Gasthof Neuwirth – House-Museum Coppits Wurst

Editors Travel.RU The first of the Russian journalists visited the Austrian Village Bad Mitterndorf (Bad Mitterndorf). Probably, a quiet settlement will soon be the place of pilgrimage of numerous fans of the winner of the latter "Eurovision" Copy Wurst. After all, it is here that Gasthof Neuwirth is a hotel and a restaurant who own the parents of Thomas Neuvirta.

About 70 km from Salzburg through the mountain passes on serpents past the most beautiful lakes and alpine meadows – and we are in place.

Bad Mittendorf in Styria

Usually about such villages they write "Silent patriarchal losing village among the snow". Although there are equipped slopes in the surrounding mountains, and the cross-country trails are laid around, most of those who wanted to go skiing in a close-up of fashionable Bad Ishla, and they are mainly traveling to Bad Mittendorf, and do not want to overpay for Hotel at the popular resort.

Thomas Neuvirta Parent Four-storey House is almost on the outskirts. Probably, a year ago, it was a guest house, known only in narrow circles of neighbors and accumulating housing near tourists. Now everything has changed. There is no doubt that we arrived at the right address. Banners bang over the entrance "It’s a house of parents cumshot beat" and "Congratulations to Copter Wurst with a victory for Eurovision". Near the entrance – Portrait of Copy.

Parents’ house Coppits Wurst

Even in the middle of a weekday – in the February Thursday – parking in front of the guest house is full of cars. Some guests are their own: Hello with the owners, sit behind their table. But there is I "outsiders" – come and ask menu. However, the crowd of fans with drawn beards, which can be found in the speeches of the grace, is not here, the Gasthof still remains the typical provincial Austrian institution of the middle hand. Wooden chairs with hearts on the backs and simple tables covered with linen tablecloths, on the walls of uncomplicated reproductions with mountainous species and a couple of posters with autographs of winners of skiing competitions – the usual interior that can be seen in hundreds of family restaurants in this country.

Restaurant in Gasthof Neuwirth

And even around a lot of shelves with beer circles, in which photographs are invested: on the long-term tradition, in Germany and Austria in some establishments are kept constant visitors. In the restaurant Noyvirts, the mugs are the same, the owners distinguish them in their own pictures.

Bar rack with registered circles

Domestic Austrian dishes menu: Soups with soups, sausages, strudel. Prices are still moderate, lower than, for example, in similar places in the capital or in popular resorts.

Soup with soup and Austrian wine

And yet to forget about who belongs to this house is impossible. Where do not look – portraits and souvenirs from the gravity and for graduation.

On the bar rack of the basket with narrow long sausages – it seems, the local butcher has fallen and quickly mastered the production "new variety" products, playing with the words with a pseudonym that glorified fellow villagers – souvenir is called "Conchita Wurst Wurst" ("Sausage Copter sausage").

Personal sausages from the end of the wurst

Those who want to spend more money can buy Designer T-shirts with a comic-shaped graduate or T-shirts with the name of the village Bad Mittendorf.

T-shirt with cumshot wurst

One of the rooms of the restaurant has been turned into a real museum of Copy. Behind the glass windows are the cradles sent by the fans of the crafts, among which there are even "3D image" Crochet singers, souvenir products with discs and personal Mug Tom Neuvirt. On the walls within the framework of the hits of the newspapers with interviews and articles dedicated to the winner "Eurovide-2014", Pictures of fans.

Gasthof Neuwirth - House-Museum Coppits Wurst

In a prominent place, there is a book in which you can leave the message Cum. Basically, everything is in German, in English, in Spanish, in Italian are confessed in love and thank for creativity. We left the first entry in Russian.

Message book for cumshots Wurst
Record in the book of wishes for Copying Worste from Travel.Ru

Eating in a restaurant and look at the improvised museum every day from Thursday to Monday with 11.30 to 14.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00. On Tuesday and Wednesday, it is usually closed, but, if desired, it will be possible to organize a visit to.

We will not forget that Neuvirts are held not only the restaurant, but also Gasthof: anyone can live under the roof, where there is Thomas from time to time. On the third floor there are five guest rooms for 2-4 people. Conditions are modest: simple functional furniture, loss parquet floors, Wi-Fi No, Amenities are located on the floor. But from the windows you can see the valley and mountain peaks. You can reserve the room personally by writing the owners – Gasthof is still not registered in popular hotel booking systems.

Double room in Gasthof Neuwirth
Room with a sofa in Gasthof Neuwirth
4-bed room
Room on four

Thomas Neuvirt and used to be quite famous in Austria, and after the victory on "Eurovision 2014" He learned about him the whole world. Excellent voice, artistry, attractive and simultaneously scandalous appearance – all together are excellent deposits in order to turn into a legend from the popular singer. But while the fans do not greatly annoy Neuvirts: it’s still distinguished. Mostly only send parcels with souvenirs. Rooms in this gasthof, like in the whole village, relieve economy athletes skiing, riding in the surrounding resorts.

Guest House Parents Coppits Wurst

That is, everyone else has a chance to see the most ordinary Austrian house – Gasthof parents Copy of Wurst, while in favor of the crowds of fans, they did not turn into an attraction for tourists.

Address: Zauchen 81 Bad Mitterndorf 8983
Telephone: 0043 36 23/36 52
Emeyl: [email&# 160; Protected]

Gasthof Neuwirth - House-Museum Coppits Wurst

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