Gadgets for sophisticated travelers

Remember the cartoon about the resourceful Gadget inspector, which coped with any extreme situation in seconds? It was worth him only to give the team, as wheels were instantly shown from the shoes or huge springs crossed. The fingers of the hands were also equipped with all sorts of devices, and the hat of the cartoon hero and at all taled in itself a long folding device, which, depending on the circumstances, turned into a telescope, then in the propeller, then in parachute.

When futuristic fantasies are reflected in cartoons, know: "Someone has long been working on their incarnation in reality". Life is becoming more dynamic, it is especially felt by people who often are "on the way".

Make a journey safe, productive and comfortable &# 8211; Present art, and keys to his comprehension &# 8211; Gadgets of the new generation. If the famous inspector from the 90s someday is lucky enough to see how far progress stepped down, he without thinking to replenish his arsenal pair-troika novelties.

Gadget &# 8211; key!

With the laser keyboard of the new generation Laser Virtual Keyboard, there is no longer any need to take bulky laptops on the road. Quite ordinary tablet or phone. Compact block (even less than a cigarette pack) connects via Bluetooth and projects the image on any flat surface. The only disadvantage of the device – the display of the symbol on the screen is accompanied by a beep, so such "music" may not be assessed by people in the neighborhood. Otherwise, the virtual keyboard is nothing inferior to the usual, moreover, for the fingers it is a real relax.

Cost: from 109 to 150 y.E.

Gadget pen translator!

Paper phrasebooks, tremble! The scene leaves the handle, which instantly transfers texts on the principle of Google Translate. It is worth only to spend on a printed or handwritten text, if the handwriting is spoiling enough, and the phrase in the right language is immediately highlighted in the small window.

Let them not upset and those who doubt in their pronunciation, the handle will tell everything for you, it is enough to put a voice function. Just an indispensable thing for people no longer thinking without studying new countries. The translator handle does not just solve the problem of communication, it is also a unique opportunity to read books and newspapers in 30 different languages.

Cost: about 140 y.E.

Gadget Safe Sandal!

Perhaps the biggest cost of relaxation in another country, &# 8211; These are things that constantly have to carry. If still under the side of the beach, then the question is the edge: either leave all the valuable in the room and worry that the maid is not clean on his hand will replenish its treasury (the hostel should be feared and neighbors), or take. But in the second case, the likelihood is great that things will be taught while their owner will not be in the sea waves.

Dilemma allowed Reef by developing sandals with a secret pocket on the heel. In retractable cells, a solid amount is placed, several plastic cards and a number key. The manufacturing company turned out to be so inventive that even released a special model for diving lovers.

Cost: from 38.E. up to 55 W.E.

Gorillapod gadget!

A flexible tripod on strong spring legs will help, when he wants to make a memorable photo, and nearby anyone will not be.

It is installed simply, as well as the usual folding tripod and is suitable for a slot of any camera. Attach Gorillapod to the tree trunk, staircase railings, sibor, protrusions of the rock and even mow in the sand. With these flexible legs, any angle is available! In the photo it may seem that a tripod of giant sizes, besides, such an inspiring name. In fact, the device is so compact that it will fit in a woman’s cosmetic.

Gadget Minivators!

Some already bored with a full europe. Soul asks for exotic and unknown countries. Africa-baby damn beautiful, but before going to the path would be nice to get a pocket station for cleaning the water Steripen. If there is no one can drive.

Steripen UV rays kill bacteria in water, viruses and microorganisms with effectiveness of 99.9%, while not spoiling its taste. After such disinfection, water can be drunk without fear of health. Additional cleaning and boiling are not required. The principle of the purifier is simple: radiation destroys the DNA of bacteria, preventing them in reproduction. The gadget is placed in the case for glasses and weigh no more than 100 grams. Pleasant Bonus – Built-in Flashlight.

Gadgets for sophisticated travelers

Cost: from 72.59 y.E. up to 100 U.E.

Gadget Suitcase. Behind me!

How do you want to get out of the plane and go to an unfamiliar hotel Likega, looking at the path of surrounding attractions. But about "pure perception" and speech can not be when a heavy suitcase turns life into a nightmare. If only … This is not a hop suitcase, which is so self-sufficient that without third-party help travels to its owner on embedded tracked chassis. All you want from you – Enable Bluetooth in your phone or iPad.

Luggage will strictly stick to the distance set in the settings. However, there is one problem: the suitcase reacts to any signal of the Bluetooth device, so I will not have to wait at the airport of loyalty from it. In places with a large cluster of people, it is better to use the retractable handle. Just in case.

Cost: about 1300 y.E.

It’s a shame if such a suitcase is lost at the airport that the case is not so rarely. But prudent person will find a way to insure himself from any risks. So…

Gadget Secret Chip!

Attach the Little Chip Easy-2-Pіck to the road bag and you will not be afraid of neither thieves nor the random loss of luggage during flight. GlobalbagTag system will help track the movement of the suitcase.Com . The coordinates of all chipized things merge here, so now they do not have to worry about the safety of baggage. At some airports, such devices are sold directly in the stores Duty Free.

Cost: 12 y.E &# 8211; 13 W.E.

Inspector Gadget remains only to envy the owner of all these missiles!

Gadgets for sophisticated travelers

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