Geisha Kyoto

The easiest way to see the geisha in Japan, it will certainly go to Kyoto.[/ i] I read that a couple of Geische lives also in Tokyo and Osaka itself, but, the usual tourist in such a huge city will visit them, for the exact addresses of their habitat I could not find, but to run and search for the streets that there are no names that still entertain.

In Kyoto, I can meet the geisha with 100% guarantee. First, about 200 geyshe and Maiko (Geisha student) are concentrated in Kyoto, secondly, paying 25-40 $ you can meet with Maiko personally. Despite the fact that in one night, Geisha earns more than $ 2000. All the same, not every Japanese can afford its society. Usually, the geisha ordered top businessmen and representatives of companies when they dine in a large company of friends or customers, after or before discussing the transaction. It happens that overnight the geisha should visit three events, and it happens that not a single.

To make more money in (home Geish), it was opened with an opportunity for foreigners to order Majo (her time is much cheaper) and visit their ideas. Previously, the possibility of a meeting with Majiko or Gayes took place only on the recommendation of other important customers. And now it is available to anyone who is ready to pay.

In the area of ​​Gion, there are many institutions that provide such an opportunity and I believe that it is necessary to take advantage of such an opportunity.

For example, in the area of ​​Gion, the famous "Gion Corner Corner" is located ,

where $ 30 dollars can not only see the Maico’s dance, but also get acquainted with the child (Japanese tea ceremony), see the creation of Iquiban, hear the Japanese harp or cato, visit several ideas.

Very and very interesting, for those who want to meet Japanese culture. Presentations are held twice a day at 6 and 7 pm. Tickets can be bought 40 minutes before the start of the presentation.

Also directly opposite this restaurant there is a tea house, where you can also visit dinner for 35 dollars (a lot of signs at the entrance, so do not make a mistake). Here you can see her idea, take a picture with it, and get a small dinner.

Another way to meet Gaisha in Kyoto (free) is waiting for the street. In Kyoto, there are five districts (Hanatima), where there are glades for Geish. Of course, Gion Cobu is considered the most popular, And I think that it is not for nothing, for it was here on the street just so at night I met 3 geish. There is also Higashi Gion (East Gion); Miugawa Tyo; Kamisikan; Pontitude.

For example, the Geische Kamisitian region is the most oldest than the raced Gion. Here on the ideas rarely see foreigners, they are going mostly the Japanese, and the district itself is almost deserted, because there are no crowds of tourists. But, I did not meet any geisha here. Although about 18 people live here.

However, the possibility of meeting the geisha on the street will not allow you to stop the geisha and take a picture with it, for it is considered to be huge rudeness.

At the same time, the Geisha itself or Majo roll past everyone with inhuman speed, so to capture it, you should have a pretty good camera at the Ready. For you have just a couple of seconds to make a cherished picture. I honestly say that as a stalker Pervert pursued one of the geish, and the moment when she disappeared behind the wooden shoes of the gate was the best.

However, the world of today’s geisha is deprived of the mystery that surrounded them sometime. Judging by documentary films and photographs in the society of Customers Geisha, they behave quite freely and relaxed (one of the responsibilities of Geish to drink with the client), besides, to take a picture and put in the Internet photo of Geisha now can almost anyone, not yet, when The cameras were not everyone, and the meeting of Geisha was similar to the fleeting vision of something unusual.

Yes, and the life itself, Geish has changed very much, before the parents sold girls in the eye, and Geisha could not leave until he pays all the debt for her upbringing. Either while this debt will not pay her patron. Since the girls were forbidden to see the family, and the owner of the eye replaced them, then all related ties with the real family were simply lost. And even when Geisha paid debt, they preferred not to leave, but stay, for another life they did not know.

