Galilee. Galilee Sea Israel

Israel invariably attracts tourists from all over the planet with their diversity. Anyone can find a lesson for yourself. Hot climate, Lepaulating water Dead Sea, Mediterranean beaches, Shrines of three religions, Majestic The remains of ancient civilizations, Numerous museums, night life major cities, replete Markets And much more lures visitors to this truly amazing and diverse world. One of Northern Regions of Israel with a rich history is Galilee. Historic events of thousand years ago, the diversity of rubles of cultures and various biblical stories are closely related to this territory.


Territory of Galilelia – historical area on North Israel – extends much further borders of modern States of Israel. The center of the northern administrative district of the country where Israeli Galilee, is an town Nazaret. Geographically, the territory is divided into Three parts. Western Galilee Located in the seaside plain, in Upper (Northern) high mountains prevail, and Nizhny (South) extends on a plateau.

First settlements B Lower Galilee appeared several thousand years ago Due to the fact that there were ways from the sea harbors to Damascus. First city (today’s Filoteria) on the shore Lake Cyrnis founded more than five thousand years back, Later and others. Rich trading paths attracted conquerors, so on Galilean’s territory There was a lot of historical events and wars. After the Egyptians, Hurrites, Hitttes Galileo in Third millennium BC captured and set aside ancient JewsKhananai.

V The first millennium of our era Galilee again became the place of the grip. Assyrians, Jews, Babylonians, Persians, Romans, Egyptians, Jordanians, Mamli, Turks&# 8211;Ottomans Alternately dominated Galilee until late nineteenth century ad. Only in the beginning of the twentieth century Jewish settlements began to revive, after World War II on May 14, 1948 It was proclaimed State Israel. Due to abundant precipitation and fertile soil, Galilee became the most important agricultural and livestock regions of the country, and Lake Kyeret still is The main source of fresh water.

Galilee Sea

Lake Kyeret More famous as Galilee Sea. From the point of view of geography, it is famous for this The lowest fresh lake on Earth, In addition, one third of the water consumed in Israel is mined precisely from here, fishing is also developed here.

For tourists Coastal Cities of the Galile Sea Very attractive. The lake itself is often mentioned in Bible and is associated with numerous stories. On all the coast of the lake come out Temples, erected in memory of wonders Jesus Christ. It is believed that Capernaum city On the northern coast He lived Christ. In this area underway archaeological excavations, Attractions are Franciscan church and monastery. Together Yardenit, where river Jordan comes out of the lake Bescheny Jesus. And here they want to adopt the rite of baptism all the pious Christians of the world. On the eastern shore in the place where are located ruin Monastery Kursy, occurred Evangelical miracle. On this lake fishing Apostles Peter and Andrey, It is in honor of the biblical hero that the most common in the lake is named Peter Fish (Tyalyapia).

Galilee. Galilee Sea Israel

Not far from the lake there are many archaeological attractions. On Day of the Galilee Sea Archaeologists also discovered several Monuments, who were allegedly represented Ceremonial funeral facilities. Tiberia city On the West Bank is one of the four saints of Jewish cities. It is this city that is considered a homeland Jerusalem Talmuda. There are located Saints tomb, The remnants of the Hebrew city of Hamat Tiberia, the ruins of the ancient synagogue. Also Greek Orthodox Church.

One of the modern miracles is ;Fountain Kineteta ; v Tver. The fountain is designed so that the jets beat directly from the lake to height up to forty meters, Total width Fountain Fifty meters. In addition, light, musical and holographic effects give the fountain a truly grand appearance.

The most popular exhibit in Tver Museum counts a boat, found by brothers-archaeologists during drought. For Jews, this boat is considered Important historical Copy, &# 8211; example of boats that were used Fishermen of the Galilee Sea about Two thousand years ago. And for believers it Boat Christ, Although there is no evidence of his stay precisely on this shy, this is the only preserved copy of the fishing boat Since the time and place of life of Jesus.

The most popular tourist facilities on the coast Galilee Sea are:
&# 8211; Yardenit;
&# 8211; Capernaum;
&# 8211; Mount of bliss;
&# 8211; Galilee boat;
&# 8211; Church of the Twelve Apostles.

The coast of the Galilee Sea famous not only by places of pilgrimage, but also various modern Amusement parks, Music festivals, canceled Restaurants, Hot sources, Medical mud and Resort complexes. Also located here ;National Park Korramim ;.

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