Gelendzhik ; Beaches, attractions, accommodation

Like many other cities of the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory, Gelendzhik compactly settled around the mountains. The outlines of the bay are expressed stronger than in Tuapse or even in Novorossiysk. When you drive up to Gelendzhik on the automotive track and look at the city from above, it seems that it is very small and cozy.

In Gelendzhik, excellent ecology, in contrast to Novorossiysk or Tuapse. This is not an industrial city, but a resort. He attracts not only ecology, but also with its beauty, extensive.

Gelendzhik – one of the most expensive cities on this coast, but it is still very in demand.

Beaches Gelendzhika

Unlike most beaches in the Krasnodar Territory, there are many sand zones on the shore and in the water.

More often beaches are covered with pebbles with small sand islands. Everything else is different – a lot of sand and little pebbles. Many beaches refer to boarding houses, but the entrance to them is free.

City Beach

This is the largest and width of the coastline beach in the city.

Not counting small and rare islands in small pebbles, the beach is covered with sand. Since the beginning of June and until the very end of September, this beach is crowded. To accommodate closer to the water, you need to come to the sea with a dawn. There are two pier on the beach, one of them belongs to the marine station.

This beach is very well equipped, in the visibility zone there will always be at least one dressing room.

Purval services are actively followed by cleanliness and order, but in view of the big passability, they do not always work out to maintain perfect purity. Hire rental chairs and umbrellas, many outlets, cafes and vans with eating. Sports zone with horizontal barns and street simulators and beach volleyball zone. Next to the beach work water park and amusement park.

At the end of the beach there is a zone, bathing in which is prohibited. Plates about banning bathing are located at every step, it is impossible not to notice.

Ignore the prohibition can not, in water a lot of metal pins, swim there is dangerous for life.

Urban Beach has a feature. Since it is located almost in the center of the bay, that is, far from the open sea, water is warmer than on the beaches closer towards the end of the bay. But the sea is not the cleanest here, because the water in the bay cannot be quickly updated.

Beach "Breeze"

Located on Cape at the exit to the open sea. The beach refers to the Cooperative "Breeze", which includes several hotels. Free admission.

Water here is much cleaner than on the city beach. People are also smaller than in the very center, so the sea is cleaner.

The shore is covered with pebbles, in some places the stones are quite large, which makes it difficult to enter the sea. Look for comfortable descents in the sea made by ladder.

Infrastructure is designed worse than on the city beach, relatively recently this zone was a wild beach. There are locker rooms, rental chairs, cafes, shops.

Here come not for the service and comfort, but for clean sea with a relatively small number of people on the shore.

To get to the Beach "Breeze" from the center, you can use public transport. Nearest stop – "Slim Cape".

Beach "Sand bottom" – for recreation with children

No less popular beach than urban, because the central embankment of Gelendzhik passes along it.

Central Embankment – Sightseeing Gelendzhik, Business Card of this city. This is one of the most beautiful and prolonged embankments in the whole Krasnodar Territory.

The coastal line in places is very narrow, but it is convenient to relax here, especially with children.

Entrance to the sea is very gentle, a small depth lasts several tens of meters. Parents are convenient to monitor children playing in water. If you want to swim and poning, then you need to go around 30 meters, and the depth will increase sharply. Contrary to the name, the sand islands here alternate with pebbles.

Infrastructure developed weakly, but here clean water.

There are locker rooms on the beach, but there are very few. In order to find a cafe or shop, sometimes you need to go through several hundred meters. Almost for all the beaches of the Krasnodar Territory, the principle works: the fewer people – the less convenience.

Therefore, you need to choose – rest in a more well-established place or without a huge number of people around.

Beach "Blue Wave"

This is a small but very well-kept beach, one of the best in Gelendzhik. Refers to the sanatorium of the same name, the entrance is free.

The shore is covered with shallow pebbles, sand islands are very rare. Length reaches 400 m. Through the entire beach there are wooden tracks, it facilitates the approach to water.

A portion of the beach is settled under the zone with tents, they are comfortable to hide from the midday sun, if they came to the sea for a whole day. Cafes and shops, many locker rooms and shower, there are water rides for children and adults.

If you get to the beach in transport, then the nearest stop – "Blue Wave".

Attractions Gelendzhika

Gelendzhik offers guests not only a beach holiday, there are many attractions.

Embankment Gelendzhika

At the time of the record, the length was 14 km, but every year the embankment increases.

Emblingors of the embankment serve fountains, floral compositions and unusual sculptures.

The most famous of sculptures – "White bride". Girl in a white dress has become a symbol of Gelendzhik.

Local residents have belief that the photo with the "White Bride" on the wedding day will bring a happy and long family life.

There is a statue here "Assol" from the story "Scarlet Sails". The girl looks at the sea, and quite near the ship stands with Alay sails, which she waited. Girl and ship always surround tourists. This is a popular photo place.

Along the embankment, entertainment plants are concentrated – Amusement parks, water park, oceanarium.

Do not begin to get acquainted with the embankment from the northern part, if you relax with children . There are so many entertainment here that you can hardly get children from here the next few hours.

In the evenings, street artists and musicians are published on the embankment. Speeches collect many viewers.

Waterpark "Golden Bay"

In the "Golden Bay" there is everything you can wait from the water park. This is a whole city consisting of pools and slides of all sorts of configurations. On the territory of the water park there is even a center of virtual attractions. Visitors can order photographer services. Souvenir shops and cafes work.

