Fukuok Island (Phu Quoc)

Fukuok (Phu Quoc) – Large island in the south of Vietnam, located in the Siamese Gulf, 12 kilometers from the coast of Cambodia, 45 km from the Vietnamese Mainland Coast and 360 kilometers from Ho Chi Minhine. Population – About 93 thousand people (2011).

Is the largest island of the country, the area – 589.2 km², length from north to south – About 50 km. Administratively refers to the province of Ktensiang, which is a total of 145 islands, most of which are tiny and uninhabited. Directly in the Fukuoka area (south of it) is 21 island.

Until the 18th century, Fukuok Island, as the whole region, belonged to Cambodia and was populated by Khmers (Cambodian), but then, after the decline of her former power, departed to Vietnam. Cambodia tried many times to return him to himself, including with the help of military methods, but nothing came out of this, the island remained for Vietnam.

In the days of French domination, the island was used as a prison for political prisoners, and during the Vietnamese war – For those captured by Americans Vietkogovtsev. This prison has been preserved to our time and is now one of the main local attractions.

Currently, the economy of Fukuoka is concentrated around fishing (mining fish, seafood, and also produce fish sauce for the whole country), agriculture (growing acute peppers) and the fast-growing tourism sector – This is one of the most popular beach destinations in Vietnam.

Beautiful nature, magnificent stretched sandy beaches (perhaps, one of the best in the country), transparent sea and excellent conditions for diving – Numerous tourists go here.

The main settlements of the island are Songdong (DươNG đôNG) is located on the coast of the central part of the west coast, and Anthoi (An Thới) – on the southern tip of the island.

Climate on the island of Fukuok – Tropical monsoon, with two seasons, dry (from December to April) and wet (April to November).

The average annual temperature +27…+thirty °C. In April and May, temperatures can reach +33..+35 ° C. Humidity in the wet season reaches 85-90%.

Water temperature all year round – 27..28 ° C.

The best time to visit Fukuchok is the period from December to March, at this time the sky is blue, the sea is calm, and a lot of tourists.

Fukuchok Island Beaches are deservedly considered one of the beautiful Vietnam. All of them with small snow-white sand, and are located mainly on the west and southern coasts of the island.

The main tourist beaches are on the west coast of the island. The main thing is 17 kilometer Beach Chiong (BãI tr&# 432;&# 7901; NG), located south of Zyongdong. Also popular Ong-Lang Beach (ONG LANG), located north of Zyongdong. It is along these beaches located most of the hotels of the island.

The southern beaches of the island are no less beautiful than Western, but due to the remoteness from most hotels are small and not always well maintained.

In the south there are two most beautiful Beach Fukuk – Sao Beach (B&# 227; I SAO), stretching almost 2 kilometers along the southeastern coast, and Beach Khem (B&# 227; I KHEM), located south of the SAO and stretching almost 1200 meters.

Diving in the coastal waters of Fukuchok Island is considered one of the best in Vietnam. Coral reefs and rock formations in the area are the habitat of a variety of marine inhabitants, so that there is a very picturesque underwater world.

The main dive sites are concentrated in the north-west of the island (the maximum depth of diving is 10 meters), as well as to the south of it, around the numerous islets of the Archipelago Anthow (An Thới), where about 20 dive sites with a depth of 10 to 40 meters.

In the vicinity of Anthoi Islands, strong currents are possible, because diving here is designed for prepared athletes.

Best time for scuba diving on Fukuok – period from December to May.

There are several diving centers on Fukuchok, some of them can also be trained and certified PADI or SSI.

Fukuok island can be moved on foot, cycling, moped or taxi. You can also take a jeep 4wd hire.

Fukuok Island (Phu Quoc)

Moped rent will cost $ 5-12 per day, auto – $ 50 for 1 day.

Attractions on the island are not very much, perhaps the most famous of them – Pearl Farm and Fukuok Prison.

It is also worth visiting one of the plantations of pepper (it is believed that the best pepper in Vietnam is grown on the island) and the small Archipelago of Anthoi (An Th&# 7899; i), located south of Fukuoka.
The islands of this archipelago are very popular among lovers of a secluded beach holiday, fans of snorkeling, snorkeling and fishing. To them, the easiest way to get to one of the numerous boats departing from the port of Anthoi. Or you can agree on the excursion here directly at the hotel.

Pearl Farm (Phu Quoc Pearl Farm) – a large plantation for the cultivation of pearls, founded in 1998. It is one of the most popular attractions of Fukuoka. Here you can watch the cultivation of pearls, and completely free.

On average, the cultivation of pearls with a diameter of 10-18 mm leaves from 18 to 24 months. After that, they are taken out, the best copies are departed for export, and from less valuable are used in creating various jewelry, which can be purchased here in the factory or in numerous jewelry stores of the island.

Fukuok Prison (NHà Tù PHú QU&# 7889; c) – located in the southern part of the island. Was founded in the times of French colonization, as a place for references of opponents of the French occupation. Then in the times of the Vietnamese war, the Americans were used for the captured by them Vietkogovkov. In the past, occupied the territory of 40 hectares.

Now in the prison, you can see numerous torture cameras and the remains of the barracks in which tens of thousands of prisoners contained, many of which were killed here or became disabled.

In the museum founded in prison, you can see photos devoted to the dramatic events of that period, see the personal belongings of prisoners and a variety of evidence of torture and other atrocities.

From Hoshimina and Hanoi, you can get on the plane, and Hatch is from the nearest to the islandà TIêN) and RACH GIA (RACH GIA) located on the mainland coast of Vietnam – By sea, at the speed boats of Superdong (travel time about 2.5 hours).

Also in hosimine travel agencies, you can order a combined tour to the island: a night bus + boat, it will cost about $ 30, including a transfer from the hotel.

Fukuok Airport (Phu Quoc Airport) – The main aircraft of Fukuok Island. Located on the west coast of the island, in the city of Zyongdong (Duong Dong).

Fukuok Island (Phu Quoc)

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