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Recently, various kinds of gastronomic and wine tours in Spain are becoming increasingly popular. And this is not surprising, because, as not to gastronomic addictions of the local population, it can fully reflect the culture and identity of the region. We enjoyed immersed in the topic of Spanish gastronomy. Not only is it incredibly interesting, it is still unusually tasty 🙂

Last week we were invited to participate in the master class and courses of cutting of Spanish Hamon, to taste local wines and fly on a helicopter around local vineyards and olive plantations.

We went to the winery f. Salado, located just 15 minutes from Seville, in the village of Umbrete, the Alkarafe region (Aljarafe). Bodega F. Salado has more than 200 years of history and today it controls the fifth generation of Salado family!

The owner himself, Rafael Salalado, Biscolously met us on his faith and gladly spent the excursion in the history of Bodegi and told about the methods of wine production. It was interesting to know that the region of Seville, namely, Alcarafe, is famous for the traditional white wine bridge (Mosto). This variety of wine is highlighted by the ready-to-use one month after vintage! Residents of the village will remove, call themselves Mosto’s parents, remove the first sample of this golden drink in November. An interesting host story was generously fenced with wine tasting straight from barrels. Well, do not flag?

On the vineyards F. SALADO Grow white grapes, Pedro Jiménez Y Garría Fina varieties and in the production of wine use a method called "Criaderas Y Soleraas", the essence of which is in special exposure and mixing of wine. The most "old" or most matched wine in the barrels is placed on the floor, it is put on it the next row of barrels with more "young" wine, above even more "young" drink. When the owner breaks the wine in the bottle, he stresses from the bottom bar for only one third of the wine formed in the barrel fills the refill from the next row, and so rises up the rows. As a result, the wines of different ages are mixed, as a result of which we get a product, on which the year of ripening grapes does not affect. I must say that a similar method is widely used and when aging brandy alcohols.

Winery F.Salado does not stand still and constantly expands the range of products. For example, they are the first in their region, took up the manufacture of red and sparkling wines.

An interesting story and a delicious tasting did not play the appetite and the camera lens, I myself, not wanting, focused on the foot of the Hamon, who is awaiting his hour aside.

Finally, and we got to Delicates. D. O. Jamón de Huelva, Jamón ibérico de Bellota – Hamon made from pigs of Iberian breed, grown exclusively on acorns, which indicates the impeccable quality of this delicious natural product!

For persons not dedicated to the subtleties of production, filing and consumption of Hamon, probably a little strangely sounds "master class by cutting Hamon". But it should be noted that in Spain, this process takes one of the dominant roles and people who fully mastered the professional skills of Hamon’s cutting skills, no less appreciated than, for example, chefs – owners of Michelin stars!

That is why it is worth noting that the host of this master class, Antonio Bobillo is a virtuoso of his business, is a member of the National Association of Masters of Cutting Hamon (there is such an organization!).

The master class began with a small lecture on various types and varieties of Hamon. Contrary to the widespread opinion that the foot with a black-colored hoof is the main criterion of quality, I want to say that this opinion is, in part, erroneous. Since, in addition to the breed of the pig itself (it is the breed that affects the color of the hoof), a special diet is extremely important, which adhered to the animal, as well as his pedigree.

Two main types of Hamon, who can be found in any supermarket – this "Hamon Iberico", as mentioned above, produced from the pigs of the Iberian breed and "Hamon Serrano", produced from the pigs of non-Iberian breed. Moreover, if an animal has at least 50% of the Iberian breed in a pedigree, then it will already be attributed to "Hamon Iberico". Accordingly, the cleaner of the breed, the better than the Hamon. The second, not a unavailable criterion for assessing the quality of Hamon – feed and growing environment. For these criteria ************* for 4 varieties: Jamón Ibérico de Cebo – Pigs grown in captivity and focused by the feed, Jamón Ibérico de Cebo Campo – Pigs grown on pasture, but focused by the feed, Jamón Ibérico de Recebo – Pigs grown on pasture focused by acorns, but, due to the undecid weight, perfect with feed and bean and, finally, Jamón Ibérico de Bellota – Pigs, 100% grown on acorns.

The master class was organized for a group of 9 people.

We went to a private airfield, not far from Umbrete, anticipating clouds!

In the parking lot of the airfield, we met such an aggregate. Motorcycle "Ural" so well familiar to many compatriots, decorated with a red star and a spermnaya shovel!

Waiting for the landing, it was possible to make some of the interesting personnel, imprinted jumping parachutes.

The sky above the airfield was literally sleeping with colored spots performing intricate pyruetics.

They landed no less effectively.

This is what it looks inside the plane, raising a parachute landing in the sky. Modestly and, apparently, without a business class.

In addition to the parachute club, there is a school of training pilots and a large number of private aircraft in the airfield.

Finally served our helicopter.

Brand of this device – Robinson 44, Capacity – 3 passengers + pilot.

Passing the necessary, minimal instruction, we fastened the seat belts firmly, armed with headphones and smoothly broke away from the ground ..

Captures spirit! Feeling of flight, space and charm of local beauties – an indescribable mixture of feelings and emotions! From the cockpit of the helicopter, which, as if specially created for photographers, opens extraordinary landscapes.

Beautiful Seville and the Guadiamar River ..

Green patchwork olive fields ..

Gastronomic excursions on Andalusia and Hamon Currics - Costa del Sol, Spain Blogs and

And the real Spanish manor!

Forests, bordering with the famous National Park of Donyan ..

It is a pity that everything good ends so quickly, we safely returned to Earth and sent our propeller friend to refueling.

During our absence, the workshop moved to the open air, and on the tables were plates with fragrant snacks, wine-colored slices of ham, cheese and local sausage – chorrizo.

The disciples, not hard and a special knife, slice for slice sliced ​​ham under the guidance of our instructor, Antonio.

It turned out that the correct slicing jamon – employment fairly time consuming and requires a lot of knowledge and skills. First of all, jamon leg must be properly secured on a special stand – hamonere, in addition, the shredding should be 3 special knife: long, thin, small and sharp, and a hatchet. Cutting must be strictly horizontally as thin as possible and smoothly rounding bone. But, of course, the skill comes with practice.

A practice under the guidance of a master – key to success!

A real professional and an arsenal of instruments is presented in the extended range.

Of particular interest hamonera stand on which is engraved the name of the master. We told you a secret that such a stand worth 600 euros!

The most important thing to sliced ​​ham – this is the correct movement of the hand. The knife should be an extension of the fingers.

In the hands of professional trivial process slicing meat looks like a cut diamond.

And the result is worthy of all praise. Is not there salivating at the sight of such beauty?

Our trip was fun and "delicious". We ate and drank plenty of local delicacies, but this is our familiarity with the jamon is not over. After that we went to the factory "Jamones Eíriz", which produces some of the best ham in Spain. And this is our next post!

Gastronomic excursions on Andalusia and Hamon Currics - Costa del Sol, Spain Blogs and

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