place de Barcelone) 15-18 dinars
North bus station (Gare Routiere Nord) 15-18
South bus station (Gare Routiere Sud) 14-17
Avenue Habib Bourguiba 12-15
resort Gammarth 19-24
Hotels in La Marsa 17-22
Hotels in La Guilett 20-24
Hotels in Sedro Beach 40-45
Bardo 15-18

Option 2 – Transfer Order

You can order online transfer in advance, but it is very expensive. Typically, a shuttle service to the city center costs 15-20 dollars. no comment.

Option 3 – the bus

From the airport about every 30 minutes, buses 35 and 635, which are then driven to the marina Tunisia (Tunis Marine). The price of travel – 1 Tunisian Dinar, travel time – 25 minutes.

Further, in the Tunis Marine will be able to:

– transfer to the TGM train to get to Carthage, Sidi Bou Said, La Marsa, La Guilett. You can get to the end, there will be only a few kilometers from the resort of Gammarth. The price of the trip – 0.68 dinars;

– Take the tram and have reached anywhere in the center of Tunis. Ticket price – about 0.5 dinars. On trams and trains TGM we wrote in detail in the article "Easy Metro Tunisia";

From the airport of Tunisia (capital) to the city

– go under the overpass and get to Tunisian Big Ben and on Avenue Habib Burgibiba. If the Avenue is held to the end, then get to Medina Tunisia. If at the end of Avenue, in front of the French Embassy, ​​we will roll left, then get to the railway station (Gare de Tunis).

Option 4 – car rental

In Tunisia, this option is not very convenient. In addition, do not save anything. Car rental costs from $ 25 a day. At the airport, rent a car is not a problem, there are a dozen offices of different rolled products. But return the car in the city problematic.

Move around the capital on the car is uncomfortable. Narrow streets, traffic jams everywhere, parking spaces are not enough, the drivers are extremely unfinished. Easier and cheaper ride taxi.

Important and useful tips

– can be paid for the bus only by dinars. Most taxi drivers will take dollars or euros, but at a disadvantageous course. Better to change some money in the airport building, the benefit here there are exchangers with a sane course. To understand which course is profitable, read our article "Currency exchange in Tunisia";

– At Tunisia Carthage Airport there are Orange Tunisia, OODOO and Tunisie Telecom offices. SIM card for calls and internet you can buy right here. Read our articles "SIM cards in Tunisia", "Internet in Tunisia", "How to call from Tunisia";

– if you are going to go on the train next to the destination, then read our review "Trains in Tunisia";

– If you are going to go on the bus on the destination, then read our buses in Tunisia overview. And do not forget that in the capital two bus stations. From the North leaves in Bizeta and Tabarca, from Northern in Hammamet, raider, Sousse, El Cantaui, Monastir.

Good flight to Tunisia, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

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