Gansko Chadolubie

There is no man in Ghana who would not love children. Typically, parents pay their upbringing a lot of time. For in Africa they say: "The tree bends until it is young. If you deprive children with attention, you are a crocodile in your own home". For leprosy, the little chalop is always asked from parents. When the son or daughter behave unworthy, bad glory spreads about their ancestors, since "Frog imites frog".

Children in Ghana are extremely many, almost half of the population. Such a demographic paradox is simply explained. Local ladies before you have a child, go to Akomo Ancocks, sorcerer. Paul kid talks to her husband in advance. In this campaign, the future feminine is accompanied by the oldest woman of the family. The ceremony is performed in the evening. The sorcerer puts the skirt from Rafia’s palm, covers the body of white clay, enters the trans and asks to bring him a piece of Two, sacred tree from the forest (so strong that the decoction is treated from it and syphilis).

When the Two cut down, the sorcerer in a special place makes the subject of sacred water, in which no less sacred clay is stirred. Sometimes such a liquid smear the belly of a barren woman. A few days later, her husband is allowed to cut out of the Twine Akuaba, fertility doll.

Look at the dance of the Priests Akomo Ancieces going to all selenia. Summer itself takes part in dances. After the fulfillment of the necessary rituals, a woman should wear a doll made by her husband, like a real child, on his back. Every 40 days ritual dancing repeated. This ceremony is not free. Sorcerers of Ghana too need to live on something.

Wooden sculpture, giving offspring, has many options. But most of them resemble the ANC, the Egyptian cross of life, symbolizing the flow of the Nile in the sea and the penetration of phallus in the vagina. Africans find puppet proportions excellent, despite the huge disk-shaped head. At the torsa necessarily there is a PUP and small breasts. Open hands – Molba symbol. Shamans recommend to their customers bathe the sculpture in warm water, massage her head, and to get pregnant for sure, wearing with you not alone, but at once there are two dolls.

Some ethnographer from Ghana wrote: "The art of the Golden Shore is people. Studying sculpture, we must look closely at yourself". Huge head and high forehead – bright signs of audience and beauty. Children of some nations of Ghana are born by heavy-haired, reminiscent of fertility gods. The local canons of beauty passes from people to the akuabam, dolls and back. This is how the identity and uniqueness of people of West Africa is supported. If we talk about female beauty, the long neck, oval caviar and buttocks, thin fingers and long on the legs, bushy eyebrows are popular in Ghana. When all this is available – in girls are not disturbing. In order for the appearance of the child to correspond to generally accepted canons, a pregnant woman should look more often on the doll and hope that the child will be born in the same handsome. She is not recommended to look at the disgrace, ugliness … on bad figures. During pregnancy, a woman is trying to protect against all sorts of bad influence. It is believed here that the mental impact on the child in the womb can be carried out through the mother. Therefore, congenital deficiencies in infants who appeared on the world explain the evil eye.

If future parents want a boy, then the husband cuts the doll with a square head. Girls are expected to appear with round-headed acouaba. Oval head determines the soft character of the child, regardless of the floor. With doll under day and sleep at night. She is put in the coffin when the woman dies so that the spirit of the deceased did not return back to the Earth without offspring. There are figures that help to avoid miscarriage, death during childbirth, some give a child wisdom and good manners, others contribute to the appearance of twins and even triples. Girls teach to play with them at an early age.

Gansko Chadolubie

Separate copies of dolls help to find lost child. Africa believe that the world around the world is inhabited by deities, spirits. Gansa – no exception. Nature for them animated. Each source, ravine, waterfall, each rock has long been associated with Africans with surreal creatures, supernatural forces. One of the spirits, for example, loves to play with children, luring them with funny stories in the thicket. Therefore, when the village kid disappears, accuse Motia, a malicious peasant, covered with wool. Edible supplies, money, as well as wooden akuaba. In exchange for such gifts, Maoutiya lets the child.

Along with the Christian name, the parents give their siblos one another, pointing the day of the week when Karapuz was born, for the day of the week determines the entire Fate of Ganz. John Kuasida name means John was born on Monday, and Kofi Anan – Friday. Since Kuasid is the beginning of the week, and Kofi – Friday. English colonialists, having become acquainted with the traditions and beliefs of the Gantsev, wrote a curious poem. In the free translation, it sounds like this:

"On Monday, born will be beautiful,
Tuesday the child will be happy.
Born on Wednesday in Sorrow drown,
Thursday child clouds offek.
Friday – Saw Hands in Blood,
Dialing love will be born on Saturday.
And the one who appeared on Sunday,
People will give joy with fun".

So do not be lazy to find out what day you did the first in your life.

Gansko Chadolubie

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