Galapagosa Islands. Station Charles Darwin

Santa Cruz Island – part of the Galapagos archipelago. It is located the famous Research Center of Charles Darwin, where scientists and volunteers are trying to save the local flora and fauna, including giant Galapagos Turtles.

The coastal line has small bays of volcanic origin. For locals, they turned into comfortable boat parking. By the way, in the city of Powerto Aira, located on the island of Santa Cruz, have about 12 thousand people. I wonder what only three percent of sushi is allocated. The rest of the territory is occupied by the National Park.

Flora and fauna of this place – unique. All of the islands of the Galapogos archipelago arose about 5-10 million years ago. Their progenitor believes "volcano". The Lava drove out from Zherel, forming a land. It is not surprising that its inhabitants have become mainly birds and marine animals that could reach the islands with a large land.

In the paradise idyll of these places have made their own adjustments. Casting the Galapagos, they brought pets with them – dogs, cats, pigs and goats. From the trims of the ships moved to the island of rats.

"Inomes" have become a real natural disaster for local inhabitants. Dogs attacked iguan. Pigs pulled the grass. Voracious goats eaten all greens with bushes and trees. As a result, whole families of the turtles landed from hunger.

Another enemy for "Ostrovstan" steel pirates and travelers. Knowing that the turtles are long months can do without water and food, they used them like fresh canned food. Animals sent B "Last swimming", "hit" in soup, and their fat served a great flammable material for torches.

In the mid-20th century, scientists found that some kinds of giant galapagos turtles are on the verge of extinction. In the local process "Evolution" The authorities intervened, starting the campaign to restore the original flora and fauna. Her result – genocide 80 thousand wild goats. On the fight S "invaders" 6 million dollars were spent.

Today at the Charles Darwin station there are 11 species of turtles. The staff members of the Center are closely following their status. Recently hatched kids live in separate enclosures. Overnight they close them so that no predator may have been able to enjoy these crumbs.

The younger kids gradually move to the enclosure of a reasonable and so right "graduation". He comes when turtles are four years. At this age they are sent to the natural habitat.

Turtles are very clumsy. Despite this, they manage to scribble on big stones. Sometimes they come off with them. It’s a very funny sight. The turtle lightningly hides in the shell, which is rolling down as a ball. When the animal turns out to be on Earth, then calmly gets out of "Domika" And no matter what happened in anything.

Galapagos turtles live for 150 years. Until recently, the local population caught them and held in the courtyard at home. Turtles crawled and silently watched the life of several generations of the family. When Ecuadorian authorities were disturbed by their population, all illegally caught turtles were taken away and transferred to the center of Charles Darwin. Release them already can not be released. Adults are accustomed to the gift food and will not be able to feed themselves in the natural environment.

In the center, as in the sanatorium, lunch on schedule. Turtles know when to wait for food, and in advance. The most impudent individuals try to crawl forward, awkward "Sovaria" their relatives legs on the head.

It seems that the long-time turtles were infused by God, and he punished with their external deformity.

Local alpha male named Jimmy. Guides say that this restless guy fertilized hundreds of females and is not ready to stop there. By the way, the female peckery in the bottom will be slightly so much. This allows them to do not roll from them at the time of love.

Little dragons. Fiery land iguanas differ significantly from their marine congor, which I photographed earlier.

True love drama. Iguanu, tired of the unnecessary attention of males, transplanted into a separate aviary. Her beloved ships to the cage and sat for a clock, waiting for it when his "Half" Let’s release from prison.

Another turtle portrait. Still, these creatures are very much reminded by brontosaurs!

On the front of the shell, you can find out exactly where the Turtle lived on the island and how it fed. If it is narrow, then the animal has a hilt. The heroine has a picture of the shell stretch up. This means that she had to stretch to disrupt the leaves from trees and shrubs.

Turtles are considered a delicacy and quite appreciated in the black market. Therefore, the authorities are taking serious measures so that the animals do not become victims of poachers. Tourists on the islands a little. For those who come carefully follow the guides and guards. All turtles are numbered and listed in the account.

Station employee cuts lettuce leaves for turtles. Does it it three times a day.

According to the guide, the center has a special "blue" Corner. It lives six males of non-traditional sexual orientation. In Europe, they would certainly be a symbol of the LGBT movement, register a marriage and adopt the little ones torture 🙂

Sergey Share in a T-shirt with a print of Lonely George – the most famous turtle in the world, sustainably died at the age of 100 in June last year.

Galapagosa Islands. Station Charles Darwin

George found in Galapaghos in 1972. He was the only surviving Abingdon Elephant Turtle. All other representatives of his kind destroyed humanity. Decades breeders tried to pick him up a female of another kind that the genus continued. But the reptiles were not compatible genetically, and the offspring died.

After the death of George became a symbol of all irretrievably lost. In honor of him, the same name was published, written by the famous botany Henry Nicholsons.

Pointer to lava tunnels that I will tell a little later.

The shell of the deceased turtle licked to review tourists. On the rings inside it you can determine the age of individual.

In our group, one girl decided to understand what kind of turtle?

It turned out, damn hard! This thing is very heavy, so the test tracer with difficulty rose to the hands.

Another reserve, recreating a natural environment. Here live huge turtles, the dimensions of which reach one and a half meters.

When the turtles get hot – they break into the dirt to cool a little sheath, which accumulates heat.

Turtles love to be fenced with guyayavi fruit falling with trees. About cleanliness, apparently, they did not hear 🙂

The turtles from the island of Santa Cruz have a mandatory personnel. And guides strongly ask for tourists not to break it. But the girls from our group looked around and almost encountered a huge turtle. However, the animal was employed guaipely and did not pay attention to people.

Famous lava tunnels whose length reaches 500 meters. By legend, they found a local resident. A man wanted a lost cow and accidentally heard a moan of an animal, he came from under the ground. Poor Burenka fell into the tunnel and broke his leg, but helped open a popular tourist destination.

It is surprising that these underground cavities having an ideal round shape are created by nature, not a person.

Galapagosa Islands. Station Charles Darwin

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