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The most famous and popular Norwegian ski resort, taking tourists for over 100 years. High mountains, dense forests, mountain plateau and ice-covered fjords and lakes surround this cozy town. Snow here lies almost all year round, which allows to conduct competitions in international slans and running skiing. Here, tourists fall into the real winter fairy tale, where all their desires are executed.

Geilo Ski Resort is located at an altitude of 800 m above sea level by halfway between Oslo (245 km) and Bergen (239 km). Many tracks of different categories of complexity are descended to the valley in several mountain slopes from heights 1056-1178 m, and Mount Hallingskarvet (1933 m) rises above all of these ski kingdom.

The vertices starting with skating – six: kikuttoppen (1076 m), Bjodnahovda (1056), HAVSDALSHOVDA (1178 m), Geilohovda (1080 m), HaltensGaardhovda (1075 m) and GulSteinhovda (1109 m). The first two are located on the left side of the resort, the remaining four – on the right.

The wildlife of the region affects its diversity: here you can ride in a snow-white virgin slope with dizzying speed, make a leisurely fascinating walks along the largest mining plateau in Norway – Hardangervidda or take part in noisy fun competitions and competitions in friends. Winter holidays in Gayo are good because the ski slopes are in close proximity to the city. Having funny from the top of the mountain, in a few steps it is possible to be in the very center of events. Everything is built under the motto: "One resort – sea of ​​impressions!".

The total length of all ski slopes in Gail is 34 km. Individual length of tracks – from 150 to 2000 m. With the maximum difference of heights in 378 m, there are 5 "Black", 15 "Red", nine "blue" and 10 "Green" Traces. To these 39 descents, you can add more than 5 children’s tracks and three snow parks, which are waiting for tourists excellent quality Snowboard highway.

On the territory of this ski resort is the only superpipe in Norway. Its height is 5.7 m, and the length is 150 m. The best snowboarders of the world come here to practice tricks.

In the zones of Geilo Taubane, Vestlia Ski Center and Slaatta Ski Center and DR. 20 lifts functions, from them – 6 chairlifts. The length of the running skiing in the region has 220 km! In addition to daylight, wishes can continue skating and in the evening. For them, four illuminated ski slopes and five kilometers of cross-country skiing are intended. Snow cover guaranteed from November to May. And these are just a brief characteristics of why Geilo is famous among skiers.

On the whole region there is a single SKI-PASS. He also gives an opportunity for evening riding several times a week. Discounts 10% for groups from 20 people. Cost SKI-PASS for adults (over 16 years old) – from 225 kroons. Children 7-15 years old – from 175 crowns. Kids up to 7 years old ride for free, and adults over 65 years old – at childin prices.

In several ski schools, Geilo attentive professional instructors will help master the various elements of skiing both in individual and group training. Here everyone will learn the traditional high-speed descent, "Telemerca" – Norwegian riding, snowboarding and running skating at all levels. By the way, even experienced skiers will be able to improve their skills. Local ski schools are considered among the best in Scandinavia: very progressive methods of learning newcomers are developed. In addition, Gailo is profitable to buy ski gear.

Resort has every rest opportunities with children. For the smallest in the ski center works "Troll Club" with kindergarten. Here, children will ride and play absolute security under a reliable supervision of experienced educators. They will visit the room of fairy tales, where they will be told by exciting stories, and go to visit the hut to the Mother Trolchikh, where they will help to fry on the fire of cakes. Special children’s lifts, slides and descents for Sanok will lead our young guests to the real delight. Also on the territory of the winter center there are three ski plots for family skating. Every year in February, a children’s ski festival is held at the resort.

The main entertainment proposed in Geilo, outside the ski trails – the ability to make a trip to the unique 20-kilometer railway Murdal Flom, where about 80% of the site have a bias 55 or more, and numerous tunnels are laid in the mountains in the form of a loop. Among traditional fun – Sanya riding, dog sledding, traveling on a scooter, snowshoe walks, silent safari, winter riding and exciting journey to fjordam.

