Frost is not an enemy. How to survive in winter in the forest?

Frost, snow and Overcoming your own borders In unfavorable conditions &# 8211; Here is the essence of winter survival. In our manual you will learn what to do to survive even with the hardest eczema!

How to prepare for winter survival?

Each expedition to a wild and hard-to-reach area, regardless of whether it is carried out hot summer or cold winter, Requires proper training. Assessment of health status, physical and psychological training, as well as the acquisition of the necessary equipment are the main elements of the plan, which Need to follow, Before you think about trip to survival for the city. Even a small negligence in this matter may be very dangerous.

Check your health

Proper health assessment &# 8211; Basis of security During the winter expedition to survival. Externally, a harmless cold can grow into bronchitis or pneumonia. If you feel bad, body temperature rises or break the bones, be sure to move the trip to another date. It is also recommended to consult with your doctor, it is desirable if he specializes in sports medicine. Many people who every day feel beautiful, do not realize the hidden flaws of their body. There are, for example, hidden heart defects that can be felt only with intensive physical exertion. We must admit that with winter survival it is not worth counting on light conditions. The body will be operated to the limit, so it is necessary to take care of the full set in advance Preventive inspections.

Equip the necessary equipment

If in the summer you can afford fully improvised night in the fresh air on the garden from the undergrowth, then in winter it is better not to risk frostbite. Before you go on a journey to survival, make sure you have There are suitable gear. There is not enough ordinary tent or sleeping bag. Equipment must be adapted to winter conditions. The main thing here is not just comfort, but security. If you want to learn the secrets of winter expeditions and the rules for survival in hard-to-reach area, Sign up for survival training.

Body and Spirit Training

Frost is not an enemy. How to survive in winter in the forest

Proper body preparation and mind is no less important than the presence of full and appropriate equipment. Winter hikes, whether in the forest or on the mountain slopes, will be much more tiring than the same route in the summer. Therefore, it will be necessary to be in excellent physical form, which you improve thanks to regular training. What else come in handy? This power is the psyche of man. It is the strength of the psyche often determines whether we can overcome obstacles and difficulties on our way. If you are paralyzed by fear of one thought about overnight in the forest, survival in winter &# 8211; Not the best idea. Fortunately, Mind (and body) You can train!

How to take care of thermal comfort during the winter survival expedition?

You already know that the basis of equipment for the winter expedition to survival is Tent and sleeping bag &# 8211; Equipment adapted for use in winter conditions. But that’s not all. About thermal comfort you need to take care of not only at night, but during the day. Take with me warm clothes. Preferably several items of clothing, which will allow you to wear a notorious "bulb". Suppose additional layers during rest. Such a strategy will allow Avoid hypothermia, What is extremely dangerous, especially in winter. Do not forget about gloves &# 8211; Do not remove them, even if you are inconvenient. Frostbite fingers &# 8211; One of the dangers that lie in the winter season. Remember that a strong wind enhances the feeling of coolness. For security reasons always Keep nrc foil in backpack. The cost of its purchase is only a few zloty, and he can save you life.

Beware of the Sun!

Warm rays of the sun, warming face in the middle of winter, after a night in difficult conditions, may seem like. However, you need to be careful &# 8211; Winter very easy to get sunny burn. Before going down, use cream with a strong UV filter.

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