From Vienna Airport to the city

How fast, cheap and convenient to get from Vienna Airport to the city center? Read below in detail about the 8 most popular ways.

Ways to get a lot, and there will be even more. After all, passenger traffic grows very high rates. In March 2019, the airport still achieved permission to build an explosion of WFP, despite the protests of environmentalists. Permission had to receive through the Supreme Court of Austria. So, in the future there will be even more trains and buses from the airport to the city.

comparison table

Before reading in detail about all the options, you can choose acceptable options for yourself at a price below.

The table shows the metro station for which all these types of transport arrive. To better navigate, see the metro diagram in Russian in our article "Metro Vienna".

Time in the way we do not specify. On trains and buses it is approximately the same – 20-25 minutes.

Rating price To which station
Metro Poplet
Electric train S7 4.2 Euro * with man Landstra&# 223; E (U3, U4),
Praterstern (U1, U2)
Railjet train 4.2 Euro * with man S&# 252; Dtiroler Platz – Hauptbahnhof (U1),
Wien Meidling (U6)
Train cat 12 Euro with man Landstra&# 223; E (U3, U4)
Taxi 35 Euro up to 4 people Any place in Vienna
Transfer on the Internet 30-50 Euro up to 4 people Any place in Vienna
Val buses 8 Euro with man Westbahnhof (U3, U6),
Schwedenplatz (U1, U3), Kagran (U1)
Air-Liner bus 5 Euro with man ERDBERG (U3),
S&# 252; Dtiroler Platz – Hauptbahnhof (U1)
Rent a Car from 40 euros up to 4 people Any place in Vienna

* – the price includes travel to public transport within the city of Vienna (2.4 euros).

If you drive to another city – not in Vienna

Then it is absolutely optionally to go to Vienna to take a train or bus to the right city. Railway station "Flughafen Wien Bahnhof" is located right at the airport, from where RailJet trains almost all cities in Austria.

You can leave: in Graz (6 trains a day); in Linz, Salzburg, Wels, St. Pölten (24 trains per day); in Innsbruck (13 trains a day); in Klagenfurt and Phillah (2 direct trains and many options with transplantation); In Dornbirn and Bregenz (6 trains per day).

Actual schedule for the right day can be viewed on the official website &# 214; BB (Austrian Railways) – Tickets.OEBB.AT . Enter the place of departure "Vie (Vienna International Airport), and the destination is the right city.

We strongly recommend buying a ticket type "Sparschiene" (the cheapest, fixed date and time), as the plane may be late, the desired train will leave, and tickets in this case will disappear. Better buy a ticket type "Standard-Ticket", it will act on any train within two days.

Option 1 – Electrics S7

At the airport at Flughafen Wien Bahnhof stations you can sit on the suburban train S7. She goes to Vienna, the city stops at several stops, but only two of them with a change on the subway of Vienna:

– First Stop: Wien Mitte, Transfer to Landstra station&# 223; E at the intersection of branches U3 (orange) and U4 (green).

– Second Stop: Wien Praterstern, Transplanting to Praterstern Station at the intersection of branches U1 (red) and U2 (purple).

Metro map in Russian Look in our article "Metro Vienna".

Trains S7 go every 30 minutes. Drive up to one of the above stations, transfer to the subway and go to your destination.

The price of a ticket to Vienna – 4.2 euros. You can buy a ticket for the train in the machine with the inscription "&# 214; bb ".

Important moment! This ticket through the zone. That is, 1.8 euros It is worth passing a suburban zone from the airport to the border of the city of Vienna, and 2.4 euros worth a ticket around the city. Accordingly, if you have a travel card in Vienna or Vienna City Card, then you need to buy a suburban ticket for 1.8 euros, and not full for 4.2 euros.

And further! If you bought a ticket for 4.2 euros, you immediately paid the entire trip to the destination. For the subway, you no longer need to pay. If Vienna has to go by bus or tram, then you do not need to pay.

And this is very important! A ticket for 4.2 euros need not only to buy, but also to validate in the machine at the airport station. If this is not done, travel will be unpaid, the controller may finf. Validators are such blue boxes, you need to insert a ticket, a stamp will be put on the ticket.

Children from 6 to 14 years old use a preferential ticket – 2.1 euro. Accordingly, if there is a pass on the child in Vienna, then it is necessary to buy a suburban ticket for 0.9 euros.

Children under 6 years old – free.

