Funchal (FUNCHAL) This is the ancient city of Port city Resort located in the most southern part of Madeira Island, is washed by the waters of the Atlantic window, is located in the Bay of the Creating Nature itself.The vegetation is thickly filled with a variety of tropist, extremely beautiful and attractive for tourists Funchal remains green and sunny all year round, there is always green plains of melted many centuries ago of volcanoes, and famous Madeira vineyards growing on his slopes.

Funchal Streets paved with black volcanic stone have a lot of century, unusually beautifully combined with snow-white houses framed red tiles.Funchal is a city with a centuries-old history, has a huge number of ancient monuments of architecture, fortresses, palaces and cathedrals created from 1508.Always filled in by international courts, cruise liners and yachts, as well as a cable car, convenient for movement on the funicular in the fruitlessness of the fun. Up and down.

Beach Funchala Mostly pebble, wild with perfectly clean water and volcanic sand covered are very useful for barefoot walks can be found in the eastern part of the resort, in the central part of the beach, there are artificial sand and specially equipped for a comfortable beach holiday and descents to water.Saturated nature and the uniqueness of Funchal make it one of the most attractive resorts today!

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What is interesting to see in Funchal?

Top attractions of Funchala

Funshalsky Cathedral

Nose Church Señora Lu Monti

Santa Clara Monastery

Funchal: excursions and events

A variety of excursions group as individual with a private guide, both in the island and by sea you can visit neighboring ports, underwater diving-opens a unique opportunity to see the underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean, exciting walks on the boat on the sea accompanied by flocks of dolphins, as well as around Madeira Island, Let you see the island of Madeira from all sides, stand up at the boat steering wheel if the captain does not mind, to chase distillation only with other yachts but also with dolphins.Feel yourself with a real pirate, riding on the copy of the ship of the Columbus itself (he moored several times to Funchalu and lived in the house (now the Museum of Christopher Columbus in the port of Santo Port)
Excursion to Funchal 3 hours Cost 65 euros.
In a sightseeing tour, it is best to spend with a private guide, around Funchal is included, an overview of all the above-mentioned attractions of Funchal, ancient fortresses, palaces, cathedrals, unique parks and estates, market Lavorrador selling various spices, vegetables and exotic fruits, meat delicacies, oceanic Fish products and handmade souvenirs, in front of the market lace manufactory, where you can familiarize yourself with the art of embroidery and weaving local craftsmen. Botanical Garden, review of architectural monuments of the XV-XVI centuries.A unique opportunity is provided to feed the famous Madeira wines wine cellar Monte Palace.Funchal today is a wonderful resort for any month as the summer and winter periods, if you decide to meet the new year in the fun, you will fall on the fireworks’ enchanting show lasts more than 10 minutes even listed in the Guinness Book of Records, bright and festive as all Portuguese.

History of Funchala

Funchal, Portugal Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Funchal Travel Guide

Climate in Funshale

Funchal climate is quite pleasant, oceanic, subtropical, air humidity relatively not high.In the southern part of the climate is closer to tropical, and in the northern part moderate.
The weather within 280 days a year is the same worth paying attention to that the island is not too hot, in the summer months the maximum temperatures from + 25.0c to + 37.5C ​​and the average minimum from + 13.7C to + 16.5C.
The most popular months of tourists from May until the end of December, sea water temperature during these months during the winter months from + 18C January and February is not a lot of cool, precipitation in the form of rain is not regular in the northern part of Funchal and + 22c in the summer months.

Funchal: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Of course, surfing and windsurfing, underwater diving diving in blue, crystal-transparent, ocean water, sea, romantic walks on a boat or yacht, accompanied by flocks, you can even swim next to the dolphins, are most popular. Instructions of your guide, the cost of such a walk from 65 euros in 2 hours, exotic fishing, water skiing and much more.
There is also local entertainment that can be attributed to the sport this ride on the road on wooden baskets – Sanya.The adrenaline and the ocean of emotions are provided to you, only imagine how the exciting-speed of the movement of the sleigh reaches 50 km / h, are managed by two men, which are pushing the sleigh in the bottom of the street.Sani in summer, agree it very unusual!

Transport features of Funchala

Travel features of Funchala.
The transport connection between the cities of the island of Maderira today is quite developed, carried out with the help of local air flights (the flight time from Lisbon to Funchal about 90 minutes) or car tracks, most of them are overpass and tunnels, as well as water vehicles.
For example, to get along the water to the Santo port will take about 2 hours 15 minutes in the way and approximately 50-60 euros per ticket of an adult.
Railway communication on the island is missing from 1943.In Funchal, you can move on a bike, 5 cable cars, Aerostat is in the harbor, a pleasure helicopter is very popular with tourists, taxi, bus, walking or traditional mode of transport Funchal basket Sani (Portuga.Carro De Cesto) are managed by two men pushing sleigh down, the speed of movement of such sleigh can reach 50 km / h, the fare is not more than 10 euros, the sleigh is more popular with tourists more like entertainment than a vehicle.

Funchal, Portugal Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Funchal Travel Guide

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