Gambian jackets live in harmony with police

From the geographical point of view, the Republic of Gambia is nothing but a narrow and long enclave, surrounded from all sides the territory of the neighboring Senegal. Gambia is one of the smallest countries not only on the African continent, but also on the planet in general. From the West to the East, it pulled out along the simply free river by 400 kilometers. And from north to south width "Gambian pocket" no more than 60 kilometers, in some places – only 40. But, like many other small countries, Gambia – a major center of international tourism.

Main tourist attractions here Two: the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gambia River, upstream of which steaming takes away lovers of exotic in Africa.

On the ocean coast "resort" Lifestyle is not only vacationers foreigners, but also locals. In the evenings, the capital of the country Bdjul is empty. Working there people travel around to the nearby "sleeping" City Stewland and Sea Resorts Bakau, Fadzhara, Kotu-Stand and Poly. The permanent residence of the country’s president is not in the capital, but 6 kilometers from her, in Bakau. And the Embassy of Great Britain, the former Colonial Mistress of the Gambia, stands right on the seashore in Fadzhara. It is not surprising that most of the institutions dealing with foreign currency operations in the Gambia is located in the seaside strip.

Although in this part of Africa, a kind dozen of countries, each of which is much more than the Gambia and in the area and in the population, uses one common currency (which is called the Franc KFA), a small proud republic did not want to join this company. Gambia has its own monetary unit – Dalacy. 1 Dalasi equals 100 Buttam.

Unlike neighboring countries, where inflation has long committed himself with a shallow exchanged coin, in Gambia, Bututs are very easy to go. The Gambian currency has a good course: 9.85 Dalasi for US $ 1. And keeps approximately at this level at least five years. Inflation in Gambia does not exceed 9% per year, which is not only for developing, but also for many developed countries – a very good indicator.

There are no restrictions on the import and removal of Dalacy in the Gambia (though, immediately after leaving for any border, this money turns into a worthless paper: they do not change and do not accept anywhere else). Foreign currency, in local laws, you can also carry how much.

Gambian jackets live in harmony with police

Franks of KFA to pay in the Gambia almost as easy as Dalacy, even in rural areas. But the Gambiers do not eat special respect for the collective African currency, and this attitude is manifested in what francs are taken at the undergraduate course. The official CFA Franc Course is now 505 for US $ 1, or 51.34 for 1 Dalacy. When recalculating the Gambian prices in the Frank CFA, the Gambians usually proceed from the course no more than 45 francs for 1 Dalacy. US dollars and British pounds can sometimes be paid in expensive coastal hotels, but in other places such currencies usually refuse. The only point where SLE resistedly won over Dalacy is the hall of the departure of the capital airport. Airport collection with flying abroad, equal to US $ 20, is allowed to pay only in solid currency.

Banks, changing the well to Dalacy, is in Banjul, Bakau, Specand and towns along the most modern road in the Republic of the Transgambian motorway (contrary to the fact that you may have thought, this highway is binding not different parts of the Gambia, but North Senegal with southern. His Gambian plot crossing the country across is only 40 kilometers). Gambian banks work not only with cash, but also with travelers, and in some exchange rate for checks somewhat higher than for Cash. English – official language in the Gambia, so if you at least minimally own this means of interethnic communication, you will not be difficult to explain with bank clerks and decipher the inscriptions on local banknotes.

Unofficial street polls operate in all cities where there are banks, as well as on border ground transitions. Activities are not at all pursued. On the contrary, if, say, you landed at the airport of Banjula after the closure of the banking department located there, it is enough to contact a policeman, and he will lead to you – private.

Private traders pay for SLE a little generous (percent on 5) than banks. But with change it is necessary to keep the Ear East. If the informal currency takepoint near the central post office of Banjula is considered relative "honest" and safe, then in other cities counting gullible foreigners and even robbery happen regularly.

Gambian jackets live in harmony with police

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