Gazprom (Gazprom)

«Gazprom» – Mining and tourist center, located in the gorge of the Laura River 6 kilometers from the Red Polyana (Krasnodar Territory). His tracks are located on Pshako Plateau, opposite the remaining Krasnopolyansky mountain resorts located on the Aibga Ridge: Roses Farm, Alpica Service, Mountain Carousel.

Previously, the resort positioned himself under the names «Laura» and «Gazprom-Laura», However, later stopped at the official name «Gazprom».

«Gazprom» It offers its guests 20 kilometers of trained tracks: 10 of them fall on the Red Trails, 6 – On the blue tracks and 2 kilometers of green and black trails. Height difference is 770 meters.

To the mountain-tourist center «Gazprom» Refers complex for competitions in skiing and biathlon «Laura» (It took place the race of the Winter Olympics-2014) and located at the foot of the Psekhako Plateau Grand Hotel Krasnaya Polyana.

Official site «Gazprom», where you can see the interactive map of the tracks and lifts: Polyanaski.Ru

Resort «Gazprom» Winter

Spa Runs are located on the Slope Lighted Slope of Psekhako Plateau, lower than on Rose Farm and Mountain Carousel: The top mark of the riding zone (fir cape) is 1660 meters.

Given the fact that in the Red Polyana in the winter season there are periodically problems with snow, only an artificial lighting of the trails. Therefore, it is desirable to specify the current information on the snow to avoid unexpected disappointments.

At the bottom of the complex there are parking, cash registers and many shops. You can get to the ski zone with the help of gondola lifts A and A1, delivering guests of the resort to the Psekhako shelter.

From here you can already start riding on the blue tracks B or climb on the A2 gondola lift to the top of the resort, fir. Another way to get on the slopes for skiing: to sit on the thirty-walled Gondola A3 in the area of ​​the railway station, on the way to enjoy an unsurpassed view of the entire valley and all resorts of Red Polyana and finally land right on the fir cape.

In the area of ​​the fir, there is a light green track, serviced by a bugel lift, and a group of red trails G, open more recently. Their mission – prove to rides that «Gazprom» There is I «Adult Katuha».

After all, it is no secret that this resort is perceived by the rising public primarily as a place for calm family skating, interpreted by gatherings in a cafe and hikes on numerous boutiques. Another group of complex (red and black) traces F, located east of the group G, is often closed.

Evening skating passes through the blue routes B (working parties B and D) and Green tracks E (serviced by the bougiel lifts). Runs are completely simple and quite suitable for riding with children and learning newcomers.

In comparison with evening riding on a mountain carousel, here is more romantic, but less sports atmosphere. In general, it is worth saying that both during the day, and at night on the tracks «Gazprom» Pretty calm and more. The probability of meeting drunk catalysts or debris freeriders in search of fresh snow is much less than on a rose farm or mountain carousel.

To the honor of the manual «Gazprom» It should be said that they clearly understand that in many parameters, skating their resort is inferior to neighbors, so the prices for ski passes do not break here. Day skating on a weekday will cost 1300 rubles, in the weekend – 1500 rubles.

Combined ski pass on day and evening skating costs 1,700 rubles on weekdays and 1900 rubles on weekends. There are various preferential options, seasonal subscriptions and discounts when buying skit-pass for several days in a row. You can look current prices on the official website of the resort .

In addition to skiing or snowboarding, «Gazprom» offers many other winter pleasures and entertainment. Perhaps the most attractive of them – The opportunity to join the running skiing, running off with the breeze on special highways designed for classical and free style.

In the mountain shelter, PSEKHA works hire a cross-country skiing, and there is a special rate for cross-country skiing, including lifting and descent to riding zone for gondola lifts.

Walk on snowshoes – Not bad alternative to skiing or snowboarding. A laser biathlon, snowouture and a cardboard at an altitude of 1470 meters located on the territory of the biathlon complex «Laura», inevitably enjoy both children and adults.

By the way, in the mountain shelters, fir and Psekhako works a children’s club «Morozko». There you can negotiate with the instructor to work on your skating technique. Huge ski equipment rental running at the bottom of the cable car.

Gazprom (Gazprom)

Resort «Gazprom» summer

In summer, views of the mountains and the Valley of the Red Polyana are becoming even more beautiful. In addition to the possibility of enjoying them while lifting and descent on gondola lifts, you can contemplate mountain beauty to stationary observation binoculars, installed in key riding areas.

In the vicinity of the complex there are several mineral springs. A pleasant walk to the most popular of them, the Tsarist Roditor, located near the Achipsa River, will take about an hour.

Complex itself «Gazprom» Also, will not let guests bother, providing them with active entertainment in the fresh air and constantly thinking up something new. Particular attention is paid to the fun.

Available entertainment includes shopping and entertainment center «Galaxy», Located near the bottom of the cable car. Guests are waiting here: a small water park, an outdoor pool overlooking the mountains, an ice rink, a nightclub, a cinema, bowling, billiards, a kids club and, of course, a lot of shopping options (not too budget).

The Black Sea coast with its resorts and entertainment is about 60 kilometers. Nearest major cities on the coast – Adler and Sochi. And if you wish, you can wave into the nearby Abkhazia (Pitsunda, Gagra, New Athos, Lake Rice).

How to get to Gazprom

If you live in one of the hotels in the mountain-tourist center «Gazprom» (five star «Grand Hotel Polyana», four-star «Peak Hotel» or «Polyana 1389 Hotel and Spa») or in the apartment on the mountain, then for you the question, how to get to the lifts, is not worth.

In the case of any other place of residence (Rose Farm, Gorki City, Esto-Sadok, Krasnaya Polyana and T.D.) You will have to take advantage of your car, taxi or a busing bus to get to the ski complex.

Near the bottom station of the cable car (Gedella Lift A1) there is a roomy paid car parking. Landing on the Gondola Lift A2 is conveniently located near the railway station «Rosa Khutor» (Former «Krasnaya Polyana»).

Details All the ways of transportation on the ski resorts of the Red Polyana are outlined here.

Gazprom (Gazprom)

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