Gayranger Fjord Waterfalls

The winding tape of Heianger-Fjord, like the rest of the fjords, was formed during the ice age, when the destructive mass of ice, making himself the road created some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet – Fjords of Norway.

Heianger-Fjord, Norway. Photo Credit: Stian Rekdal, Flickr

Bright, blue-green water in the frame of high mountains – the picture is already impressive in itself, but, as the last stroke, and as if to give more drama, with steep slopes of the mountains, the nature of snow-white waterfalls launched.

Along the entire length of Guerangerfjord is there, then here you can meet the water cascades of different power and form. Among them, such waterfalls like Ljosurdfossen, Gomsdalsfossen also known under the name Bringefossen and Gjerdefossen.

Bringefossen ; Gayranger Fjord Waterfalls. Photo Credit: Seventh Heaven Photography, Flickr

Gjerdefossen ; Gayranger Fjord Waterfalls. Photo Credit: jeffs photographs, flickr

Ljosurdfossen ; Gayranger Fjord Waterfalls. Photo Credit: Captain Martini, Flickr

But the most bright and, as a result, three waterfalls located close to each other are popular – seven sisters (De Syv Søstrene), the groom (Friaren) and the veil veil (BrudeSløret). In turn, the Favorite in Trinity considers the waterfall seven sisters, consisting of seven picturesque flows of flowing from height.

Waterfall seven sisters ; Gayranger Fjord Waterfalls. Photo Credit: Krzysztof Kryza, Flickr

Waterfall seven sisters ; Gayranger Fjord Waterfalls. Photo Credit: Alex Cowan, Flickr

Waterfall Fata Bride ; Gayranger Fjord Waterfalls. Photo Credit: Staalnakke, Flickr

Legends about seven sisters

Like all legends, the legend of seven sisters is complemented by the fantasy of different narrator and has a lot of versions. But despite different interpretations, they all pronounced enough folk tone the surrounding history of the appearance of Guerangerfjord waterfalls.

Waterfall seven sisters, Guerangerfjord. Photo Credit: Lowe Rehnberg, Flickr

In one of the romantic versions to seven sisters, a warrior was launched, which was supposed to give a veil of one of the sisters and thus point out his chief. But the warrior was so struck by the beauty of all seven girls, which was not able to decide which one of his handsome to take into his wife. Frozen in indecision, the fashion man turned into a waterfall, however, like other defendants of this printed history).

Waterfall seven sisters, Guerangerfjord. Photo Credit: Jens (FenderNisse), Flickr

Seven sisters with a sightseeing boat, gamerangerfjord. Photo Credit: Kai Schaper, Flickr

Waterfall Thaw Bride, Heiranherfjord. Photo Credit: Visitnorway

In another version, the groom made a proposal at once all sisters and received seven failures in response. After that, heavily seized and washed, which serves as a confirmation of an expressive silhouette of a bottle on a waterfall of the groom (Friaren).

Gayranger Fjord Waterfalls

Waterfall bridegroom. Heiangerfjord, Norway. Photo Credit: Arne L (Arnephoto), Flickr

Seasons visiting waterfalls

From May of the month to July, when there is an intensive melting of snow, the waterfalls of Heianger-fjord are the most powerful. Even the smallest of their streams become expressive. Watching waterfalls conveniently from the side of the excursion boat, on Kayak or exploring the mountain landscape on foot.

Kayaking near Guiangerfjord Waterfalls. Photo Credit: Jr Moe, Flickr

In winter, frozen waterfalls play a completely different role, as they serve as a route for climbers practicing climbs on glaciers.

Climbing climbers for waterfall seven sisters. Photo Credit: Anders Mordal (Fjord Norway), Flickr

Mountaineer on a waterfall seven sisters. Photo Credit: Anders Mordal (Fjord Norway), Flickr

Not lyric retreat

In the area of ​​Fiord, there is a danger of collapse of one of the mountains, namely the rocky array of Aernese (Åkerneset), which is located on the West Bank of Sunnylvsfjorden at the foot of the mountain Flosteinnibba. If the breed fall into the fjord, it will create a huge wave – tsunami. In a matter of minutes, the wave will cover and destroy several settlements.

Today, the slopes have been established on the rock and the operational center has been created in which changes in the size of the cracks and the displacement of the rock breed are controlled so that in the event of a threat of collapse, the evacuation of residents.

Gayranger Fjord Waterfalls

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