Butterfly Park on Phuket – Closed

Today we go to the Phuket Park Butterflies. The charming place where you can get acquainted with the life of insects and arthropods. Unlike other butterfly parks, where I was, here they really have, do not hide in the corners and under the leaves of plants, and freely flute, collect nectar at special feeding points. They can be seen with their own eyes, take a picture, and if you are lucky, then one of the beauties of the park will even pose in your hand.

Butterfly Blog Excerpt.

How much can you sit in this stuffy cocoon?

Gentlemen, open! Hear? I’m closely and I’m tired of being a green caterpillar! Green color is absolutely not suitable for my eyes! It does not look like Alice’s fairy tale in wonderland, I was deceived!

It all starts with a small hole that ships the nail. You did not know that the butterflies have nails? More than any. Even their beauty salons, when ten manicures are at the same time painstakingly inclined over your legs. Conveyor, of course, but the whole thing in Lilac varnish – it approaches my lilac wings. Where in a cocoon manicure salon? you do not believe me? Consider tiny lgunya? You do not know anything about me! I also write hockey ..

Rings in the morning coolness.

Flowers in ecstasy.

Where is the sun? Gentlemen, today promised the sun? Perhaps I’ll wait until tomorrow.

Time to drink tea. Inhale pairs of red tea polyphenols and cheer yourself caffeine aroma. Surprised carefully to watch the chamber of the water that has fallen in boiling water, which changed water color. Wisely contemporary. Looks like a desire for late Boshu. Aesthetic and physical.

Day and night rains rain.

Wet and zyabko wings.

I have amazing beauty wings. Like two deep lakes with tiny oases. Real Nymph Beauty! Himmering Ovosaki do not cause anything except calf tenderness. Please lock my beauty up to pixel.

Garden Butterflies on Phuket - Prices, Photos, Reviews Travel Guide in Phuket

Oh, how lovely fluttering from over pink color buds and climb upstairs to white ballet packs of clouds.

The first room of the butterflies Park is a small exposition of the insect world. Who is just not here! Multicolored beetles crashing. Grasshopes of all sizes and colors. Spiders from which throws in a shiver. Sternshots similar to the usual sheet. Crickets, cicades, dragonflies, scorpions, tarantulas, termites, many-ones, flies and other representatives of the world of small creatures – full delight for lovers and experts.

Doors swing up – and you get into the world of butterflies. Huge territory in 1600 kV.M. Carefully fenced with a grid, about 40 different types of butterflies live in the park. The riot of paints is striking. Purple and pink orchids, emerald foliage, sparkling waterfall, golden fish in a pond and even small turtles. Watch around, slap in your hands, and you will see the revived flowers. Charming fluttering creatures are completely merged with foliage, it hurts above the colors, then play with the wind, then drink banana nectar. Special feeders for butterflies are placed all over the garden. Every instance you can carefully consider and take a picture. If you are lucky, some of the bold beauties goes on your hand.

In addition to a variety of colorful butterflies in the park, you can observe all their stages of development. Find out what the differences between butterflies and moths. See eggs, larvae and dolls. Do you know how silk do in Thailand? In the museum of Shelka, you will see pupae of silkworms and get acquainted with the whole process. In a cozy gazebo in the park, watching chaotic beauty, you feel the eastern philosopher, contemplating a living nature away from the noise and bustle of the big city, and get rid of stress and cargo everyday problems. So the park of butterflies will be interesting not only to children, but also their parents.

In the park butterflies there is a small souvenir shop, where you can buy some copies of a fairly large collection of butterflies and insects Thailand, key chains with spiders and scorpions inside and other gifts for relatives and friends. Refreshing to help you cool drinks in the cafe.

Phuket Butterfly Garden
Address: 71/6 Moo 5 Soi Phaniang, Yaowarat Road, Samkong, Phuket.
Coordinates: 7.912287697539967, 98.37520837783813
Ticket price: 300 baht for adult, 150 baht for children under 10 years old, children up to 4 years old – free.
Opening hours: from 9 am to 17 pm.

Butterfly Park closed in 2015 and no longer opens. For butterflies, go to the Botanical Garden .

Garden Butterflies on Phuket - Prices, Photos, Reviews Travel Guide in Phuket

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