Day 4: Czech Brno and Austrian Vienna

Fourth day of our journey By car to Europe Got rather saturated for pedestrian walks. Within the framework of one day we managed to look at two European cities in two different countries (although, of course, the word "see" is very much said, rather take a look at one eye. The fourth day began with a wonderful breakfast in our Point Pension-Restaurant Hotel In Brno. We had no special plans on Brno, we were going to walk in the center, climb to the Cathedral of Pavel and Peter, look into a couple of museums and, maybe, go to watch the famous Villa Tighdgat, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On weekend parking in the center of Brno free, so we drove to the center by car and left it on the nearest parking lot. By the way, from our hotel only 4 stops on the tram, we drove less than 5 minutes by car, and the road would take no more than 10 by public transport.

View from our room at Point Pension-Restaurant

The city produced a very mixed impression: on the one hand, interesting sights, on the other – somehow dirty and many drunk people. Read more about Brno’s attractions and our impressions In a separate article. We were wagged on the desert Sunday city for a few hours, I got to the end of service in the Cathedral of the Saints Paul and Peter and even listened to the authority.

Hike in museums (most of them were closed) and we decided to postpone our car travel in the Czech Republic (this will also ever come true, we even have a route already developed), since today Brno was not very happy.

Cabbage market in Brno

People are resting right on the park benches and such people a lot

True, and ordinary tourists who build routes for the day

The unconditional plus of Brno and the Czech Republic in particular is that it is very tasty here, it costs it quite inexpensively. We went to the first restaurant in the center, ordered ribs, pork steering wheel, salads, drink and for everything about everything I gave something about € 15.

Our lunch in Brno

And drinks will bring a special train

According to Brno, we walked around the clock pair, found even a Taiwanese cafe, and decided to go to Austria, so as not to lose the time and at least once during our trip settled at the hotel to darkness. On the way they went to the first shop in order to stock up the road and buy Czech beer with him. And we bought candy "Lentili", with him we have one little story from childhood.

Pope Natasha Former military pilot, who in the late 80s served in the then Czechoslovakia. The military town was located a few dozen kilometers from Prague, there spent 4 years Natasha with his parents. There she learned to walk, speak, understand the world and distinguish colors. And the last for quite a long time she was not given, and then the parents went to the trick: they bought a colorful lentilok and began to teach colors on them, if Natasha guess the color, she ate a candy, and if not, the candy went to her mouth to parents. Already on the second pack of Natasha, all the basic colors bloom perfectly, and the second day easily distinguished pink from violet, and orange from peach.

Czech candy from childhood

Taiwanese cafe in Brno

From the Czech Republic to Austria by car

But back to the day today. Between Brno and Vienna, only about 130km, so at 12:00 we dined in Brno, and at 16:30 settled in the hotel on the outskirts of Vienna. As in the Czech Republic, at the entrance to Austria, you need to purchase a vignette, we bought it in the shop duty-free trade right on the border. Price for 10 days – € 8.

Travel Guide in Vienna

By car in Austria

The hotel we chose on the outskirts of the veins, as hotels in the center with private parking are very expensive. Choosing our fell on Hotel Bosei For € 45 per day for a double room with parking and breakfast.

Austria Trend Hotel Bosei Wien

Today we decided to lie down early and relax, but after an hour they stood to the nearest metro station to get to the center of Vienna and admire the Cathedral of St. Stephen.

The local SIM card for the Internet could not buy, since in the afternoon on Sunday everything was closed. We are a few hours strolled through the night vein And they decided to go further in the morning, and in the capital of Austria, it was already back in the framework of a separate trip and everything carefully looks here. Moreover, by sale Flights to Vienna You can buy only € 100 there.

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