From winter to summer, Egypt December 2009

I decided – Food! I will arrive at night in Perm, I will look the sites of the tour operators and immediately redeem in the morning. In Savino, a great president, we keep us again. Still, first chapter, choppers later. According to rumors on the take-off, they still detained and therefore, so that our plane does not fly at the same time.

From Perm cheap nothing was found, only departure from Perm arrival to Moscow, Hurghada from 20 t.R. for two.
I want Sharm. We look at the neighbors. Just going to Eburg, why not fly away from there? From Yekaterinburg the most interesting prices for the coming dates in Pegasus, Riviera and thesis. Tester flies, for the dates are not very good. Riviera flies the fact that the price bent (although it is funny for 2 nights, 11 thousand tour offers, but that 3 days there to do that).

So the choice is made. Simple Hotel 4 * in Sharm from Eburg Pegasus. At a price cheaper than Hurghada from Perm with a refund to Moscow. Further experiment, how much% travel travel agencies. I call – and I apologize the discount, on the tour who he himself had already chosen. Give from 2 to 5%. Okay, there are many good friends in travel agencies – I worked with someone with someone, with someone friendly relations. All in shock. They say, as I can be a ready-made tour, of course I can, if for 8 tons.R. You can relax a week for a week, yet b) offered at par than I was glad, that is, without commissions)) The hotel confirmed, in general, the adventures of an independent tourist in the tourist tour operator egypt begin


Immediately, I wanted to experience all the burden of a mass tourist, I was sure that everything would start from the very beginning, that is, from the delay of departure. AN-No, departure to charm was on schedule, no luck "on blind lot" those who flew in Hurghada.

In Duty Fries, the price of Finnish Bramatuhu was worth 5 euros. And blueberry, and cranberry, and juniped tinctures were twice as cheaper than in Helsinki, when we were there in October. Apparently, in Finge, it is like a souvenir look, so it was possible and put the price. They took a modestly a bit of campary, wine (French, the fact that with a curved neck, I do not want the names and I do not remember), a couple of bottles of Budvaizer.

I like Dutyu in Eburg. Passengers of our flight apparently too, the plane plunged everything with packages "Bolshoi vodka" from local duty, linking bottles. Traditionally, I’m filled with the plane, this time it is Orenburg Airlines, which I have not flown yet. Some silent lady screamed that bad sign was photographed and strictly prohibited. "Then this year I had more than two dozen bad ", – I thought.

Only soared and started. Here it is – charter madness. People began to pop up at the toilet, creating a queue of half a salon. We started up with the latter (breakfast) – our places: I have 19 row, the girl has the 1st. So I easily could change with people who wanted to fly together to drink the whole trip)) As a result, we are on the 22nd row, buchariki – on the 19th, and on the 1st alone to the flight attendants, the wife of a head of a tourist was poured into flight attendants)) )))) Distributed food, by the way is not bad quality. Not uteir, of course, but still. Only when it was food – there was no queue. And then again.
I thought, maybe they pour everything there, I think it’s too. Loading 30 minutes, it turned out that – one of the toilets closes, because because of the cigarette smoke, even the toilet itself. And in the second was Rashen Wanman, "slightly" Pereva. Very miserable spectacle, watch as in the trash drunk women dead bodies go rest. MDE.

As one said (Intraven, an interesting and intelligent Tajik Gastarbaiter) in the Train of Chita-Moscow: "Russians – God is experiencing on alcohol, and Muslims – for women, so the last and harem and polygamy and women t.NS. I confess, the first and only once called with a guest worker, but a graduate of Geofak was quite interesting to communicate with 25-year-olds who had just received Russian citizenship with a person who knows such things as: US GDP or Russia, demographic politics in different countries, the history of Russia (starting with Rurikov and all the trees), the number and area of ​​states, a political structure, and even the names of the suburbs and districts of Paris. I was shocked. Pretty tolerant and tolerant parenchy.

And when you see girls of compatriots, which lie in the passage of the aircraft – disgusting. anyway. Who as it takes off – his business) sat down, plunged into mini bass. Solemnly crucified Budweiser. Arabs Se joke, smile, flirting with ladies. But within.

Liked the mountains that surround charm.

In general, the choice was simple. Sea beautiful, swim warm, winds no. Quote manager of one travel agency: "I was in Hurghada – charming by the sea, but when I visited Sharm, I realized that the seas before him did not see"

Also the advantages: Near Jordan, Israel, to Cairo Dalek – 500 km. 80 km from the city (in a straight line) there is a mountain of Moses (the second highest peak of the Sinai mountains, after the Mountain of St. Catherine). An hour’s bus ride along the Aqab’s Gulf – the city of Dahab, the interesting cities of Taba and Eilat (Israel). And also – you can visit in theory and Saudi Arabia, Pavel G, by the way wrote that it was good to swim there. Let him believe. The resort is young, the guide said that "not grew by a single generation that was born here". Well, let’s believe.

