Gallop in Europe. Part 1. Charges and problems

Visited 6 countries: Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia. Travel time with 04.05.2010 to 17.05.2010. All these countries drove on cars.
Budget without gifts and any nonsense 130 t.R. In general, approximately 180 (gifts native and us 35 tons.P + souvenirs)

We thought very long ago from where to start our journey. Initially planned from Ljubljana, but stopped on Prague! After all, the Czech Republic is the cheapest country of all in which we were)))

Began to prepare 2 months before the date of sending. A couple of weeks before the departure began to buck the Euaflucudl or as it there (even the name I will not write it)) I’m offended by him)))))) To be honest, we even thought even thought that everything was covered with a copper pelvis. We have a deadline for the abandonment of hotels without penalties burned. Still back people there. We wrote letters in hotels with a request not to be fined because of the established situvin, the hotels with understanding were reacted to us, answered "Everything will be oki-docks, we wait for you, there will be no fines, do not even think about this".
Now everything is in order:

Tickets . Took Aeroflot Perm-MSK-Prague MSK-Perm for 31000r. At that time, when we bought tickets there were no special. Proposals for Central Europe. Then there were tickets to Berlin for 5,500 rubles, but we thought that we were not particularly losing for money, did not run away to pass them.

Visas . With visas we did not have any problems. Elnara gave: documents, power of attorney, copies of whites by plane, an extract from the personal account in a bank and insurance. A week later we had stickers in passports. With two 14 tons.R. (power of attorney + insurance + services of Elnara) went on:

Hotels booked through the WWW system.Booking.COM For me to a novelty was to reserve hotels, especially to leave the number of your VISA debit card on this site. Blocked money on the map only in the Slovenian hotel and, then a day of arrival. All other hotels in blocking funds did not produce.

The car is the year we rented cars in Galtal Tour in Prague (http: // Gartal.RU) (JindrišSKA 7, Prague 1) for 3 days, got to us Skoda Fabia 1.4 in a new body. There were no complaints – Wonderful car! Therefore, this time decided to reserve a car in the same company for 11 days WV Polo 1.2 for reasons of economy, and it cost 30 euros per day.
For 11 days 330 euros. http: // www.ProkatvPrage.Ru

The price of gasoline per liter 95 (rounded): in the Czech Republic – 35 crowns (55 wooden), Austria 1.35 Euro, Italy 1.45 euros, Slovenia 1.3 Euro.

Navigation System – IGO 8.3
Original Communicator SE Xperia X1.
Downloaded all cards with 4pda.Ru never let down, routes paves clearly, it is always clear where to roll and how to go!

Visa Ordinary Sberbank Salary Visa Classic. Payment of goods and services via the Internet or through "hole" In the euro without any commissions, the cross-course of the Euro-ruble is the same as on the day of the sale of the euro in Sberbank. No problems arose when paying.

Gallop in Europe. Part 1. Charges and problems

ATTENTION!! ! I hope our ill-fated experience, with a car rental, someone will be useful

Why not advise you to contact Gartal tour with a car rental or how it is called there… Broadway Car Rental
We come to them in the office pick up the car, we ask the mechanics fundamentally for us? «Of course not, the mechanics are just cheaper» – We answered. They offered a 2x-liter Ford Focus Machine for the same money, we almost believed our fortune)) explained such a replacement by the fact that WV Polo, which we reserved, broke. Received a car – super. Everything is clean inside, the steamer is not even upset that it would be easy to eat, if not twice than gasoline.

«Go. » Gagarin felt herself at that moment, and another 40 km along the way in Krumlov)) as soon as we left for the city, typing about 90 km per hour, the car began to throw from side to side, vibration, sausage engine))) tauralitis… I’m touched by the business card left for me, and outlines the current situvin… She knows how to apologize, says that for an hour they will bring another car. Stood at the dressing order of 3 hours, and here we have a quiet shock… We bring to us Skoda Fabia old, killed, sideways, dirty, different wheels, dirty, dirty (bag with cement on them from a truck, as they said fell) In the salon, it was not gadil for more than one year!!(((((We looked at my wife, and do not know what to do…… We have a route, hotels, all the pump in the bump… boat ordered… Return to Prague to look for another time contector. Agree. Why only. .

One torment with her… Brakes on the second day began to grop, you go and think just to get to the place of bed… Thought to change it again, but it seems to go, not so scary) and in vain. On the last day she picked up the engine at the entrance to Prague… Thank God that we gave her and we returned a deposit, although on the trail. day began to make on the phone… Sent them «on horseback»

My advice when takes the car, every scratch, each chip, the smallest crack on the glasses mark in the contract, right up to jammed disks! They can show and cut down loot with you. You most importantly do not get dry! Check, and then send if the conversations begin. Police they are all very afraid… You can say so: «OK, call the police». They immediately speak differently.

So this time I did not bother… And how I liked this year this company and that car that they provided us. And prices here really acceptable. I hope if you take the car here, then you will not have such misfortunes like us…

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