Futuroscope European Virtual Entertainment Park

Most of our tourists restricts acquaintance with France, wandering within "Bermuda triangle": Paris, Nice, Disneyland. And many French tour operators, patiently practicing for our three routes, still look at the future and are quite sincerely happy when some Russian travel agency shows interest in other cities. Although the French themselves are to blame in the non-mascia of provincial routes: they are not very knowledgeable, not to mention Russian. Conclusion: you know French Talk to rest boldly, even "Dickarem"; You know the only Russian language still go, but in the group and with a guide. You need to go anyway, because the French are such fiction!

Among those who have unexplored places one of the most intriguing is the park "Futonoscope". His wondrous, fantastic architecture Like an island of the XXI century, avant-garde polygon. Giant pavilions made of glass and steel have the most unexpected forms: then in the form of a huge drip of water, then in the form of a piece of rock or crystal, then in the form of huge pipes. For ten years of its existence "Futonoscope" won tremendous popularity far beyond france. Park has become a real Mecca for movie lovers, virtual reality fans. All attractions are built on the principle of visual perception and, thanks to the latest multimedia technologies, cause so strong visual sensations that the virtual world is magically turning into real world. In the world of new technologies there are entertainment and children. Especially for them are attractions: "Musical House", "Bird labyrinth", "Sympho".

Every year, new performances enrich travel to the world of visions. Talk about them on paper does not make sense in detail – it’s better to see once. We will only make a simple description of pavilions that will help you get at least an approximate idea of ​​the wonders of the European Virtual Entertainment Park.

1. Solido

Image of the underwater world on a giant hemispherical screen. Glasses on liquid crystals and stereoscopic embossed objects – images will help to make a real underwater trip.

2. "Communications"

Here you connect with the largest computer screen in the world. Lump for highway information!

3. Cinema Haute Resolution (high quality cinema)

More real than natural, images of objects, due to synthesizing and playing them at a speed of 48 frames per second.

4. Gyrotour (Overview Tower)

Unforgettable view of the entire pavilion ensemble "Futonoscope" from a height of 45 meters.

5. LE 360 Cinema Circulaire

Sea cruise from Venice to London, thanks to the screen with a review of 360 degrees.

6. IMAX 3D

In exceptional rights for France "Futonoscope" demonstrates the stereoscopic version of the film Jean Jacques Ano "Wings of courage".

7. Astratour

Visit the artificial satellite of the Earth "Aster" In a dynamic film.

eight. "Magic carpet"

Two screens (700 kV. m): one in front of you, the other under your legs so that you commit "Travel butterflies-monarchs from Canada to Mexico".

nine. Aquascope

Three projectors and information system to check your knowledge on the topic "Water world" Through an interactive game.

ten. "Pavilion Vienne" (District where the park is located)

The main components of the pavilion is a wall of images (162 kV. m), consisting of 850 screens, and a simulator moving your chairs in a certain rhythm.

eleven. Landscapes of Europe

Fountains, Roots, Labyrinth and Walking Water on a Boat Among Mirrors and Magnificent Landscapes of Europe.

12. Le Cine-Jeu

Interactive preparation will allow the audience to become participants in the game.

13. "World of children"

Two hectares of children’s games in the fresh air and under the roof.

fourteen. Video Haute Definition

New generation of video images.

15. Cinema Dynamiques

10 films on the program "Mad sledges" and "Rollercoaster". The effect is achieved as – as if the viewer is involved in attractions "Burning".

16. Cyber ​​Avenue

"Street Cyber" It is entirely devoted to new technologies in the field of communication, new achievements in multimedia. More than 100 posts for real "Cyberfan". CD-ROM, Internet, video game

17. "Theater on the lake"

Futuroscope European Virtual Entertainment Park

Play "Water game" and performances "Lasers in the night".

eighteen. Kinemax

Special effects of fantastic films are represented by images with a large scan. Screen, height with 7-storey residential building.

19. "Pavilion "Futonoscope"

"Bank of Future", Various exhibitions.

twenty. Omnimax

The film is designed on a giant canvas. Scientific expedition to space on a hemispherical screen with an overview of 180 degrees.

21. Cinema en Relief

Synthetic picture in a three-dimensional image. Thanks to polarized points, you can see the birth and development of stars in the 3D system.

22. Images Studio

Journey aboard shuttle through the studio territory (3,000 square meters. m) together with the heroes of the French films.

Restaurant Le Roller

Not far (400 m) from the entrance to the park Restaurant Le Roller will offer you to spend the evening in a dance rhythm. Special lighting, staff on rollers, dancing in the style of acrobatic rock and roll. If you are lucky, you will see the champions on rock and roll and "Come on" among them. Evening in crazy rhythms is just what you can finish the day full of emotions.

In addition to the restaurant at the disposal of visitors Park many other dots for any tastes and any thickness of the wallet. Special boutiques sell souvenirs in memory of "Futonoscope": holograms, photographs, species postcards.

How to come to the park

TGV (Paris, Gare Paris-Montparnasse) will deliver you in 90 minutes in Poitiers. From Poitier to "Futonoscope" Taxi go. Payment 40 francs per person. For traveling independently, the car must adhere to the road and 10 (output N 28 directly to "Futonoscope"). Parking free.

Park work time

All days the park works with 9. 00 to 18. 00. On special days, the park closes later, after the occurrence of darkness, due to the demonstration of the musical performance "Laser visions over the lake". "Futonoscope" Pretty big park. At the visit of his fantastic cinema elements, it is necessary to allocate for at least two days. The benefit of problems with the night will not. Near the Park there is a lot of comfortable hotels.

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