Today, Gayeshe or Majiko can become anyone after the end of the mandatory nine-year education. And the program that previously taught from childhood can be mastered for a year or two. Today, you can even immediately become the heels without passing the stage of MIKO, which used to be unthinkable. There is also an opportunity for foreigners to become Gayes, that again it was not possible in the past. Majko and Geyish still can not have any novels and love ties while she lives in Okia, and is also limited to meeting the meeting with family (only on holidays), they are not allowed to use social networks and maintain contacts with friends from "Last Life". Many Geishes after 30 years prefer to retire, get married and open their business (most often their tea house or restaurant).

Very well shows the life of modern geish and mayco documentary film production BBS "Geisha Girl".

However, despite many changes in the life of Geishe, nevertheless there is still a unwashed system of patrons. Yes, they do not speak widely, and not every geisha or mayo can count on it, but the life of Geisha costs expensive, and these women except dancing and Iquiban do not know anything else. So, many find themselves either rich husbands or just patrons who can be called lovers in our.

Geisha Kyoto

Don’t forget that Geisha appeared during the reign of Tokugawa Segunate, and came out of the high prostitutes – Ouran. Maybe it was not the most successful and beautiful prostitutes, perhaps them just bored to engage in forced sex, and they decided to lure men to others.

But the fact remains. Yes, Geisha do not sell the body, but if there is a rich man who wants to keep it to get in return more than her society, Geisha can agree. In addition, until 1959 there really existed a tradition of selling virginity MIKO, money from the sale of which went to the purchase of outfits for the debut of the future Geisha. However, in 1959 it was recognized as an act of prostitution and was prohibited.

So, the fact that Arthur Golden describes in the book "Memoirs of Geisha" really existed, for the events in the book occur before the war and during the war, and not after 1959, when this tradition was recognized as illegal. So, Mineko Ivasaki in vain inflated the scandal and demanded an apology, and declared on each interview that Geisha was not a prostitute. Many understand that she shaved her fact that he used a lot of personal information that was not intended for public disclosure. Golden himself assures that Ivasaki not only admitted that she sold her virginity, but also called the exact amount. And you know, I believe Golden, for I know perfectly well about the habit of the Japanese to lie, to benefit from unpleasant events and facts.

I also believe that the image of Geishe many (as well as me including) is perceived a little wrong. More precisely towers too much. When I read the book, and then I looked at the movie "Memoirs of Geisha", naturally in my head I had an image of a geish in the form of high, beautiful with the exact persons in Chinese women. Funny fact that many Japanese bombed is why the Chinese women played the role of Japanese geish. To which the director replied to the extremely simple and honestly "they say we revised hundreds of Japanese actresses, dancers, and even Geish themselves, and no one was distinguished by a special beauty and grace with which Geisha is brought in the book".

And this is true, maybe earlier Geisha and the truth was distinguished by some crazy beauty, which captured men, today to call them beautiful simply not turning the language.

In the city you can meet thousands of more pretty and beautiful Japanese women. All the geishas, ​​which I saw live and in the photos do not differ in no higher growth, is pretty lasting, with big heads, and they are hairstyle created even more visual effect of a large head. But still mythically unique in today’s society.

I can explain it only to the fact that earlier girls for learning in Geisha were selected not only by artistic data, which for Geisha still the most priorities, but also by external sign. All the same, not all men are true connoisseurs of dancing and playing musical instruments, and distinguish a gorgeous performance from the average could not. But, society for the truly beautiful geisha was especially nice. And it is precisely such geishas used the greatest success.

Today, the number of geisha is the most minimum in the entire history of their existence, not more than a few thousand, and therefore in Geisha can go anyone who has a soul, and there are essential music and dance talents. And the eye is already glad to any "fresh blood", so the chance is given to everyone, and the appearance does not play here anything.

The same who is very interested in the life and culture of the life of Geisha, I advise you to read the "Confession of Geisha" Kihara Nakamura (former Geisha) and Mineko Ivasi "Real Memoirs Geisha", although to honestly the book of Nakamura in my opinion looks more honest and interesting [i] (and yes, there, too, from the mouth of the Geisha, it is said about the tradition of deprivation of virginity).

Geisha Kyoto

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