Gastronomy in Finnish. Overview of the best restaurants Helsinki

Finlandia Caviar

The institution is famous for the most beautiful Seafood and European cuisine. In this place, you can try delicious Oysters, Some of the best in all of Europe. They always Naziweight. AND Serving This institution is simply impressive with its beauty. In addition, here is excellent caviar And very tasty wine. A View of the berth Create a special mood. Much attention should be paid to the personnel here Russian-speaking, What will be very convenient for many of our compatriots . Of course, a delicious traditional cuisine and the excellent location of this institution – the true reason among the influx of tourists from all over the world.

Lappi Ravintola

If you want to try the real Finnish cuisine, then Lappi Ravintola – this is the place that immediately should be visited upon arrival in Helsinki. The most, probably, an exquisite and unexpected dish will venison, Barbed sauce. In general, venison is Traditional Finnish Food, It is her who is worth trying to taste the spirit of the country. This restaurant has been working for many years now and has not yet lost popularity, thanks to its truly delicious kitchen and Polite personnel, which will always help choose the original dish based on the taste needs of the institutions.


Truly fashionable and mouncing its atmosphere, which no tourist will miss. Buildings wall made of glass, that immediately attracts attention. Interior inside the restaurant is very calm, but at the same time luxurious. Here you can easily be in a disturbing atmosphere Ancient Finland. The kitchen of the institution is very attractive. Here and Roasted red fish, which is traditionally served as asparagus, and venison, Cooked on a special recipe for the center. The institution is distinguished very A varied selection of drinks and High price tag. But it is still worth a visit. Rarely where you can try such a mad diversity of truly delicious and rich dishes.

Chef & Sommeluier

Gastronomy in Finnish. Overview of the best restaurants Helsinki

V evening time It is worth visiting this cute institution. Beautiful kitchen consisting of organic dishes, like drinks. Definitely this place will have to taste those who Do not eat meat. Specially for Vegan Here every day cook prepare a varied menu. Cute restaurant in a colorful area with a spiritual atmosphere. Yes this is the place where it is worth visiting Helsinki.


If you want to go to a restaurant with Panoramic glazing, Exquisite design and Excellent view from the window, then this is the place where it is worth going, first of all. So nice to watch out the window floating past the vessel, while driving a glass White wine. V summer time years here is especially pleasant because of Refreshing coolness coming from the sea. In winter, traditionally served here hot drink, To get guests to warm up. If there is a desire to try Finnish cuisine in a beautiful place then Nokka – what should be chosen.

As you can see, restaurants in Helsinki full. For each there is the one that he will have to do with the soul and on the wallet.

Gastronomy in Finnish. Overview of the best restaurants Helsinki

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