Met our bus shouts Russian tourists "Do not go on excursions with Pegasus, Pegasus – three or two times", cute.

The location of the hotel Royal Plaza is lucky, opposite the supermarket, splashes two houses – banks where currency can be exchanged. Through the house begins the central place of the resort, where restaurants, cafes, souvenirs are located. After 2 hotels – Makdak to who need. Guided so that it is in the center, the food is delicious, the hotel is not killed. So came out. But those who need a beach at hand – it is not advised to categorically stop in the center of Naama Bay. We traveled to the wild beach, so we didn’t need their beach, which Sverdlovsky called "Like Lake Chartasch", Those who were in Yekaterinburg will understand :)))

The fact that the Arabs are insens – and first can give a weak room – it is known. Dali first overlooking the main road, noisy. Sent. Changed a room overlooking the pool, smaller in size, but with a large maxi-size bed. The room is pleasant, the fact that the furniture is not new (for example, the chair) of garbage, I never sat down on them even for 7 days.
Pleasant Pros: Free Electronic Safe, Refrigerator

Weather: It was warm, but the sea is warmer. Egyptians themselves go in jackets in the morning and in the evening, and some jackets brushed on our covers. Therefore, the pools were empty, cold.

On the beach, too, it was too fun to see how a foreigner wrapped around a towel over the top. Slept. Near Russians, creams are affected. The wind is strong, the cove smells to rot as a swamp. It is worth passing 300 meters, how the real beach begins, not equipped, but picturesque. Rocks. No wind.

About pools, the one that is on the roof – very mil. Overlooking the mountains, the planes are buzzing above the head, on coloring you can learn Transaero, C7. Russians in non-season season 🙂

photo on the roof of the hotel:

When I dived with a mask, then the feeling, as if I looked through Discovery in Live version, or swallowed with the crew.

First bathed here, but the presence of marine hens scarecrow, you never know – let’s whip in an intimate place (I have a hand or there), and everything – the rest is over. Baking a woman from Ekateriburg at all wanted to collect them and eat, said that he had already done so, and she only need a knife

Where the rocks are behind them – there is a super seat (photo below), fish there are also a lot – but you can jump from the shore to the depth! By the way, many tourists with yachts – brought to dive just in areas of these beaches, and we did it for free.

The path to good swimming places is better on top of the boat station, where the huge liner cruise from TUI. If you go around the beach – then the trash begins after the hotel. Feeling of the Black Sea or Quada. Pieces of fittings, tractors, cans. In the water of course it is not, I mean by the shore. Still not nice.
And they say that even for a bull of cigarettes – almost a fine in two hundred thousand Milleons and execution with executions.

But away from the beaches and garbage – cool. By the way – never bought in the hotel beach, only on the wild. Beauty What was there, prompted to buy a disposable underwater camera. Cost – from 7 bucks (minimally what they robbed) and 14 bucks for codes.

about bargaining, always trap. But without mockery. I do not know who I had what I took, but the araphaks interesting we were taken for 2 bucks, the price is initial – 10. Souvenirs 1 Fish Magnet – 2 bucks, as a result, we take 4 pieces for 2 bucks.
But the best bargaining turned out in Fishmarket – Restaurant. Large Lobster with 6 shrimps, side disk, hookah, tea – hurt for 19 bucks. With tea 22 succeeded. The first time they saw for the owner’s frame, which was survived because of a bargaining. What business he went, contacting us. But they prepared everything delicious, then returned there again, met as relatives. By the way, the owner, by the way, made a very good impression, we all liked the man 5, which met on the way, interesting and peculiar.

As in any nation – there are people and evil and kind. And arrogant and greed. Various.

The owner of the restaurant – a man in glasses. Careful. Very tidy, what is the owner – such a institution. I myself personally played all the little things, approached waiters or cooks – swallowed them on the shoulder, said something in Arabic, those smiling and laughing. Very frustrated when some kind of thread zlounce Kiev with him, in style "MNE must be the same for 10 bucks", He explained that it was not worth so much, even in the raw form. I explained, I show the menu that everything is cheap, they work since 98. And Zhern Khmykal, leaving Hamil. The owner fluttered with seafood weights. Silently. It tremended to all in general, the person treated us, even it was embarrassed that we were so spread it 🙂 He thought we take the seafood – for a weak))

For the second time, when they came – they took sea soup, tomato soup, shrimp. Not bargained. By the way, the soup on cream – inspired, and what is there only! and shells and crab. and cost something in the area of ​​5 bucks.

