Games with children in the fresh air. Five rules of behavior with cannibals

A clever person will find a way out of any hopeless situation, and wise in it will not fall. You can wonder how much you want to ask: why Aborigines ate Cook? The answer is one: he did not take into account their mentality and, accordingly, did not manage to properly build his behavior. Famous traveler – Ethnographer Anatoly Khizhnyak, for several years communicating with the tribes of Africa, South America and Asia, – offers lovers to open up unknown places a few tips, how to behave with aggressively tiered tribes. Thanks to these rules, he lived for several days side by side with the Corub’s tribe, which is considered the most dangerous in Amazonia (in one year the corpus was killed eight missionaries, and once on the ashee left, the ash was found on a spit and a fried woman).

Rule first: Be affordably with the child

Remember that dikari – the same children. They go from one state to another without visible reasons and lightning. So mobilize all your pedagogical abilities. Try not to annoy them and all the time watch the reaction: if you all provoked their irritation, save the situation immediately. The angry savage needs to be laid in any way – you want not want, but you have to work clown.

"One of the Coruba tried to take away the lantern, we did not give up – and he began to fierce, the eyes flooded with blood. It became clear that he does not control himself, now grabbing a battle: And either he kills us, or we will have to shoot it. Then we gave him a lantern, began to trust the faces and laugh – he reacted exactly the same".

Rule Second: I did not dare

Weapons apply in extreme cases. But then shoot only in the air. No matter what the bloodthirsty is neither the tribe, they do not kill without reason not to risk their own life. Most often just frighten, watching your reaction. Shoot in savage and shed his blood – it means to declare war. There is no choice here: or leave, or kill everyone. Otherwise you will destroy you.

"Coruba decided to rob us when they saw. They came up, began to grab things. We shot in the air – they are afraid of this – they ran away. Then we began to give them everything that was with them. Salt and sugar they immediately thrown away, and ropes and towels enjoyed great success".

Rule Third: Never say "never"

Do not refuse directly. It is better to immediately give, what will ask, and then replace the desired thing back. Going on a journey to an unfamiliar tribe, hide all precious and expensive items, decorations. If you did not have time to do this, but I don’t want to give it very much, appeal to the highest forces, tactfully explaining that this thing is Holy Origin. For example, ride hands to the sky. Or clearly say the word "taboo": oddly enough, many tribes speak of various languages ​​know him. To reduce the likelihood of being incorrectly understood, before traveling learning on the native inferior or one of the European languages ​​(in Latin America – in Spanish, in Africa – in English or French) main words: "it is forbidden", "holy", "the God", "exchange", and similar to them.

"My golden crossed Coruba was very lucky. I had to explain that I can’t give it, because it is unagnress to God. Helped. They understand that amulets is holy".

Games with children in the fresh air. Five rules of behavior with cannibals

Rule fourth: never spare

If you give out gifts to everyone in a row, you will immediately be allowed not only friends, but also enemies: someone snapped, someone is not, then the leader came and everything selected. Therefore, all the gifts bring only the leader – and then, then, let them distribute them himself.

"I gave Maya, chief tribe, scissors. She first did not understand what it was. Then I cut off strand of hair at her daughter – all ashung. No one expected that you can do it so fast".

Rule fifth: be easier

Never refuse. Offering anything, the natives do it from the bottom of the heart, and refuse – it means to offend. Take all: and edible larvae, and wife. Even if it shocks you. In the event that you are convinced vegetarian or gave vobs of celibacy – see the beginning.

Games with children in the fresh air. Five rules of behavior with cannibals

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