Option 2 – Any long-distance train (RailJet)

All trains to other cities that go from the airport, follow at the beginning of Vienna (Wien Hauptbahnhof), located near the metro station "S&# 252; Dtiroler Platz-Hauptbahnhof »On the U1 branch (red).

Next, these trains stop at the station "Wien Meidling", located near the metro station "Bahnhof Meidling" on the U6 branch (brown). But to go here for a long time, as the trains stand for 10-15 minutes at the main train station, waiting for the landing of the bulk of passengers.

Ticket price – 4.2 euros (1.8 per suburban ticket + 2.4 in Vienna). The ticket is the same as on the S7 train, read about his features above.

What train is better?

For the price difference is not. Choose a train so that later go to the subway to the final point.

Is it possible to go with luggage in S7, RailJet, subway, trams?

Can. And nothing to pay extra. The main thing is to ensure that the luggage does not block the passages in transport, so they can finish.

Option 3 – Train Cat (City Airport Train)

This is a two-story train, beautifully painted in green and black colors. Beauty is his main and the only advantage. Further only shortcomings.

Price – 12 Euro one way, 21 euros there – back (a ticket is valid 6 months from the date of purchase). Children up to 15 years old.

Attention! Cat train ticket does not include a vein public transport trip. That is, to transplantation on the subway will need to buy a ticket for 2.4 euros.

Cat train from the same station "Flughafen Wien Bahnhof" at the airport.

The Cat train arrives at Wien Mitte station, transfer to Landstra station&# 223; E at the intersection of branches U3 (orange) and U4 (green). Time on the way – 16 minutes. Movement interval – 30 minutes, from 5 am to 11 pm.

Option 4 – Taxi

Ats Taxi is available at the airport. Tariff – 35 euros at any point of veins.

Want cheaper? Then order a taxi coolcab in advance, they have the lowest price tag – 25 euros at any point of veins. Order need on the Coolcab website.AT in advance – better one day before arrival.

From Vienna Airport to the city

Option 5 – book transfer online

Order transfer is no sense. Will cost more than a taxi. Taxis is always available, no problem, and transfer must be ordered – spend your time.


Bus stop is right in front of the terminal 3. For public buses highlighted Perrons 7, 8, 9.

There are three buses: Val1, Val2, Val3. Rating price – 8 euros, children from 6 to 14 years old – 4 euros, children under 6 years old. You can buy a ticket directly from the driver for cash or in the automatic machine at the airport.

The bus can be convenient if the destination of its route is somewhere near your hotel. In other cases, the train is better – cheaper and more convenient.

Val1: Airport – West Station (Westbahnhof), near Westbahnhof Metro Station at the intersection of U3 (Orange) and U6 (Brown). Time on the way – 40 minutes, walks every 30 minutes from 6 am to midnight.

Val2: Airport – Schwedenplatz (Swedish Square), near the Schwedenplatz metro station at the intersection U1 (Red) and U3 (Orange). Travel time – 22 minutes, walks every 30 minutes from 5 am to 1:45 night.

Val3: Airport – Donauzentrum (shopping center), near Kagran station on a branch U1 (red). Travel time – 40 minutes, goes every hour from 6 am to 9 pm.

Option 7 – BUSH BLAGUSS (Air-Liner)

Price – 5 euros per person. Buses depart from Perron 9 bus stop on the terminal 3.

This bus is at first to station VIB (Vienna International Bus Station), near the Erdberg Metro Station on the U3 line (Orange). Then half of the buses go to the main station of Vienna (Wien Hauptbahnhof), is located near the metro station "S&# 252; Dtiroler Platz-Hauptbahnhof »On the U1 branch (red).

Go every hour from 5 am to 10 pm. Actual schedule Watch on the official website of Air-Liner.AT / EN / Timetables

Option 8 – car rental

You can rent a car right at the airport. There are 14 companies offices, including Hertz, Sixt, EUROPCAR, Budget. You can return the car in Vienna.

Rental price – from 40 euros per day.

Make sure the Vignette passes by car. It’s a pass on paid autobahn, he looks like this. From the airport, you will most likely go along the A4 highway, you need a skip.

Important advice

– If Vienna is going to move on a taxi, then open the wallet wider. About the tariffs, read in our detailed article "Taxi in Austria";

– Transport in Austria works in full even on national holidays. However, on holidays, public transport in Vienna can be crowded. Look inside and dates See our article "Holidays in Austria".

Successful excursions in Vienna, and read our useful articles for tourists about Austria (List of articles below).

From Vienna Airport to the city

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