The resort is a wonderful infrastructure: shops and spas centers, cinema, restaurants and bars. Eight restaurants are in close proximity to the tracks, and seven cafes – right in the mountains. In the evenings in the resort there are many concerts with "alive" music. In a special living room of the hotel DR. Holms Hotel famous for its history and traditions pass "Cognac" Evening.

All restaurants in Gailo are distinguished by a high level of service and comfort, but each of them is interesting in its own way. The Halliestuene Restaurant Menu, located in the very center of the town, offers traditional dishes for this region, for example smoked trout with juniper berries and jealous soup for dessert. The restaurant name means "Living rooms Hallengdala". Justifying it, all three halls are decorated in the style of traditional living in the region Hallingdal. Their distinguishing features – open fireplace and painted log walls. DyregravShalli, Kjellar’n and Smiu Biffverksted restaurants are also decorated in the spirit of local traditions.

Gayo’s tourist office offers to stay in guests in guest houses, youth hostels, cottages and hotels. There is an excellent value for money with a very high standard accommodation for every taste. Not far from the railway station of the same name, Dagali Hotel historical hotels (1750 g.), Dr.Holms Hotel 4 * (1909 g.), USTedaLen Hotel 4 * (1890 g.) and etc., which their popularity and respectableness are obliged not to decorate numbers and service, but a special atmosphere.

Enjoyed in high demand among tourists Family hotel Bardola 4 * + (120 rooms) in a kilometer from the city center. To the lifts (3 km) regularly walks SKI-BUS. The oldest and revered GEILO Hotel is close to the city and 200 meters from the lifts. Just 50 meters from Vestlia Ski Center Hotel Vestlia Olympiagrend 1994 (75 rooms). Its windows offer stunning view of snow covered mountain slopes. Right from here starts the tracks for cross-country skiing.

Gailo is the unity of diversity. Here, tourists expect a special atmosphere of hospitality and heat! Gailo is the perfect vacation for the whole family.

Skating season will last from the end of October 2006. At the end of April 2007.

Weekly season season 2006-2007.* (from the first to 15th week 2007.)

Gailo - Perfect World
Day of the week Event Location
Wednesday Toboggan "Bob-land" GEILOLIA ski center
Wednesday Treasure hunting Slaatta ski center
Thursday Treasure hunting GEILOLIA ski center
Thursday Family parallel slalom Slaattajordet, Route №31
Friday Family slalom GEILO TAUBANE, RUIDE №24
Friday Family parallel slalom GEILOLIA Ski Center, Route №54
Saturday Family parallel slalom Kikutheisene ski center, track number 62
Monday Sunday Ski orienteering Whole ski center
Daily Self-test Kikutheisene ski center
Daily Self-test HAVSDALEN, RUIDATION №42
Daily Toboggan Havsdalen
From February 14 to April 14 (Wednesday and Saturday) Morning skating (from 07:00).Cost: 150/100 NOK – Adults / Children Geiloheisen

* All events are free, except Toboggan in Havsdalen and Morning Catania. In addition, changes are possible in the program.

Toboggan "Bob-land". Event for the smallest. Training Catania. Children get certificate.

Treasure hunting. Event for children of primary school age. Place meeting at the ski school, then the group goes to look for a treasure on the tracks.

Morning skating. For those who get risen early, the lifts begin work at 7 am. Before descent, the tracks are offered a delicious breakfast at the Taubanekroa cafe.

Family parallel slalom. Light skiing for the whole family with prizes for each participant.

Slalom. Ski Time Ski. Light highways. For everyone.

Ski orienteering. Start Competitions at the Ski Center. Following the ski access, you need to find several envelopes with further route instructions. As a result, you need to get a secret code that will take part in the competition, where the prize is free of holiday at this resort next season.

Self-test. Check your ski abilities!

Toboggan. Sanya riding for children over 10 years old and adults. Custom Sanya develop a greater speed. Very funny!

Gailo - Perfect World

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