Gag (or Gagra) – in the Black Sea coast of Abkhazia, perhaps the most famous and oldest resort. The suitability of the town located between the picturesque mountains and the sea, serve as a place for a gorgeous rest, noticed before the First World War, the creator of the resort of Prince Oldenburg. The correctness of his guesses and today confirm numerous tourists.

In the summer in Gagra, go swimming and sunbathing. Winter — Traveling, enjoying warm, admire the blooming subtropical vegetation, to eat fruit and delicacies from sea fish, young homemade wine. Sanatoriums in Gagra, all year round are invited to get to themselves and gain strength, and the local nature is truly for a person for health care.

River Tschuerva serves as a kind of border between the old and new parts of Gagra, each of which remains true to the spirit of his era. The entire modern life of the city is in a hurry, noise and fuss in New Gagra. Old Gagra will meet a traveler with a quiet romantic ringing of fountains of a beautiful park. And will provide the opportunity to plunge into history, catching among the pre-revolutionary houses.

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What is interesting to see in Gagra?

Top attractions GAGR

Gegian waterfall

Prince of Oldenburg Prince

Gagr Fortress Abaiata

Primorsky Park with fountain and colonnade

Mom Mamzishha

Gagra Temple

Marlinsky tower

Gorge of the Tsiherva River

Joker Gorge

Gagra: Excursions and events

A lot of excursions and trips are available to guests in Gagra, as well as breathtaking travel spirits with the conquest of water and air elements.

Rice Lake trip Many tourists call the most impressive excursion. The lake arose for more than a thousand years, when the Mountain of Pzhechishha collapse and the huge balls collapsed into the river, not allowing her to continue his way along the slope. During the trip you will see ancient military fortifications, magnificent rocks and gorges, a blue lake, the color of water in which corresponds to the name. You can also visit the Gega Waterfall. On the rice lake itself, water bike rental is available, you can swim. The cost of one-day travel from 800 rubles.

Parflala flights on their own principle are similar to the work of eagle wings. And in order to feel a proud bird in the lifestyle of Abkhazia, you do not need special training. Start occurs from the site, equipped at an altitude of 1’440 m on a mountainside in a picturesque place called Fulaari. Here, beeches and fir rushed with their tops high into the sky, and below the pitsunda Cape Pitsunda and the mountain ranges, followed by Gagra. The cost of flight with delivery to the take-off area of ​​about 3000 rubles.

Local Abkhaz Mountain Rivers — Great place for rafting, alloy on stormy river water on a special inflatable boat. Even children can conquer the river by participating in Rafet Management. Experienced instructor guarantee security. At the end of the traveled travelers usually offer to stay at the picnic in the mountains. The cost of rafting varies depending on the long route.

History GAGR

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Climate in Gagrah

Climate Gagra is different even from nearby terrain. Mountains framing the city protect it from cold winds and at the same time amazingly provide natural ventilation. Thus, on the whole Caucasian coast of the Black Sea, do not find a drier and warm place. And bathing season here, starting in May, comes to an end only under the fallen leaves of November. It is only worth paying attention to the weather in Gagra for months, and you will realize that this resort — Just a find for a tourist in any season.

Gagra: Entertainment and Active Leisure

During the rest in Gagrach, you can not only get rid and tan. Many tourists are interested in water sports, including on mountain rivers, horse riding, paragliding jumps, hiking. There is a great opportunity to learn or polish your skills of owning a racket. In an old park, six tennis courts were recently restored, which existed here in the time of Prince Oldenburg.

In sanatoriums and hospitals, GGR helps patients with cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and joints, nervous and respiratory systems, skin, with problems in the field of gynecology and urology and many others.

Most of the year here are three best natural lacrarts: warm sun clean air from the sea and mountains and mineral water from the depths of the earth. The services of Gagrian sanatoriums for treatment and prevention, as well as during the recovery period, are successfully used by their services. Hydrogen sulfide water for therapeutic baths and other water procedures is mined from the depth of more than 2’000 meters.

Transport Features GAGR

Transit minibuses are used as urban transport in Gagra. Approximately 20 rubles they are ready to deliver passengers from the old Gagra to the new and in the opposite direction.

Long distance buses and minibuses from GGR transport passengers to Sukhuma, Sochi, Anapa, Port Caucasus, Tuapse. Prices for travel between the cities of Abkhazia determines not the distance, but the demand. The same factor is guided by often drivers when choosing their next route, and it is enough for them to simply replace the sign. Strictly observe the schedule only drivers of international flights.

Gagra’s pier also arrive small passenger steamboats.

Taxis are represented by a wide variety of vehicles from cars and buses to large trucks and elite cars. Apply quite acceptable in Russian standards.

Gaga, Abkhazia Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Gagr Tourprom Travel

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