Gdansk – a sea of ​​opportunities and not only

There is hope that in a short time a flight will be resumed with Poland. At least the country eliminated Russia from the list of "Red Zone", and in the network they write that on September 2 there will be more clarity by decision of the Poles. If the flights restore, then our guide will be very by the way. After all, Poland is not only a tatry and extraordinary nature, but also cozy, beautiful cities. Warsaw and so in demand, but Gdansk is the most real marine pearl.

How to get

Since Gdansk is the largest Polish port, in addition to sushi and air to the city, you can reach the sea. True ferries go from the Swedish city of Nyuneshamna. If you are going from Russia, then you have several options.

By bus from Kaliningrad . On the way 5 hours, costs about 10 euros (plus-minus).

By plane. Point of arrival – Lech Valence Airport. From there to the city center you can take the buses №210 and №110 (the latter is lucky to the railway station). From the airport to the city can also be reached by train – Gdańsk Port Lotniczy-Gdańsk Główny , On the way about half an hour.


Tram and buses go around the city, the trip will cost approximately 1 euro. But there are several nuances. A trip to Gdansk should not be limited to them, because there is still a gdya and sopot. There is a solution that will help freely ride not only inside each of these cities, but also between them on the train. This is a moving ticket MZKZG for 24 or 72 hours, on the same ticket you can leave even to the airport.

We found you Special map , which will help to deal with transport and get to the right place. Drive the point A and B, and choose what to get there. Comfortable. They even have the app.

What to see

As in any European city in Gdansk there is Old city Stare Miasto). Even though he was very destroyed during World War II, but it was rebuilt again. Many architectural monuments collected on the territory of the Old Town: Town Hall, City Museum, Maritime Museum, Green Gate, Mariat Cathedral, Courtyard Artus, Royal Chapel. We recommend not walking and walking Long Street (Ulica Dluga). There are many cafes and shops on it, and she will withdraw directly to the waterfront.

If it seems to you that species resemble Amsterdam, then you do not seem. Gdansk is sometimes called "Northern Amsterdam".

There is another street on which it is not a sin to walk in a beautiful dress and arrange a photo session – Maryatska (Mariacka). Street short and also strongly resembles Amsterdam. From one end of the street of the embankment, from the other – Basilica Virgin Mary. Be sure to go inside, on sunny days, stained glass windows are played by incredible paints, and at the top there is an observation deck.

For a relaxing holiday, away from stone streets Park Oliwa, there is another Abbati Palace. But the park is more likely to Sopot, and from Gdansk at 9 km. But if you have a single ticket, there will be no problems with transport.

And if you want to visit a fashionable place, look into the area Gdansk Stocznia. Street food, clusters, fairs and bazaars, exhibitions and shops, mini bars and night parties – all this here.

Gdansk - a sea of ​​opportunities and not only


Since Gdansk is the main Polish port, be sure to go to the sea! Yes, the Baltic Sea is not the most warm – even in the summer there is uncomfortable in him. But you can get pleasure from the sea and without going into it. And from the new port of Gdansk right to Gdynia stretched the beach, that is, if you wish, you can walk from one city to another.

Sopot and Gdynia is much closer to the sea than the center of Gdansk, so we recommend capturing these two cities in our journey. No wonder this small agglomeration of cities called trilloy. If it’s quite simple, then all these three cities are combined into one big, so it is limited to some one just in disabilities. Especially your travel will help to go everywhere without any problems.

Around Gdansk

If the sea and in the center you have already walked, go around the surroundings, because there are many incredibly beautiful places. For example, the largest gothic fortress in Europe – Marienburg in Malbork. Is just 50 km from the city, and the beauty of the settlement is heard from Germany.

Slightly closer to the city are Kashuba – Local valley of lakes, forests and hills. Beauty is almost no different from the Alpine meadows, the freshest air and a feeling of complete freedom provided.

If you were on the Curonian Spit and you liked it, be sure to look at Helsky Peninsula. There are several cities on it: Yastarnya, Yrata, Halupa and Hel, on both sides of which the sea.

As you already understood, there are so many places that the standard two-week vacation will be able to please the variety of places, species and impressions. To take everywhere to do, you can rent a car, but the transport system is developed so that you and without a car can get to the most beautiful places.

Gdansk - a sea of ​​opportunities and not only

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