Clarify the operating time and the cost of the entrance can On the site "Golden Bay"

Gallery "White Horse"

In the art gallery there are dozens of paintings, sculptures and installations, and all of them are made of garbage.

Gallery Purpose – draw attention to the problem of pollution of the planet.

Looking at works of art made of plastic, paper and other things that need to be sent to secondary processing, it is impossible not to imbued with thoughts about the importance of ecology.

White Horses has its own website with photos: ninagallery.Ru

Fit lighthouse

Not just a lighthouse, but a valid architectural monument. It is this lighthouse for more than a hundred years every day regulates the occasion of the courts to the Galelendzhik bay.

Very beautiful building. Lighthouse more than a hundred years, but it looks very modern. To get inside is impossible, this is an object of strategic value. But you can walk on the adjacent territory. There are a lot of thematic compositions here.

On the embankment in the area there is a decorative lighthouse, another popular place for photos.

Neighborhood Gelendzhika

Safari Park

Come to Gelendzhik stands only for one safari park. Dozens of animal species live here in a natural habitat, there are even dangerous predators among them.

You not only look at animals, but also be able to feed them. Special feeders allow you to give zebram, elephants and even bears. It is completely safe.

In the safari park, the conditions correspond to wildlife, animals are comfortable there. You may be lucky, and you will get acquainted with kittens of a lion or themams, bearings, wagins, young monkeys or hyenas.

Take to visit the park all day, come in comfortable clothes and shoes.

On this day you have to walk a lot. The territory is very large, you can estimate the scale of the park on the site.

The rope road is held over the park. The best way to view is to climb the rope to the top point of the park, and then go down to go down, studying tiers.

old park

Located in the nearby settlement – Kabardinka. It is necessary to come here.

6 inexpensive hotels in the hot key with a good rating – Overview

If you have never been in this place, you can hardly understand how you can spend a few hours in such a small park. The territory of the park is really small, but on every square meter there is some kind of sight.

Old park is divided into zones.

Full list of park objects Available on site: StariyPark.Ru

The site has a program of events – concert and theater programs, thematic evenings, quests and other games. Plan your visit to a specific date in advance, then you will complete your walk by the cultural program.

Rock Parus

It would be a shame to come to rest in Gelendzhik and leave, without having visited the rock.

Very popular place among tourists, in social networks you can find tens of thousands of photos on this tag.

Rock width – just a meter, but in height it reaches 25 meters. Giant sail that stands right in the sea.

Gelendzhik; Beaches, attractions, accommodation

In the rock there is a hole of more than 2 m in the height, as if the window. It is often closed in it to make a photo. In comparison with the growth of man, the rock seems even higher.

Sail is in Praskoveevka village. From Gelendzhik to him can be reached by bus or car.

You can also take a marine excursion. Boats depart from Piers on Central Quay. Specify the duration of the excursion, reviews are provided to the sail and back without landing ashore and long excursions, when tourists are given for 2 hours to study the rock.

Where to stay in Gelendzhik

Gelendzhik is one of the most expensive cities of the region relative to rental housing.

Here you can find cheap accommodation options, but usually by early June everything is booked until September. In other resort cities, the most expensive accommodation is located closer to the center and sea. Gelendzhik has another specificity.

The city is bay, so remoteness from the center does not greatly affect the pricing.

Bucking will help in finding housing.

In a small private hotel, a double room can be removed 500 R. per day.

Such accommodation is suitable for those who need a number only to sleep and swim. In private suggestions of this type there is an advantage – access to the summer kitchen, that is, the possibility of self-cooking.

Double room level will cost per day 2000 rubles.

With this accommodation, you can count on air conditioning, TV and refrigerator in the room. In most hotels such a landscaped area – Arbors, Mangals, Pools. Regarding the availability of shared kitchens should be clarified separately.

The most expensive and comfortable accommodation option is the apartment, the rental price for a day begins from 6000 rubles.

This is a completely autonomous placement with everything necessary. Staying in the apartment will be beneficial to those who come to vacation by the company.

Is it worth going to Gelendzhik

Gelendzhik has its advantages and disadvantages.

This is a very beautiful and well-kept city with a huge selection of entertainment. The main minus is a large number of people on the beaches, water parks and other entertainment facilities. If you include in your plans to visit the old park in Kabardinka and Safari Park, the rest will be rich and interesting.

How to get to Gelendzhik

By plane

In the Krasnodar Territory 4 airport, and one of them – it is in Gelendzhik. The airport is located right in the city, it is very convenient.

By train

There is no railway in Gelendzhik and, most likely, will never be the railway. Spend the way there is problematic due to mountainous areas.

Nearest railway station – in Novorossiysk. The road from him to Gelendzhik on the car will take about half an hour. Next location – in Anapa, The path on the car will take more than two hours.

It is important to take into account the peculiarity. There are no direct rail to Novorossiysk and Anapa from Sochi District and Tuapse. Go through Krasnodar.

On the car or bus

You can get directly to Gelendzhik either by plane or on vehicles.

Buying a ticket for a passing bus you need to clarify whether it comes to the city. The main route is located in the mountains, so most of the passing buses pass by Gelendzhik, not going down to the bay.

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Gelendzhik; Beaches, attractions, accommodation

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