From unforgettable impressions you are separated by two clicks with the mouse

Alexander, so you lived and lived in St. Petersburg, if I’m not mistaken, it was this city that was your last permanent place of residence (correct if I got confused in your movements :)), and suddenly decided to go to India and Nepal. What happened to happen this is the most "suddenly"?

Yes, I now live in this beautiful city. The solution appeared spontaneous. I graduated from the university, I had lived in St. Petersburg for half a year and then it came to me that if I am engaged in freelance (I do advertising), then I do not have to sit in one place. My friend told me about the magic India and I quickly made a passport, got a visa and went to Delhi. This was very promoted by the February weather, which caused the desire from her away to escape. It was my first trip abroad. Then in four years I drove 19 countries, made two motorcycle systems (according to Industan and Philippine Islands) and lived in India.

And whether fear or doubt was before you started?

Fear, of course, was. It is the main thing that prevents any person to make a decision. But in my case, the interest of traveling has extended a lot of fear. Subsequently, I realized that curiosity is the main way to defeat your own fears. Afraid? But it is interesting to see what will happen in the end.

But you didn’t just go on the journey, you also launched your project – began to blog "12". Why &# 8211; You wanted everyone to wish for your movements, you needed to splash out somewhere that the new and those emotions that collapsed on you? Or was there any other meaning?

I started blogging on the second year of travel when the idea caught fire to buy in India a motorcycle and drive all the country around it in a circle. Blog was needed on the one hand to share impressions and photos, and on the other to recruit the audience for sponsorship support. I did this journey in the form of an advertising project and I was supported by a number of companies that I thanked during the trip. Gradually, out of notes in the way and stories about interesting places. Resource’s interesting places, where I post my thoughts on travel and self-development. Then offline meetings with readers and participation in various travel events began.

By the way, why exactly 12?

It is very simple. Was 2012, I was going to drive 12 Indian states, there was 1 person and 2 wheels. Just 12 is a movie Nikita Mikhalkov, so I came up with the epithet of "colors", which is very well suited to the characteristic of India because of its coloring and contradictoryness.

In one of your interviews, I read that for the "12" project you came up with a trilogy – India, Philippines and South America. You follow this idea or rejected from the route?

I have implemented 2 parts of the project: India in winter 2012-2013 and the Philippines in winter 2013-2014. South America is my dream and I have already thought about it the route, I know how much money you need, time and what a motorcycle, how and where to buy. But, unfortunately, the existing economic situation affects my plans and I have so far forced to postpone the last part until I have the necessary income. In numbers it is about $ 2000 per month + flight $ 1000 and motorcycle $ 5000. Time you need year.

How do you organize your life while traveling – where you stop for the night, how do you earn a living, how do you find a language with local?

I am engaged in advertising. In the main creative and branding: I develop marketing concepts, invent promotional ideas, slogans, titles, concepts for startups and t.D. I never worked in the office and the "freelance" from the second year of the university.

Local language – English or "on the fingers". The fact that a person does not know the language is a very popular excuse not to travel on a trip. In fact, in Asia, you have enough school level of English.

From unforgettable impressions you are separated by two clicks with the mouse

For the night I stop in Guesthouses or I use Kauratsurfing. Very rarely book something via the Internet and, mostly, just ask about the Geste at the locals in those cities that are located on the route. You can also find out where the city has a tourist area and immediately go there. Of course, the guesthouses are concentrated from railway stations or bus stations, but often it is not the best option.

And not boring one – there is no desire to find a companion or a companion :)?

One is not boring. On the one hand, if there is no longer a long time near anyone, then you start to find out yourself and it is very interesting and useful. On the other hand, loneliness in traveling always imaginary. You meet new acquaintances, your Russian friends come to you and t.D.

Your project is infinite or has the final point to which you go?

I came up with a concept with three interesting places in the world, which I would like to lay down my opinion. But I’m trying not to put any more global goals, because in life everything changes, including you yourself, so it is important to look at the situation.

Your advice or wishes to those who want to go on a journey, but for some reason will not go anyhow:

You want to travel, but for some reason you think of yourself excuses and do not carry out the conceived? Think about what it’s just funny. In our world, when to fill your life with meaning and unforgettable impressions, it’s enough to make 2 clicks on the site of tickets, you sit at home and dig in your own pity. This is true, not at all sad, it’s funny. Make yourself above yourself, look from the side to all your excuses and in the morning go to make a passport.

From unforgettable impressions you are separated by two clicks with the mouse

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