Games People Play

The Philippines are popular game Tumbang Preso, a little similar to our towns: a team of players, armed with their own shoes, is trying to get along a tin can, being 5-6 m to her. One person stands at the bank and protects it, covered with his shoes. If the bank manages to knock, "guard" must quickly return it to the circle, at this time everyone else is running for shoes and they can be awaited as soon as the bank turns out to be in place, or to be pinned someone else’s shuffle, coming on it and the bank at the same time. There is a similar game in neighboring Malaysia.

Through thorn

Another traditional game for Filipino – LUKSONG-TINIK, translated as "jump over thorns of the plant". Two participants are sitting on the floor, connect the soles and depict the thorns, the rest should jump, do not assign barriers.


In Asia, you are not forgotten by your favorite game in a rubber. It is called chinese garter, but more popular in the Philippines than in China. Children jump with a turn and so virtuoso that what is happening sometimes resembles dance. Young people compete in height jumps, the top of the art – to jump over the gum, stretched between the necks of your comrades. Games in rubberbish are popular among African children.

Chinese checkers

Traditional entertainment Chinese men – Syanzi, several reminiscent chess. Tournaments often pass on street benches, they are playing everything – from young people to old men.


In Ghana, children play two or in a group in the game with songs, cotton and AMPE jumps: The leader starts jumping and landing, one leg throws forward. Each of the team in turn repeats the movement and, depending on which leg, the right or left, gets points and the chance to become a leader.


While children jump and run, adults are sitting behind the table games of Mankala: in a special sequence, multi-colored pebbles in the wells are shifted: one will be more, he won. According to the legend, this game originated in Africa, when two caravans stopped in an oasis to drink camels and drivers to pass the time, dug holes in the sand, took grain and invented the rules that came to this day.

World Games

Wheel and stick

Games People Play

Skating wheel with a stick – a game with a long history: it was played children and young people of ancient Greece, Rome, Byzantium, in China it has existed for 1000 years BC. NS. Even in the XIX century with hoops fun little inhabitants of Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Now in this simple game is played in Africa, India and Malaysia.

shuttlecock kicking

Toss flounce or kicking the ball – an international youth game, common in America, Europe and Asia, known under various names. Its prototype – an ancient Chinese game Jianzi (Jiànzi), which originated in the V century BC. NS. In China, the game not only has survived but has become a national sport. Not only children but also adults enjoy kicking balls in parks, squares and on the market in anticipation of buyers. Jianzi several options: a duel between two players in a circle as a team game, as well as through the net.


In America, a similar game appeared in 1972 in Oregon, received the name futbek or Hack The Sack. As the shuttle using a small soft ball. In Russia the game came in the early ’90s, it was called socks – often the ball was made from a sock and was packed grains. In Central Asia, including Kazakhstan, more than a century there is a similar game Lange: instead of the shuttle is used to shred goat or sheep skin with sewn on to it lead plate.


Another international game – Marbles, marble, or clicker, Afghanistan – Tushla bazi, in Malaysia – guli. The marble colored balls love to play and children from affluent countries: USA, Canada, Australia. The rules are simple: in the sand or earth is circumscribed circle is a small pit in the center, players fade into the distance, and trying to get into the hole, in another embodiment – the balls to knock the opponent outside the circle. Archaeologists suggest that the game went from Pakistan since the earliest balls of stone and clay were found in the excavation of Mohenjo-Daro. It took many centuries, and boys around the world continue to fight for the "treasure", filling their pockets, and grow up to become a collectors ‘marble’.

Games People Play

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