Gastronomic tourism in Finland. Selection of useful products

Go to Finland for shopping – it became, not to say that everyday, but quite frequent phenomenon for residents of border areas. And given the fact that the largest megapolis – St. Petersburg is located near the border, the number of tourists going down to make purchases and relax on the weekend has become quite numerous, and even acquired its name so-called "gastronomic tourism".

It has long been noticed by many that the Finnish nature generously gives a rich diversity of delicious clean products: fish, cereals, vegetables, berries, mushrooms and ditchy and forest animals. Whether the climate with its white nights in the summer and dark time in the fall, whether unique water, forests and air, whether the care of animals and tough control over the cleanliness of the environment. But the result is evident – Finns produce excellent food.

Finnish food is an excellent north taste, natural quality purity, this is energy and health. Who felt this useful and natural taste of Finnish products, he will surely want to buy these products in Finnish stores for themselves and their family.

Finnish scientist is constantly studying the relationship between the quality of products, the health diet with the health of the population. All this is analyzed and is widely distributed both in the media and in practical change in trends and approaches to a healthy lifestyle in the field of nutrition.

In Finland, there is a national nutritional council, which is developing these recommendations by tying the need for full nutrition with an active lifestyle, preventing various diseases, as well as studying the genetic features of a person living in a certain area, useful and necessary products for him..

What are the food in everyday product basket of an ordinary Finnish citizen? And what is buying Russian buyer in Finnish stores?

So, let’s start with the dairy department. Finn’s milk is excellent! For many years, research has been conducted here for the beneficial properties of milk, and the first Finnish Nobel laureate was a researcher in this area.

Finns of the middle and older generations take milk in blue packaging, it’s no fat, everything is known about it, or in blue, where the fatness is small, but everything you need for the body in stock are impatiently clearing the packaging with yogurt, whether there is fatty. Milk with low lactose (milk sugar) and lactose milk in many species for sale in Finnish stores. And this milk retains the taste of fresh milk. And the Finnish buyer, knowing his health, takes what he can’t harm – low-fat dairy products.

Russian buyers take milk in red packaging with the highest fatness percentage. They traditionally consider the largerness, the better the milk!

Take Russian tourists and different yogurts, not paying attention to anything, knowing that the quality is good. what else to watch there?

Finns practically do not take oil, although they have it just wonderful. They are enough to take plant margarine, which includes a different vitamined greens, and, without lactose, carefully looking at the packaging the percentage of vegetable fats, often preferred by Margarine Keiju with its subtle taste, excellent in combination with fresh rye bread.

Russian tourists take oil. Last spring, the Finns even started talking about the fact that it is necessary to raise the price of oil, it has an attachment demand for Russian buyers. Finnish oil is sold for export too, mostly, only to Russia.

Also, tourists love to buy fish, especially salmon of different smoking and salting, Finns, if they take salmon, then, mostly, fresh, and prepare themselves, making or diet salmon soup, or prepare it in Finnish at home on their own. And the Finnish hostess will better buy a rippushka, there is less fat in it, and the FINNY TASK OF THE FAVORITE RYAKOKOVA is preferable.

Special demand for tourists enjoys salmon caviar, the finnas to taste better rippushkaya. By the way, the finnov caviar has always been everyday food, and they prepare, for example, fresh ripple caviar in milk like porridge. And eat it accordingly also. And Canadians of caviar emit at all when cleaning salmon as an incommant part. At the indigenous northern peoples, their habits of weirdness, and in Northern Russia, there was the same strange one for today’s Habit.

Finns love cheeses, but there is a cheese exist, so as not to overdo the use, because in the cheese there is a lot of fatness, although, of course, there are cheeses and with a small percentage, but it is already an amateur.

In the bread department, tourists do not look much, although the reduction in the quality of bread on the other side of the border has already felt all. Although the number of buyers of rye Finnish bread is becoming more and more by paying attention to the price. The Finnish bread is wonderful, and the competing of the production of small bakeries not only determines the price, and it is known to be high, but also excellent taste. Rye bread, like Finnish dry rye loaves, are recognized as one of the highest quality in the world. Finnish children love criste with loaves, it’s tasty, and useful – strengthens their teeth, given the fact that children today almost everywhere eaten, basically soft food, which does not contribute to children’s health.

Finland is one of the producers of dietary products. Finnish doctors made a lot of discoveries, especially in matters of the effect of rich foods for human health, and especially those who are subject to various diseases, including diabetes. After all, it is not by chance almost every finn, an adult or a child, eats in the morning Multisite porridge, well having squeaked it with clean environmental fresh forest finnish berries: blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberry.

Incecked the century Northern peoples of Eli Rzhana Bread and Forest Berries. This is genetically promoting the health of a person living in the north.

Gastronomic tourism in Finland. Selection of useful products

Finnish buyer takes oatmeal and other cereals, milk, berries. By providing yourself with a full breakfast. But the pasta and so on with him is not a Finnish product.

Tourists and meat products are bought. And I must say that Finland is a reference in the field of concern for animals and birds with its national program to protect their health, minimizing the use of medicines, on hard monitoring of the cleanliness of the room and the content of animals and birds. Finnish manufacturers have strict responsibility to the buyer for the quality of meat and meat products. For example, Salmonella almost never occurs in Finland.

And in his grocery basket, tourists put Finnish candies, chocolate, Finnish coffee, tea. Take juices. Baby food and baby.

Finns do not indulge their children with sweets every day, if only the Lacrice, which children constantly chew. Thus, those who have been accustomed to her, Finnish children purify their teeth.

In the vegetable department of the Finnish tourist store there are practically no, the Finns are buying a turnip, beets, onions, potatoes, tomatoes cucumbers, salad. – all your, environmentally friendly product. Although last year in the spring tourists from Russia bought a lot of potatoes.

I want to say separately about the repex, a very useful turnip is forgotten in Russia, while an amazing vegetable is widely used in Finnish cuisine and love Finns.

Let’s summarize.

Finnish healthy nutrition science went far ahead, making a certain focus on rye bread and foods from cereals, on rapeseed and products from it, especially since it is grown in its local conditions, on oats products, for lactose products, local mushrooms and berries, emphasis to ensure that many people suffering from high cholesterol in blood, allergies, diabetes. also could eat all these same products calculated on them.

Choose the right products – to be healthy!

It remains only to assume why blood cholesterol is so different when examining patients in Russia and patients with the same hypertension in Finland? But this disease is one of the most serious and common in Russia and covers all the multi-stage segments of the population.

Gastronomic tourism in Finland. Selection of useful products

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