Gastronomic Guide to France

This year France has once again become the most visited tourist destinations in the world. She has something to offer guests, and not the last place here is the French cuisine, which is diverse as much as the country itself. "My Planet" made a gastronomic guide for seafood lovers. What? Where? how much?

WHAT True Buyabes (Bouillabaisse: Bouille + Peis – Bouillir + Poisson, "Boiled" + "Fish") – Fish Soup, which is possible to try only in Marseille. It is alleged that the Greeks buuabes came up with and brought him to Marseille in 600 BC. NS. Although most of the residents of Marseille more like another version: as if this soup came up with the Greek goddess of Aphrodite (at the Romans – Venus) specifically to showpone the vigilance of her husband – Hephaest (volcano) so that he, in turn, did not notice her inlets with Ares (Mars). The soup is cooked on fish broth with more than ten species of certain seafood, including crabs, sea damn, perch, suntech with the addition of onion, garlic, tomatoes, fennel, orange zest, saffron and, most importantly, the set of olive herbs. Soup is served: chopped with thick slices dried bread, which should be smeared with a special garlic sauce and red pepper, loose in thick welded soup and eat. At the same time, fish from this soup is served on a separate dish.

WHERE So that the famous soup was not drained in the eyes of the guests cheap copies, in 1980 the Charter of Buyabes was signed, to fulfill the most different restaurants on the price policy. Now the most real (officially!) Buyabes should try in Restaurants Le Caribou, Chez Caruso, Le Miramar, Chez Fonfon, L’Epuisette, Peron and Le Rhul in the old port of Marseille. Other institutions are preparing, maybe and tasty, but wrong.

How much from € 30 per plate up to € 100 per suits

WHAT Mussels actually served almost anywhere in France. But Provence is deserved to carry the title of leader among other regions of the country by cooking these inhabitants of the sea. Here they are extinguished, and boiled, and baked, and stuffing, and served with different sauces. Well, the king among all recipes is Provencalsky – these are mussels stewed in tomato sauce with the addition of other aromatic ingredients of Luke, garlic, celery and, of course, the secret set of provence herbs.

WHERE If you are driving, you can go to any side of Marseille and wrap in villages, the name of which will definitely end to "Provence". There is definitely here in this house at the beach will be served the gentle mussels of Provencal, and at the Central Town Hall – to peacefully water. But we will recommend Le Cintra in ex-en-provence. It seems here a cook has achieved perfection in the preparation of this dish. Not a single negative feedback about his work you will hear.

How much € 23 per potted corporate mussels with portion of potatoes fries

WHAT Oysters are best trying in Narbon. First, the city itself deserves to inspect it. Secondly, there are beautiful sandy beaches, long so much that the end and edges are not visible. But most importantly: the most famous oyster farms are located in Narbonne, which are open to visits. Local Francois in fishing boots and a broad-breasted hat will be happy to tell you about the breeding of oysters in captivity, and then will demonstrate their collection. In the cooked form of the freshest oysters, served in a small cafe with the same farms. Oysters must be eaten with special vinegar, lemon and bread, to which sauce, as a chief dishes and as a snack. The main and, perhaps, the only condition: their freshness. Therefore, the closer to the place of collection – the better.

Gastronomic Guide to France

WHERE Served oysters almost in every restaurant Narbonne – and in the pretty summer cafe on the coast, and in authentic restaurants in the center. In Les Grands Buffets, for example, you can even order for breakfast. Restaurant, by the way, has greatly proven itself not only to the magnificent cuisine, but also the fact that it works without a break. For France, this is a terrible rarity!

How much € 8 for 6 pieces, € 12 – for 10 (in Les Grands Buffets € 50-60 for dinner per person with wine and oysters as the main dish)

WHAT Famous Scallops Saint-Jacques! Their fishing in France is allowed only from the end of October to May, twice a week to 30 minutes, mostly, mainly in Normandy, that is, in the north of the country. Therefore, riding "scallops" is best in the fall, when there are special swing festivals along the whole coast. The most famous of them are FETE de La Coquille – October 23-24 in Ville-sur-Mer and Le Goût Du Large – November 13-14 in Por-An-Bessen-Yuppen.

WHERE Exclusively on the central square, where on the occasion of the festival there are more than 150 shops in which they sell mussels, shrimps, cheeses, souvenirs and Saint-Jaci scallops. The best chefs of the region will offer their dishes for free tasting, and the scallops can be touched right here, sitting on time tables. Scallops in Sidra, scallops with onions, scallops in Calvados, scallops baked, fried and grilled to drink, naturally, apple sidront, which is also famous for Normandy.

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