Fruit prices in Thailand on Phuket Island in 2020

In this article you will learn what fruit can be found in the cities of Phuket and how much they cost. I want to start with the fact that fruits in Thailand are generally the most inexpensive and most delicious, most of their variety there. Of course the number of fruits in Thailand depends on the season and month, but mostly the range always pleases

In the picture you can see many different fruits, let’s start with the yellow-orange papaya, it costs from 20 to 35 baht per kg. Very fresh, tasty.

I want to warn – do not buy papaya cut-off pieces and packed in a plastic bag, for such papaya can already be with mold.

It is better to take a whole papaya, it is cut by a knife very easily and will give more useful for the body of trace elements and enzymes;)

Then I would like to say the word about mango, a real Thai mango, the value of which is OT 70 to 120 baht per kg.

It is awesome, be sure to try it..They also say that in the Philippines the most delicious mango, but trying Thai mango..You will not need to try any other mango, because it is just sweetness joy.

Recommendations on mango, look carefully for the weights when they are weighed, ask for a discount as the first buyer, do not be afraid to bargain, in Thailand it is considered an absolutely nationy phenomenon.

Watermelons can be both classic red and yellow. In my opinion, they do not differ in taste, only at the price.

An ordinary watermelon is on average 55 baht For 1 kg. Yellow Watermelon, because of the unusuality stands on Phuket slightly more expensive, by 5 butt on average per kg. In general, watermelon recommendations: Buy such as in the picture – red, ripe and better without bones, they are the best!

Pineapples Orange on Phuket is just a divine taste!

Be sure to choose exactly orange pineapples, if you were not in Asia, then you will be surprised how many sweet and juicy pineapples.

Little orange pineapples, as a rule, are cheaper – from 10 to 30 baht apiever than big pineapples and they are very sweet, unlike big pineapples for which you have to give 50-60 BAT apiece, so my pineapple recommendations – buy better a couple of small, but strongly orange pineapples, as in the picture below.

Bananas on Phuket can be very different species, from mini, like our fingers ; They are sweet, ending with large green, which thais use for frying, cooking different dishes (softening taste).

Buy bananas just like fruit i recommend not very big but better very yellow from 10 to 50 baht For a bunch in the Thai market.

Below in the picture you can see a fruit called Mangostein, very popular in Thailand.

Everyone will like everyone, very tasty.

I recommend buying first kg, because they love them very much and we somehow bought out of a kilogram 3, as a result, our entire home was bought by little black ants, but it happens that there are few ants in Mangosteins, you can see their number in the purchase when buying On the most heap of these juicy sweet fruits.

Fruit prices in Thailand on Phuket Island in 2020

The price varies from 30-65 BAT per kg.

Durian ; The most unusual exotic fruit, which is distributed throughout South Asia (see.below).

Be sure to try it to you who would not talk about him: that he smells of army ports, it cannot be rushed into the hotel buildings, that he seems to be swollen onions with cheese and t.D.

Thais yourself adore him, but can afford not many of them, because this fruit is quite expensive from 150 baht a piece. This fruit is pretty heavy and really unusual taste.

Maybe you will enjoy the first time, perhaps from the second, maybe not, but try it and maybe you will want to return it to Phuket because you hooked this fruit with your most extraordinary taste. Unfortunately, it is impossible to export it, because while you will carry it in hand clashes, he can spoil the mood with his smell of other passengers.

That is why his removal is prohibited by the rules of airports, and the fruit can only be tried here in Thailand.

Of course you will come across another mass of other fruits: Dragon, Rambutan, but about the main popular and most delicious fruit in Thailand, I told.

All photos are made on the Phuket Island market in January, and the very first photo on the street, close to Nai Harn Beach (South Phuket).

Fruits are very tasty on Phuket, try the most different, do not be afraid, what to choose, just wash the water thoroughly before use, but the bananas are not necessary.

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