I advise this place. The first portion went!

From the excursions, went on a yacht to the island of Tirans, which is located between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, approximately 20 km to the shore of each country.
Geographically, the island belongs to Egypt (after the country was donated by the King of Saudi Arabia). Island himself, if not considered the UN military base, is uninhabited. The passage of vessels in the Akab’s bay through the sheds by Saudi Arabia is prohibited. Disembarking people – forbidden. According to rumors, the island is mined since the time of Arab-Israeli conflict, at night at the island’s lights of American and Egyptian ships (c) guide

From winter to summer, Egypt December 2009

Four coral reefs are located in the Strait between Sinai and the island: Jackson, Gordon, Woodhouse and Thomas. Named so reefs in honor of the English officers who at their time described these places. Everything except Gordon Reef is a sheer walls seated with magnificent corals. For one of these and reefs we were overlooked.

The wildlife of the island is very popular with tourists. Tours are regularly sent to the island of Tyran, the beauty of its underwater world is considered among the best in Egypt (C) Wikipedia

To be honest – on the wild beach almost also 🙂

But the trip was worth it, at least for the sake of acquaintance with another interesting person. Ibrahim came from Cairo, it works as an instructor for 3 years. Communicated 2 hours, sitting on the left side, plowing in the sun. Loves to travel, most of all he likes Alexandria. I immediately started talking about this city as I placed it, he often went there with friends and misses this city. I was surprised that I know about the Cairo subway, it is the only one in Africa. Swamped on general topics: tan, skin color, city, country, beauty, life, life, plans, etc. TP. In general, it is extremely grateful to him when I was swimming – there were troubles with a mask and with a tube, got water. Could not really wear on the go – and the fact that under you the depth even more scarecrow. A little spanned. Forces not left to fight already, pulled the mask on his head and began to swim to the circle rescue. Mask falls into the water, the strength to dive for her is not, Ibrahim dives and finds her. But it was still in the sea, and now dry and fry, discussing football.

Abu Trick, Amr Zaki. By the way – guess that he hates "Zamalek" from Cairo, and sick for al-Ahley.

By the way, one of the most fierce derby in Africa) historically, the bourgeois was hurt, and for al-Ahli – people. Guess what he for the people’s team is not worth working)

Ibrahim broadcasts) Sun bakes)

fabrics are funny but annoying. And everyone has one phrase: "You can ADIN VAPros?" and then pushes Kakuya-thread crap, buy, take advantage of this. either the second option "Where Are You From? Russia?" And further transition to Russian. Either immediately "Brush friend", "how are you". They have several options: if not Russian, then Italian or German. Rarely Fin or Englishman. Perhaps they would know online ingle, but our comrade – does not know the languages, so all the tricks and the bisps had to learn Russian))))

Therefore, I did not answer Russian, but at WEA and Yu From – answered somehow in English, that Hungary, on the face of Araba embarrassment and do not understand what it is? Hungary. Further he scratches turnips and does not know how to go where to run. You go further)) One of the dialogues remembered, especially stupid Arab tried to stick (every day he didn’t have a particularly disimed people) immediately for the hotel in the direction of the Maisten Center,

Arab: Hello friend! Russia?
I: What??
Arab: Hi Man! Where Are You From?
I: Hungary
Arab: .
I: Hungary.
Arab: Hanguri? What?? Oo
I: Hungary! In E-n-Mr. Iiiiiii – I, Upper! Are You Natina. Hungaryiiiiiiii. Country of such!

Another artist who knew the geography of the cities of the Russian Federation, guessing that we were from Perm (Tip – Urals). So, he says "Looking pictures, it’s not a huhry-muffle" ))) who teaches them?) Well, and all local gopniks like expressions "I am a slash", "You have brushes" who is? They looked like – fused. Not ridiculous only when trying to inflate, considering visible all stupid. And even 14 Summer Arabic, a cigarette cigarette for 4 buxes for 4 buxes is trying to do this.

At night I do not advise the center of Nama to wander, you never know. But in the old market, I liked it (naturally). Fruits and roots took – mango, guava, strawberry, dike more. But more expensive than I would like. The hotel from fruit was a lot of pomegranate, melons, oranges (Egyptian always better than Moroccan), sometimes bananas.

The rest of the days were like the previous ones, the poetimo does not really love such a rest, I can not sit in place for more than 3 days)))

Perm met S "- 25" And they said that it was "-40", when we were not. And we warmed. It was good, though Dasha?

From winter to summer, Egypt December 2009

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