Gastrotur from the chef: where and why go?

Which country to go for new gastronomic impressions? What is gastrotur and how to plan it correctly? What to pay attention to and what conclusions will subsequently? This will tell the chef of one of the most famous restaurants in Moscow Sergey.

Why Gastrotors – it is important?

Gastrotur – This is a new travel format. During him, you will not only meet the culture of the people and local attractions, but also recognize traditions through gastronomy.

In addition, this is a new vision and new ideas, especially for those who want to feel culinary inspiration.

Attending famous restaurants – cool, however I definitely advise to go to local authentic, most often, small institutions. This is a street food that immediately demonstrates preferences of residents. Summer Town Town for Asian Kitchen Fans, or Antipasto for the connoisseurs of Italian.

In any case, you develop, open up for yourself a new feed and combination of flavors.

What is gastrotur?

Gastrotur – This is a trip with the choice of restaurants that you useful and interesting. In other words, this is a journey to tasting.

Gastrotur begins with the definition of the country and, accordingly, restaurants you want to visit. They can be chosen in several levels: top, most visited, with better reviews. Next, you can deviate from the list and focus on the recommendations of local residents.

In Gastrotur, it is important to allocate for yourself the best restaurants, and in them – dishes that liked. You can take them as a basis, change the ingredients, improve the feed and, thus, get the copyright dish.

We advise you to go to a three-day tour with a visit to 5-6 restaurants. There, on average, you can try 12 dishes.

Put the right goal

If the goal is to create a menu – Focus on the direction of the kitchen and desired to study the position. After – Choose a place.

When we go with the team in Gastrotur, anyway in the process changes something.

If you are going solely for personal purposes – Focus on the country, but do not forget about local institutions. How to cook street food – So prepare at home: London – This is Fish and Chips, New York – This is burgers, Texas – Story about steaks.

Feel free to come to contact, communicate and ask questions. In Europe, Asia, USA – Very open people. In France, the chef even revealed us the secret of cooking one dish. It was simple and at ease.

Where to go?

Everything is mixed, there is no direct indication. Each country has excellent restaurants from Italian, Asian, American cuisine. In the US, go for the technique of cooking meat, in Italy – For recipes paste, risotto. In Asia – If you want to learn the secrets of the preparation of rolls and land, in Mexico – for taco or sevice.

Gastrotur from the chef where to go to tourism from the tourism

Try, inspire. Take a look at the dishes, feed, ingredients, decoration of dishes. Listen carefully to your feelings. Pay attention to the internal features of the restaurant. Someday it can come in handy.

What to pay attention to?

When a person rides into the country, he already knows something about her, right? For example, if you have conceived to go to France, snails, frogs, onion soup, fua-gras immediately come to mind. Italy – This is a pizza, pasta, lasagna. USA – Meat, steaks. United Kingdom gives you the opportunity to try everything.

However, in taste indicators Russia is best. We have very experienced guests who are not shy to say about their desires, preferences. We have another food consumption culture. In Russia, rarely plan to go to the institution for breakfast or lunch, except for dinner. Abroad – without reserve nowhere.

Five restaurants, mandatory for visiting:

  1. Jean-Georges, New York
  2. Koya, London
  3. Hakkasan, London,
  4. New York Brian,
  5. Piazza Duomo, Alba

We, for example, recently went to London, this is remembered most. Visited about four restaurants. And each study was large-scale.

In New York, there is where to walk and raise. We traveled, saw the cities, their lives, listened to the local humor, paid attention to the local flavor and, of course, opened the world of gastronomy.

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