Galilee – ancient and young

The variety and contrasts of Israeli landscapes are especially evident in the famous Galilee.

. In the legendary waters of the Jordan River and the Galilers – the sources of the events of biblical history.

. In historical and religious centers, from Safet to Nazareth, from Tiberia to Akco and Capernahauma.

. In the picturesque corners of natural reserves with mountain waterfalls, swamps, bird nests and exotic animals of the world.

. In the majestic archaeological monuments – from the Roman city in Beit Shean and luxurious baths in Hamat Gader to a variety of adorable ancient mosaics and the fortress of crusaders located on the top of the hill.

. In chess cells of kibbutny fields stretching from the Israel Valley to the northern border and from the Mediterranean to the Genisaret Lake.

Galilee is beautiful at any time of the year for any travel, whether a cultural or religious program, a tourist or resort holiday, a trip with a backpack or a car trip.

Green and majestic

Mountain flows, lowered from the hills of the upper Galilee, merge with the legendary river Jordan. Burnt beginning At these heights, winding Jordan turns south, and at a mark of 222 m below sea level flows into the famous Genisaret Lake. These waters are generously manned Galilee, its silver olive groves, emerald marsh grass and cane, well-groomed fields and gardens. Even during the long dry summer, Galilee retains his magnificent outfit, dressed in wondrous combinations of yellow, green, brown and blue.

Blue and magic

Geographically, Galilee extends from the Israel Valley (Lower Galilee) in the south to Metulas in the north (Upper Galilee) from the Mediterranean coast, including AKKO, Nagaria and Grotto in Rosh Has Nikra (Eastern Galilee) to the eastern coast of Genisret Lake. In the Western shore, there is Tiberia – the capital of Galilee. This magic city is resolved by all the flavors of these places and offers its guests a lot of opportunities for recreation, traveling and entertainment.

Pilgrimage and cultural program

For many people, only the word Galilee symbolizes the intimate sources of faith. Christian pilgrims of all denominations rushing in those places that are associated with the beginning of the Messianic ministry of Christ: Nazareth, where the Annunciation was made and the childhood of Christ took place; Kana, Tabch and Curses, where Jesus worked his wonders; Mount of bliss and mountain Tabor on which the transformation occurred, the ruins of the ancient synagogue in the capernaum, where, according to tradition, he preached Christ. And, of course, the Jordan River – perhaps not "Deep and wide", as in songs and imagination, but full of life in all over. In the southern tip of the Genisaret Lake, where the jordan finishes, the Baptism is located – Yardenit. Here, among the trees, carefully shadowing the river with their branches, a slightly powerful descent is laid, along which it is easy and convenient to descend to water at any time even in wheelchairs. Convenient railing locks down the descent even during full tides. Tiberias and Safed were the centers of preserving and studying Judaism. Jewish pilgrims, some hoping for a miracle and blessing, come to the graves of the righteouss of Maimonides, Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Meir Baal Ha-carried in Tiberias. Safed is the center of Jewish mystical teaching – Kabbalah. There are still synagogues based in the first interpretors of Kabbalay.

Galilee is replete with mosques of different periods; The most beautiful, in the city of AKKO, was built by Turkish Sultan El Yazar. Christian, Jewish and Islamic places associated with the archaeological excavations of world importance, leave with nothing comparable impression, regardless of differences in faith,

Galilee - ancient and young

Art and archeology

Monuments of archeology literally "Putting" Galilee – Some of the most significant and beautiful in Israel. Some of them testify to the times of early Christianity, for example, courses, capernaum and crusader fortress. Some, such as Hatsor – are the remains of culture of the XVII century to our era, and such as Beit Alfa testify to improving the construction of synagogue and their jewelry presented by a magnificent mosaic. Other monuments personify the luxury of the Roman Empire. These are Roman baths in Hamat Gader, a unique mosaic in Cippori and the recent excavations of the ancient city in Bate Shean. The past here is alive, and tourists may themselves plunge into it, working on the ongoing archaeological excavations. The famous village of artists and artists in Safat flourishes side by side with the ancient synagogues of Kabbalists. It is not surprising that the topic of mysticism is often traced in the works of artists.

Rest, Nature and Mineral Sources

Perhaps the best proof of Galilee’s popularity is the fact that it is like to visit the Israelis, seeking to escape on the launction of nature from the city bustle. They go to the picturesque corners of Galilee on weekends and even spend their annual vacation here. As it is done now all over the world, the Israelites stop at Campsites, the picnics on the coast of the Genisaret Lake are attended by numerous natural reserves to watch the migratory birds on the swamps of the Hula Valley or swim in the Gan Ha-Slok’s ponds, where spring water with a constant temperature 28c rise from the depths of the earth and you can splash all year round; Explore the origins of the Jordan River and enjoy all types of water sports on the Genisaret Lake. Huge pleasure brings hot natural sources to Hamat Gader, near Roman bath. Soak and to get down "on waters" The public flocks to the hot springs of the Tiberia, where the natural keys on the man-made channels flow into comfortable pools, designed not only for a pleasant stay, but also for a variety of medical procedures. In Galilee, you will be offered excursions on jeeps or horse riding, along with cycling and climbing. Those who travel with backpacks or on foot will gain a lot of impressions, wandering through the protected trails and admiring the ever-changing landscape, and swimming on kayaks and roofs on the stormy thresholds of Jordan is a real adventure. The nineteal metering area of ​​the river was estimated by international experts in 9 points on a 10-point scale of complexity. These entertainment are available to all guests of Galilee, who come here within the framework of a cultural or religious program, with a business visit or simply resort workers.

Housing for every taste

In Tiberia, you will be offered the most diverse housing – from hostels to luxury hotels for every taste and pocket. Moreover, the rank of hotels is very wide: from cheap to providing a full resort service program. Around the Genisaret Lake and in its surroundings you can stay in villages, kibbutz and campsites. A real village rest is offered in Kibbuts and Moshavach, where guests are located in comfortable rooms and invite to a common dining table.

Road: 2 h by bus or car from international airport. Ben Gurion, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. 1 h by bus from Haifa; half an hour of flight from Tel Aviv to Rosh Pina; 40 minutes to Kiryat Shmona; Regular bus tickets from all settlements of Israel.

Weather; moderate temperature from spring to autumn; Below the sea level is hotter, in hilly places is cooler; In winter, sunny with rare rains; Snow is possible on the elevation; On average, 300 solar and only 37 rainy days a year.

Galilee - ancient and young

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