Gastronomic St. Petersburg: 10 best establishments to visit

Let’s start with sweet. Cafes-ice cream "Delicious things" offers about 40 types of handmade ice cream for every taste, even the most sophisticated. For example, how do you have ice cream with a taste of zucchini or with taste of white mushrooms? And there is still chestnut, apple sorbet with a tarhoon, with a ripper, with chanterelles … The main plus is that there is no chemistry, only natural ingredients, ice cream as a work of art. I will say honestly, the Russian product is not inferior to the famous Fenoccio from Nice or "Thunder" from Genoa. My favorites – with gorgonzole and cedar nuts, as well as with Borodino bread.

Address: Big Prospect P. WITH., 16/1

"Mishka Bar"

It is believed that the best Syrian Falafel is now doing here too. Trying!

Address: Nab. River Fontanka, 40

Asian cuisines

For Asian cuisine you can safely go to Jack&Chan on Italian Street. Chan is preparing the traditional Chinese wok, and Jack is American burgers, so the hungry will not be right. To the reserve – the Panasian "Umao" with Dim-Sami and Thai soups on the Connogvardea Boulevard. If you want Fastfud, I recently opened Marukame, this is the largest network of Restaurants Udon in Japan. Udon himself is fat, like sausages; Especially pleased the lack of harmful carbonated drinks, instead of them, Mors on the IKEA system – "pay only for a glass": cranberry, brushing, sea buckthorn. Well, asahi, where without him?

Addresses: ul. Italian 15; Connogvardeisky Boulevard, 11; Nevsky Prospekt 88.


Alas, first a little negativity. I read B "Poster" (number for July 2013, which is dedicated to only Peter) that it is an inexpensive restaurant with a non-smoking room, how students dreamed of their restaurant and embodied their dream to life, what the modern menu is here and which charismatic waiters here. About waiters – I could not think that so. I remember how we came there specifically in the evening, the waiter did not want to let us start, because after half an hour the bar closed, barely persuaded it to let me drink beer. The next day, the same waiter was still charismatic and did not rush to us, and it seemed to me that we were very distracted by our requests to "eat and drink" from the gatherings with friends at the next table, and when we asked a glass of water, he was so evil Looked, as if this was the last water in a cafe in the Gobi desert.

However, I urge to give a chance to "Apron", reviews of friends about it are the best, praise especially breakfast. Place is located on the fashion street Rubinstein.

Address: Rubinstein 15-17

"Zing Bar"

Located near "Apron". Before our campaign, we were told that "Zing Bar" Good cocktails. But they were mistaken, not only good cocktails here, everything is good here. The guys make classic cocktails with history (for example, Mount Julep, a favorite drink of all the heroes of the novel "Great Gatsby"). Cocktails are trembling, fundamentally do not have in stock Coca-Cola, it is replaced by other drinks. Food liked, and sit under big forged chandelines I wanted a clock. Interestingly, the waiter who recognized us on the second day, made the girls free cocktails and presented small bouquets with flowers.

Gastronomic St. Petersburg 10 of the best institutions that should be visited

Address: ul. Lomonosova, 14

"Green Room"

Cultural and exhibition Loft-project "Floors" has long become the attraction of the city. Gallery, hostel, shops of young local designers, coffee shop … But do not forget to dine in the "green room", the prices there are very democratic, in the menu is the complete Solyanka: from Uzbek mantas and borscht to Tuscan tomato soup with Bruschettuses.

Address: Ligovsky PR., 74


Address: ul. Large sea 45

Where to go if you are still hungry? So, pass the gallop.
Zig Zag Bar Restaurant – North American Cuisine with the Interior of the 60s (Ul. Pea 59/92).
The best burgers in the city – "Bureau" on Zhukovsky, 29.
From legendary seats – "Pyneshnaya" On a small stable, which already exists 150, buffets in caps and coffee with condensed milk, classic!

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