From the atomic bomb country is cheaper

At the end of last month, the list of countries officially possessing atomic weapons was replenished with two more. A series of underground explosions on polygons of India and Pakistan caused not only a political storm worldwide, but also immediate financial troubles in new "nuclear powers". The fact that indostine indulge with weapons of mass defeat, can’t please any reasonable person. But for the guests this region (in economically) has become more attractive than before. Travel on it fell.

In India, the financial implications of nuclear tests have been kept to the fact that the course of local rupee fell to the lowest in the history of this country. When May 28, Pakistan blew off atomic charges, the Central Bank of India (on which these bombs, in the case of which fall), was forced to spend a lot of dollars to keep Rupei at the turn of 41.7-41.8.

In Pakistan itself, the events developed differently. Serious fall of Pakistani Rupee, at least from an official point of view, did not happen. But claws of currency controls Local owners of SLE felt on their rearrangements on the very day when their country entered the era of atomic wars.

I must say that until this point, Pakistan possessed one of the most liberal in the developing world of currency systems. Pakistani Rupee was practically freely convertible currency. Local residents and citizens of other states had the right in unlimited quantities to exchange foreign money on rupees and back, making bank deposits in any currency. Existed not very strictly observed in practice ban export more than $ 1.000 in cash without documents confirming the legality of its acquisition.

On May 28, the State Bank of Pakistan (so there is called the central bank, it is very similar to the State Bank of the former USSR) for an indefinite period forbade commercial banks to discover new accounts in the SLE and issue a solid currency with existing accounts. He made an exception only for embassies and representative offices of international organizations. Banks were ordered to inform the names of all owners of currency accounts on the territory of Pakistan and the amounts listed on these accounts. Banks immediately disappeared.

At the same time, licenses of all private exchange offices were canceled. Changes were prescribed to recalculate the entire currency available at the box office, immediately pass it into banks at the official rate, and then, to a special order, find another lesson.

To explain, the interests of how many people in 100 million Pakistan affected it, suffice to say one thing: deposits in foreign currency are 45% of all bank deposits in this country. Perhaps the authorities doubted that purely financial measures would be enough to create a real panic. Therefore, at the same time, they introduced a state of emergency in the state. In a matter of hours in Pakistan, it was revived "black" Currency market, which in previous years threw a miserable existence. On the evening of May 28, in supermarkets, hotels and travel agencies, Karachi and Islamabad have already been offered dollars for transient courses.

The state bank in this critical situation behaved very negligee. A special disposal followed the next day, May 29. Private change returned permission to deal with their business. Banks opened. Remove the currency from accounts in them is still impossible, but you can get equivalent to them in Pakistani Rupees, and not at the official rate "Peace days" (approximately 44.25 rupees per dollar), and 46 rupees, which corresponds "black course of peacetime".

From the atomic bomb country is cheaper

In Pakistan, tourists from Russia ride a little, but it relatively often visited "Chelovela" from the Siberian and Far Eastern parts of our country. No matter how paradoxically, their business is the creation of the first Islamic atomic bomb on hand.

The riots in the major cities of Pakistan are not and is not expected, for personal safety is no longer afraid than in any foreign journey. Bank accounts u "ours" There, too, a little, and sad about "frozen" means for nothing.

But the newly imported currency can even officially donate more profitable than before, and the revived "black" The market and opens the endless expanses for commercial smelting.

Problems should be feared only on the way back. In Pakistani airports, customs officers today turn each pocket on the departures of passengers in search of dollars. Take out of Pakistan "just" It is still permitted only $ 1.000. If you are carrying home over this amount, at least the cent, as follows, not declared at the entrance, he will forever remain in Pakistan.

From the atomic bomb country is cheaper

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