Garmisch-Partenkirchen represents the largest and well-known ski area throughout Germany. Up until the 30s of the last century, the resort consisted of only several of the villages, from the two names of which today and the name of the famous resort.

The authorities decided to combine two settlements in one specifically for the Day of the Olympic Games. Almost 30,000 inhabitants live on the territory of the resort. The town resembles a medieval village, completely and close by which gingerbread houses painted with interesting drawings are scattered.

Surprisingly, but the central road Garmisha Running in the same place where there is no time during the existence of the Roman Empire, important trading routes were held. During the Roman rule, the fortress walls rose on the site of the modern resort. The resort is famous not only for picturesque nature, but also excellent cuisine, as well as excellent shopping options in small, cozy shops. From the mountain slopes you can ride both professional skiing and amateur, cross-country. Recently, Garmisch is becoming increasingly popular among snowboarders for whom special highways are built.

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What is interesting to see in Garmishe?

Top sights Garmisha

Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Excursions and events

In the city of the attractions find it difficult, except that you can endlessly walk among «Toy» houses, by narrow winding streets, looping from one shop to another. In general, it is worth saying one thing that Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Ski resort, which is more suitable for family pastry.

Mostly excursion groups with a leader in the form of an experienced guide hold a course in urban surroundings, in the vintage castles of King Bavaria – Ludwig. Buses regularly depart from the resort, which drives travelers to the capital. Rights from Garnish, the village of Oberamergau was located, in which locals live in harmony with good traditions and lead the old way of life – Excellent opportunity to penetrate the traditions of the edge.

Among other things, Garnish – Not an ordinary ski resort, but also the place of important events. For example, often in the city Congresses and festivals. One of the brightest holidays – Music dedicated to the talent of the Strauss.

In the summer months, no rare cases of conducting theatrical ideas in the open. In the city there are more than a hundred restaurants and cafes, each of which is ready to feed the tired traveler until.

History Garmisha

Climate in Garmishe

It is believed that a moderate warm climate reigns in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. During the year, significant precipitation is noticeable. Even in the most arid periods, it is worth expecting rain or snow. The average annual rainfall varies around 1000 millimeters. And the average annual temperature reaches only 7 – 9 degrees above zero.

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The least precipitation should be expected in February, and more – In the middle of summer. In July, the sun can make the air to the maximum to the mark not more than 20 degrees. But in the winter months, the average temperature is held only on -2. The best time for riding lasts from the end of the autumn before the beginning of the spring.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – The perfect place to occupy your favorite sports. Here will be useful both mountain and cross-country skiing. In addition to skiing, the resort offers other winter fun. For example, in recent years, snowboarders from all over the world began to actively arrive at the resort, and convenient routes were created for this. Both children and adults will be able to have fun playing snowballs or riding on sledding.

Special family entertainment – Ice Curling Play. Also in the resort area there are several spacious rinks. Among other things, it is necessary to visit the walls of the Olympic Ice Palace. Especially for visitors to the resort were developed numerous entertainment shows and animated programs that will be relevant at any time of the weather and for any age category.

Widow rolling on skis, snowboard, it is worth going to walk around the neighborhood of the city. The total length of specially cleared for this, the tracks is almost a hundred kilometers. The entire snow-covered surface of the Garnish can be conditionally divided into several zones, each of which will approach their category skiers and athletes.

Transport features Garmisha

The closest airport for international flights receiving the resort is located in the capital – Munich. Two points are divided between themselves through a hundred kilometers. On the way will have to spend about 3-4 hours depending on the selected vehicle on which the traveler decided to get to the place.

From Munich a bus goes daily, but it will be free to get to the railway or taking advantage of the car rental (the car dominates you in 2 hours, we all know about the quality of German tracks). The resort has several bus routes and funicular.

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