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What is interesting for tourists Galat Tower in Istanbul? How is the most convenient to get? And what is more important how then go back? How much is a ticket, what hours of work? Read the answers in our article.

Very important change!

In 2020, the Galata Tower was transferred under the Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey. The tower has passed the restoration and opened for visitors on October 6, 2020 – on the day of the liberation of Istanbul.

Almost everything changed. Previously, most of the area inside occupied a restaurant, but now the restaurant has been removed. Museum is now organized in the tower.

But there is a bad news for tourists. Now at the entrance to the Galata Tower take M&# 252; zekart. And then the queue on the entrance will become much longer.

Unfortunately, almost all sites on the Internet and videos in YouTube are now talking about the old version of the Galat Tower. In addition, in 2021, tickets went up from 30 to 100 lire. Read only sites with current information, such as our website.

Brief description of the sights

Galat Tower in the Karakio region (Galata) in the European part of Istanbul many centuries were the highest building of the city. Built in the 14th century Genoesers for the protection of the chain, overlapping the Golden Horn Bay.

Height – 67 meters (62.5 meters without a crown), diameter – 16.5 meters, wall thickness – 3.75 meters. At an altitude of 51 meters there is an observation deck for visitors. The tower itself is at an altitude of 61 meters above sea level. That is, watch the Panorama of Istanbul will be from a height of 112 meters.

Good news! Lifting will be on the elevator. True numbering floors in this elevator is strange, see photo. Upstairs you can see beautiful views of Istanbul and the exhibition. At the time of updating this article (June 2021), an exhibition was exhibited on the liberation of Istanbul in 1923.

How to get

The Galat Tower is in the middle between the metro station "&# 350; I&# 351; Hane »On the M2 branch and the tram station" Karak&# 246; y "on the T1 branch. Between the Stationery Stations F2 "Beyo&# 287; LU "and" Karak&# 246; Y ». Metro scheme, fare prices and rules for use in our article "Metro Istanbul".

It is best to go from the metro station "&# 350; I&# 351; HANE "(Funicivore Stations" Beyo&# 287; LU "). Then you will go down the streets. We will consider this option.

Of course, you can go from "Karak&# 246; Y, but then you will walk down the street up under the slope of 30 degrees that little nice. Watch photos of this street. If found out to "Karak&# 246; Y, then we strongly recommend not to greed and drive on the funicular to "Beyo&# 287; LU ".

After leaving the subway (funicular or vintage tram), go along the big pedestrian street Galip Dede CD. At the beginning of the street there are signs, and one of the pointers to "Galata Kulesi, Galata Tower". Get lost there is difficult. Go on Galip Dede Street 400 meters until you see the right of the Galata Tower on the right.

How then go back

After the exit you do not need to go back, then go down the street upwards that little nice. Go down to the intersection, there will be pointers. See photo. Need to go down y street y&# 252; Ksek Kald&# 305; R&# 305; M CD down, after 300 meters exit to the tram station "Karak&# 246; Y ».

Input price

Input price – 100 Turkish lire. Current course of the Turkish Lyra, see our article "Money in Turkey".

Children under 6 years old are free.

From October 2020, take M&# 252; zekart. And this lies a big problem. Even in the winter season on the entrance of the Galat Tower there were queues for the entire staircase. Watch the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge. And now with m&# 252; Zekart the flow of visitors will increase yet.

Opening hours

From 8-30 to 00-00 in the summer season (from April 1 to November 1).

From 10-00 to 20-00 in the winter season (from November 1 to April 1).

Opening hours can change on holidays. List of holidays See our article "National Holidays in Turkey".

A bit of history

In the era of the Byzantine Empire, the entrance to the Solving Golden Rog was blocked by a huge chain. On the north shore there was an outpost for chain protection. At this outpost was Tower Megalos Pyrgos (Greek.: The Great Tower), which was destroyed in 1203 during the fourth crusade.

In 1348, the Genoese who lived in Constantinople built a new Christea Turris (Tower of Christ). 67 meters high, it became the highest building in Constantinople. In the era of the Ottoman Empire, the chain was removed, and the tower lost its value. The tower began to call the "Galata Tower" named district "Galata". About the epochs and empires, read in our article "History of Turkey".

The first intercontinental flight was committed from the Galat Tower! In 1630, the inventor Hesarfen Ahmet Chelebi on homemade wings flew from the Galat Tower through the Bosphorus Strait and landed in Asia. He flew about 6 kilometers. This is written by the historian Evia Chelaby.

Evia Chelebubi also writes that Sultan Murad IV watched the flight. Sultan presented the inventor a bag of gold coins, but said: "This is a dangerous person. He does everything that wishes. Do not keep such a person nearby ". Kezarfen Ahmet Chelebi was expelled to Algeria.

Since 1717, the Galat Tower starts to use as a fireplace observation point. However, in 1794, she herself suffered from fire. Another fire took place in 1831, and in 1875 the roof destroyed the hurricane, and then the tower stood without a roof.

In 1965-1967, the Galat Tower has passed a complete reconstruction and was opened to the public as an overview site for Istanbul.

In the summer of 2020, another restoration was held. This time I had to change some wooden elements on the upper floors. On October 6, 2020, a grand opening with a concert and light show.

What tourists look

Galat tower

At the inspection of the tower, plan from half an hour up to an hour. There is nothing to do here longer, except to study the exhibition very carefully.


The exhibition is devoted to the liberation of Istanbul on October 6, 1923. This is an important event for the history of Turkey, but not the most interesting.

Istanbul’s liberation was completely bloodless. Already by October 4, 1923, the British and the French sailed from Istanbul. The city stood two days "Nights". On October 6, the Armed Forces of the Young Turkish Republic entered the city. That’s all the liberation.

Also inside you can see the layout of the center of Istanbul (in the photo nearby) and artifacts of different epochs of the city history. Interestingly, but little.

Observation deck

Located on the 9th floor, at an altitude of 51 meters above Earth (112 meters above sea level). The observation deck is a balcony around the walls of the tower.

Balcony is very narrow, two people can disappear on it. Tourists on the balcony go like a part – part of tourists clockwise, part against. As a result, moving on the balcony is very difficult. Even in the low season, the full circle takes 15-20 minutes.

Views open picturesque. See a small photo gallery below, click on the photo to enlarge.


In 2020, a seagull is constantly sitting on the Galat Tower, which is not afraid of people. People are feeding her, she sites there and sits. We can not guarantee that at the time of your visit it will be on the spot. She looks like that.

Important advice

– In the north of the Golden Horn, not so much interesting for tourists, and all this can be viewed in one day. It is best to follow the route Taksim Square -> Street Stuklyl (Istanbul Arbat) -> Vintage tram -> Galat tower;

– If you are going on taxi, then see the rates in our article "Taxi in Turkey";

– On the way to meet dozens of souvenir shops. Prices here are medium in Istanbul standards. What exactly to buy, read in our article "What to bring from Turkey";

– If on the way they decided to eat, then about dishes and prices, read our reviews "The best Turkish dishes" and "how much money to take to Turkey".

Have a good visit to the Galata Tower, and read our interesting articles about Turkey and the Turks (List of articles below).

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